Hellsing OAV!

The Baker St. Irregular 04-19-2005 10:16 AM
More Hellsing anime on the way (2005-04-19 02:47:54)

A new Hellsing OVA series is being produced in cooperation with Geneon Entertainment, according to an annoucement at the MipTV tradeshow in France. The number of episodes is unknown, but they will be 35 minutes long and based on the Hellsing manga series.


Huzzah! It's gonna be great, I know it! The manga is hella crazy, and I'm glad to hear we're going to be able to see it in anime form. That means it's time to bust out the wacktastic Nazi-killing! Whoo-hoo! Anime Smile
Generalissimo D 04-19-2005 11:13 AM
Green_Bird 04-19-2005 12:42 PM
YES!!!! Finally! Pip and Millennium will be there out side of production art and the trailer/video thing!

Though I did find this over at the Hellsing LJ community. Everyones saying "it's a Hoax, don't believe it, blah, blah, blah"...But I'm not the one to jump to conclusions, so I'm not going to call it a fake just yet. Maybe it's only because I WANT to see Pip, Millennium, Crazy Archbishop Maxwell, Yumiko/Yumie, Heinkel, PxS, not to mention More AxI.

Although...I'm kind of torn now, I mean after seeing a 'poster' they have. Heck, I could do a better job! If it's true I'm sorry....But it just doesn't look offical, seeing as how it's the Manga art, and everyone has free accsess to it online and the actual manga to do something like that that....I mean they could have used the Major, Captain, and Doc they had animated for the poster....

Sigh...I would think that if this is indeed true,
and it's going to be based off the manga. It will have more humor in it as well, un like the last one where it was more dark humor, or it was few and far inbetween.

BTW, here's a follow up:

Hellsing Ultimate OVA Series

Anime on DVD has acquired information released by Geneon at the MIP TV trade show in France regarding a couple of new shows that Geneon is involved with or has licensed.

The first is a brand new Hellsing OAV series.

Geneon is listed as the North American and Japanese distributor for the new Hellsing OAV series. According to the one-sheet, the "Hellsing Ultimate OVA Series" is "based on original comic." Reliable information that we have received from industry sources tells us that the series will be much more faithful to the original manga than the TV series. Also of note, while Gonzo's parent company, GDH, is listed as the Asian and European license holder for the OAV, they are not significantly involved in the production of the new series.

The one-sheet lists the episodes as 35 minutes each but does not provide any information on the number of episodes.
BethMcBeth 04-19-2005 02:16 PM
SCORE!!!! YAAYAAAYYAYA!!! ^_^"" WAhoooo I loved this series! Yayayya! ^_^""" Must call Pennington! ROFLLLLLLLLLL!!! YAYA!

Ano Hito 04-19-2005 04:50 PM
I'm still skeptical.
Green_Bird 04-19-2005 05:53 PM
Could this be? does this mean It is real? I dubble checked the Hellsing LJ community (man that place is going crazy!) One of the members has accualy came forth, saying that an 'nameless insider' said that it IS REAL!

I am so happy! Big Grin .....Yay! Though they still could have done a better job on the poster...But still Yay! Here's the post....
Sharpshooter005 04-19-2005 06:09 PM
Initially I thought this may be an entire OAV about heinkal and yumiko (as it wouldn't require "explaining' the last few episodes, and is technically material from the manga.)

I was also going to post this, but you beat me and my boatload of nutty theories to it.

From what I hear, it may be a retelling from the ground up. So incognito, useless child vampire, and the other negative elements of the first would probably be absent.

...Replaced by Millennium, Rip Van Winkle, and so on.

That's a good trade, really.
Pie_Junkie 04-19-2005 06:12 PM
YES!!! MORE HELLSING!!! *dances around* Big Grin
Sephiroth 04-19-2005 06:14 PM
If this is true, I'm going to jump for joy, something I oh so rarely do. As long as they keep the art style of the original Hellsing Anime (and preferably the soundtrack as well) I will be pleased as punch. I can finally watch the series as it should have been. Incognito was just so terribly stupid that he really made me start to feel let down by the series. To have him replaced with The Dandy and Rip Van Winkle (I really don't like Zorin all that much, so she is excluded) will bring me a joy not felt in years. This news has really made my day. Yipee! *does the happy dance*
dominusofdeath 04-19-2005 07:11 PM
BigPrime 04-21-2005 02:28 PM
I guess this means that the manga will likely be coming to a close in the not-too-distant future (not surprising, really, considering what's been going on in Vol. 7 and Cool , as Kouta Hirano didn't want more made until he was done with his story.

Anyhow, this is great news. I've been waiting for more animated Hellsing goodness since I watched the series last year. Since this is an OVA, I figure it'll probably be no longer than the original series, and likely more like an 8-9 episode run. Though at 35 minutes an episode, that's not bad at all. You could easily adapt the manga in that many episodes if you pace it right.
CaptainFuture_98337 04-23-2005 05:29 AM
Sounds good! Still haven't seen the whole series still. We placed a order for it this week just to see the whole series. Thanks for the update!
Green_Bird 04-25-2005 10:08 PM
The original Japanese cast returns! A partial cast list is up on ANN listing the VAs for Alucard, Seras and Integra . No word yet on if the dub cast will be returning....according to the Hellsing community it MIGHT BE 5 years before we hear anything about that....Just thought I'd post this over here for the people who liked the original cast.
BabyGhia 04-25-2005 11:04 PM
Sounds like a good thing to me!!!

I've read up to Vol 6 in the manga. Seen up to episode 9 in the Anime. Having the Anime follow the manga would be great! The manga is WAY better.

I'm willing to wait. Just knowing that it's going to happen is better than not knowing.

About the English dub, I liked everyone except for Seras' voice. Not what I imagined. However, it could be the change in her character that did it for me or I just imagined her differently.

Still have to finish watching the rest of the series. I have to find another place to rent it from.

Green_Bird 07-04-2005 02:29 AM
Sorry to bring this up again but I thought the Hellsing fans here might like to know that there is an update on the LJ community about the OVA. Here's the link (Some slight manga spoilers, you have been warned).

Yes, Pip, Rip, Doc, Major, young Walter, dark Walter, Yumiko/Yumie (probably just Yumie though), Heinkel are going to be animated (finally) But there's really no word yet on if Schrödinger or Joleene (Zorin) were in the trailer....but there probably in the anime too seeing as how it's manga based....

Oh and Yasushi Ishii isn't doing the music this time around. The music will be done by Hayato Matsuo.....

Just thought you might like to know some official things on the OVA transcribed from the horse's mouth so to speek....
Collateral 07-04-2005 10:58 PM
Very exciting! My friend is going to be so happy! She loves Hellsing but then again who doesn't love vampires?!?!?!?!?
Sharpshooter005 07-05-2005 12:26 PM
Yumiko/Yumie (probably just Yumie though), Heinkel are going to be animated

My reaction can only be adequately described as this.

Six blood vessels in my brain just exploded, with the force of a thousand hydrogen bombs.
BigPrime 07-05-2005 03:39 PM
I'm sure Shroe and Zorin will be in the anime, they're too important to the plot to leave out, after all. Especially Zorin. And Shroe's too entertaining to leave out.
Green_Bird 07-06-2005 05:57 PM


Including Rip and Yellow uniform Seras (Darn it I want to see it!)!
Sephiroth 07-06-2005 06:03 PM
My heart just exploded with joy. I cannot wait until the series returns to the states. Being able to see Rip in action will bring completion to my life. It appears that they have kept the same animation style that they had in the original series as well. Those pictures have seriously made my day. I can hardly contain my excitement.