The Calvin and Hobbes Thread

Pygmalion 04-23-2005 07:54 AM
Originally posted by Wingnut
I found a very funny C&H fanart today and figured it would go great here.
A boy and his tiger

Woo! Anime Calvin! Nice find, Wingnut.

Captain Maw 04-23-2005 11:46 AM
wow, anime Calvin and Hobbes look surprisingly close to Calvin and Hobbes. nice one Wingnut
seraphjei 05-02-2005 08:46 PM
without a doubt...
calvin and hobbes comics...

i really dont know what happened though...
is bill dead?
or did he just stop drawing and writting the comics?
or even one more strip i dont care...
bring calvin and hobbes back to us
Lady Tesser 05-02-2005 09:00 PM
Mr. Watterson stopped writing C&H during the prime of their stories so they won't die and fade off like many other strip characters (I mean, come on, I'm sick of seeing the same jokes in 'Ziggy'). It keeps his work appreciated. He's dedicated to the art, not the money aspect; and as a fiction writer, I completely understand where he's coming from.

Although when he ended the series, many other comic strips and web-strips dedicated a strip in memory of his work. My favorite was done by Bill Holbrook of 'Kevin and Kell' and it showed Hobbes holding a sign reading 'Will act wistful for food'.