Geoffs rap

geoffrey 04-07-2005 07:17 PM
my name is geoff they call me the ref they call me pinesol cuz im lemony fresh i raise holy hell at the school sitting on a dirty womans lap acting like her tool I itch my buut cuz my pants are so tight and io cannot dance cuz im so damn white

Dddddaaannnmmm thaty white boy can bust a funky beat cuz hes super neat on the street following his feet to the funky beat.

cracker is as cracker does and he needs some cash so he'll sell his stash for dough. and pickup a hoe

Peace and chicken grease Im outtie
Generalissimo D 04-07-2005 07:29 PM
Let me be the first to congranulate you on coming here! Crappy rap, but alright! Wait for the welcome wagons, and enjoy the forums!

Click my sig by the way.
R.Smith 04-07-2005 08:01 PM
*reads geoffrey's post, and scratches head*

I don't quite get it......anyway...

Welcome geoffrey! Big Grin I hope you have a pleasant stay here at Pleased

Please check out the Orientation thread for a quick guide of what's here to see. And stop on by the Forum Rules to get an idea of what's ok, and what's not.

Also, if you have a question, feel free to pm meBig Grin

Btw, you wouldn't happen to be related to geoff, would you?
Captain Maw 04-07-2005 08:51 PM
chanquit! hello!
welcome to PCF geoffrey. you should check out Pygmalion's welcome basket of links and whatnot, useful.
bad rap, but welcome!
Asirt 04-07-2005 08:56 PM
Welcome to Paradigm City, geoffrey! I hope you enjoy your stay here at the forums! Smile

Be sure to check out the many topics available, but more importantly, have fun with it! Big Grin

If you need anything, be sure to ask the mods and admin, or even some of the members here. Wink

Again, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay! Happy

BabyGhia 04-08-2005 01:16 AM
Welcome to the forum, geoffrey! Enjoy your stay!

From Alaska, I see? Cool!!!

Big Grin

Pygmalion 04-08-2005 07:14 AM
Greetings, geoffrey, and welcome to our happy domes! Here's a copy of All the World's a Stage, a guide to street performance in Paradigm City. Oliver can vouch for rule 23: "Do not accept odd items from strangers, no matter how shiny and nice."

Interested in fan works? Try a serving of Life Goes On by the inimitable A Clockwork Tomato, one of many interesting stories and pictures in Nightingale forum.

Smith Mansion is your source of analysis and creative guesswork about the show itself.

Ailesberry has tons of info on other anime and manga.

Speakeasy is the home of off-Big O posts and birthday wishes.

Finally, JFK Mark is the place to discuss topics about the boards. There are lively continuing threads on avatars and banners.

Hope to see you around the fora!

Tony Waynewrong 04-08-2005 04:14 PM
Welcome to the winter of your discontent...

Wait a minute, I am suppose to be greeting you. Sorry about that. Welcome to the city of lost memories and gained friendships. There are plenty of fanfics, fanarts and just plain fans. So, kickback and enjoy.

By the way, leave your sanity with Norman. Those things aren't permitted in the vicinity. Big Grin
Dude Love 04-08-2005 09:18 PM
Hello sir geoffrey. I am Wienberg, forum diplomat. Feel free to direct any questions you may have about the community or the forums to my Private Message Inbox.

Welcome to the forums, sir. I would suggest, as I suggest to all new members, that you consult the stickied threads in this forum, Hudson River Pier.

Also, as a new member, I feel you deserve a gift. You are the first to receive this in a while. A sweaty gym sock. But, beware, it has been known to melt most any substance on this earth, and the fumes induce immediate death. Handle with care.
Zopwx2 04-08-2005 11:42 PM
Welcome to the pcf G-off
Sephiroth 04-08-2005 11:47 PM
Welcome! Enjoy your stay! My welcoming gift to you is a tactical nuclear missile. Use it to bomb Estonia! DO IT NOW! Anywho, have fun here.
Fujiko 04-11-2005 10:47 PM
hmm.....welcome! Big Grin
Madrona 04-12-2005 12:34 AM
Our Domes are your domes.


R and D 04-12-2005 07:53 AM
hello and welcome to the forumns! my name is R and D!

have some milk and cookies as a gift from me! Cool

hope you enjoy ur stay here at PCF! Big Grin