Nathjan's Blend Sig Request Thread

nathjan 04-02-2005 02:01 PM
I can make blends for the following Anime Series, TV Shows, and Movies.

Full Metal Alchemist 1-26
Big O 1-26[Complete]
Samurai Champloo 1-12
Hellsing 1-13[Complete]
Gunslinger Girl 1-5
Paranoia Agent Textless Opening and Ending
[Paranoia Agent 1-13 Coming Soon]

TV Shows
Charmed Season 1[Complete] and Charmed Season 7[Complete]

I, Robot
Dodge Ball
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
The Incredibles
Fat Albert
Independence Day
Die Hard 1
Shrek 2
Austin Powers 2
Training Day
Fight Club
Animal House

Wrestlemania 21
ECW One Night Stand

If you have two or more pics you'd like me to blend for a sig, post them here and i'll make one.

See my current sig if you don't know what a blend sig looks like.
Generalissimo D 04-02-2005 02:28 PM
Please make me one with Jin(samurai champloo),Schwarzwald's crazy face, and this pick of Alexander Andersong with the text "The moods of BigOZ" plastered somewhere.
nathjan 04-02-2005 02:38 PM
i'll get started right away

edit: here you go BigOZ, hope you like it

Generalissimo D 04-02-2005 04:01 PM
Dude! Frikkin awesome! All hail nathjan!
nathjan 04-02-2005 06:39 PM
Glad you like BigOZ, I updated the list with some more stuff.
nathjan 04-03-2005 12:15 PM
sorry for the double post but i figured i'd post this sig for you guys to use, since i'm sure someone was going to request something like this anyways.

Generalissimo D 04-12-2005 04:05 PM
nathjan...could you possibly affix this image to my current banner? Assuming you can do it within the limits... The image
nathjan 04-12-2005 04:59 PM
hope you like it BigOZ

Generalissimo D 04-12-2005 05:08 PM
NICELY SNUCK IN! I love it! it seems a bit unbalanced...but thats me! I wonder why has everyone else not looked at this thread...
Travis Bickle 04-12-2005 05:18 PM
Originally posted by BigOZ
NICELY SNUCK IN! I love it! it seems a bit unbalanced...but thats me! I wonder why has everyone else not looked at this thread...

Because they can be done with ease in Photoshop.

Nonetheless, they look pretty damn good, Nathjan. Keep up the good work! Seriously, I like the way the John Cena one looks.
nathjan 04-12-2005 05:48 PM
thanks alot Cerpin. BigOZ, the reason it looks unbalanced is probably because ESH is mixed in with anime characters. thats just my opinion
nathjan 04-18-2005 09:45 PM
Added Charmed S7 episodes 16 and 17 to list, Big Grin
Generalissimo D 04-24-2005 10:53 AM
I have but one final image for you to sneak in there. I will add credit to you after I chop off the countdown. Just one more...
I'd like the face sneaked in after sort of give a balance of "real" characters to anime ones.
nathjan 05-10-2005 06:36 PM
sorry for not posting the past couple of weeks. D-Boy sorry i wasn't able to get hellboy into the sig. If you'd like i can create a new sig to go with your new name. with a limit of four pics. I've updated the list for anybody that wants to see what i have.
Gato Gurl914 05-11-2005 02:53 PM
could i perhaps get one with ed/winry fighting scenes?
Generalissimo D 05-16-2005 06:20 PM
*drops down a large box*
Do I have a task for you. I want a very ambitious banner.

I know you only said 4, and I'm ok if you remove the center pic..but heres the idea. Put each one on either end and put the text "Times sure have changed..." In one corner and in the other put:

"But I know you'll always want me..."



nathjan 05-29-2005 04:21 PM
alright here you go D-Boy, hope you like it

Generalissimo D 05-29-2005 04:36 PM
Originally posted by nathjan
alright here you go D-Boy, hope you like it

Excellent..but I'm not thrilled with the font. And I'm having second thoughts about the second part of the text..
nathjan 05-29-2005 05:10 PM
well when you decide weather or not you want to change the second part of the text let me know. if you do decide to change the second part, hopefully it will be a smaller line. trying to fit that much text into the sig can some times make the sig not look as good.
Generalissimo D 05-29-2005 05:17 PM
Ok. I want it chucked. I feel like maybe a more elegant font would do...something smooth looking.