Hm. I like this place.

despairagus 04-09-2005 11:22 PM
I was just kidding- I actually appreciate all the nice people who just look at this page. So, thanks!
Dude Love 04-09-2005 11:36 PM
Howdy thar, despairagus. I'm Wienberg.

I would first like to take this opportunity to direct you to the other threads stickied here in Hudson River Pier (other than the one R.Smith recommended you consult). All of them contain useful information.

Additionally, I invite you to send me a Private Message with any of your questions on the forum or the community. Smile

Other than that, I have re-begun my tradition of handing out gifts (and I hope more start again, too). Here, have this sweaty gym sock. The fumes have been known to make grown men scream and/or cry. Very powerful stuff. Remember, do not handle it with your bare skin; otherwise, you may not have any skin left due to the chemical burning.

With that, I would like to say, Welcome to Paradigm City.
despairagus 04-09-2005 11:48 PM
Oh, if only I had read the directions before a played tug-o-war with my dog... than maybe I would still have the flesh on my hand... and my dog's teeth wouldn't have dissolved... thanks anyway... I guess...
Spooky 04-10-2005 01:39 PM
Hi there! Welcome to PCF Smile

Latah Wink
despairagus 04-10-2005 04:59 PM
Why, thank you, young'n.
Pygmalion 04-10-2005 11:51 PM
Hello, despairagus, and welcome to our lovely domes. Here's a nice ball of twine that you can use to find your way back when you get six deep in references in the thread.

Since you are new, let me advise you not to eat or drink while reading the following threads:

Smith Mansion:
The Big O: Funny Picture Post
Big O + Big Venus = Hot Robot Action

Anime Funny Pictures

make up a big o scene!
The Big O Blooper Special!
Cheap Innuendos and Jokes
Big O Crossovers with Anything

Has anyone seen a snowman in September?
Funny Pictures
Ground Crew Gripes and Aircraft Chatter

And if a thread says "Immature content" -- believe it!

BabyGhia 04-11-2005 12:36 AM
Welcome to the forum, despairagus! Enjoy your stay!

Big Grin

despairagus 04-11-2005 02:11 PM
Thank you all! But I must warn you, I eat twine. That ball you gave me isn't going to last long.
Diverse Considerations 04-11-2005 10:03 PM
Welcome to the city, despairagus. You are welcome here! (You seem to have figured that out already, though.) We're glad to have you and look forward to you being a productive member of our insane society.

One question, when you used "that's not the case with you" did you deliver it like Schwarzwald? Either way, wicked cool. Smile
Fujiko 04-11-2005 10:49 PM
Ah, great to see we've grabbed your attention Wink

Welcome! Big Grin
Madrona 04-12-2005 12:29 AM
Welcome despairagus. Our domes are your domes. Since you've been lurking and given general directions,all I can say is make yourself at home.
And that's probably one of my favorite lines from Crispy.


R and D 04-12-2005 07:54 AM
hello and welcome to the forumns! my name is R and D!

have some milk and cookies as a gift from me! Cool

hope you enjoy ur stay here at PCF! Big Grin
Tony Waynewrong 04-12-2005 10:13 AM
Welcome to the city of lost memories and gained friendships, dudette. I hope you enjoy the fanarts, fanfics and just plain fans. Please enjoy the personality salad bar at the Speakeasy.

BTW, leave your sanity with Norman at the door. They aren't permitted here. Once again, kickback, relax and enjoy the ride.
despairagus 04-12-2005 03:57 PM
One question, when you used "that's not the case with you" did you deliver it like Schwarzwald? Either way, wicked cool. Smile

...I would've tried, had I been cool enough. =D AND. If I had a neckbrace. Although I didn't have coolness or neck problems, I got the reaction I wanted:

"...what the Hell is that supposed to mean? What are you smoking?"

I got to laugh MANIACALLY.
BethMcBeth 04-12-2005 04:59 PM
Hi there!! And Welcome to PCF!!! This is the best Big O place on earth! WOOT! ^_^"" Theres everything to see and do here from Fan Art to Fan Fics and if you ever get board check out my Comic BIG O BLOCK HEADS And have a good laugh at that and also have a most excellent time around here too! ^_^"""

despairagus 04-12-2005 08:11 PM
Great. THANKS. Now I'm singing the louse song to the tune of 'Jingle Bells'.