PowerPuff Girls to be made into anime.

The Big Finale 04-06-2005 11:38 AM

Those voices are pretty nice. Buttercup is suitably coarse and Bubbles is well-done also. Blossom doesn't quite match up, though. She's a little too close to Bubbles in pitch. However, words cannot describe how brilliant Mojo Jojo is. He sounds like Eggman from the old Sonic the Hedgehog anime, which = far too cool.

The screenshots that aren't identical to the set I posted are neat too (is that the MAYOR!? YES!!)

I notice that Blossom is saying "Hyper Blossom" during her transformation sequence at the beginning. Wonder what that's all about...

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Originally posted by Umino
God, I can just see S & M Queen Sedusa!

Wow. Now you've mentioned that, it occurs to me how very rather obvious the idea is.
COHugh 04-06-2005 07:39 PM
Hmm... I like the Bubbles/Buttercup combo attack where Bubbles blows the bubbles that Buttercup then nails Mojo with. Neat concept.

To be honest, I've been spoiled by the last few seasons of DS9, Babylon 5, and Farscape in addition to the anime I've seen, so I'm looking forward to a more structured plot version of PPG. I'll give it a shot.
evanASF27 04-06-2005 10:33 PM
eesh...I don't like the way they did that action scene...Really I don't like it. It's too "cliche" for my liking.
Captain Maw 04-06-2005 10:36 PM
definitely, sometimes it can be really sacharine, and shallow. as do many shows.
Fujiko 04-06-2005 10:40 PM
Originally posted by R.Smith
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Having trawled the net for them, I think I prefer this version of the girls to the ones shown on the first page:


spoiler (highlight to read):
Yes, I realise that parts of these pictures could be considered 'explicit', but these are the least explicit I could find, so please don't kick me

Heh, yes, Danny Sulca's work is preferable Wink , but I don't think we'll be seeing the girl's drawn like that in for.....ever?

I've been looking, and I've found two recorded clips of what I assume was played at that event the show was revealed. http://ppgcom.gooside.com/ppgz/ppgz_attack.html

Here's a page with screenshots.http://ppgcom.gooside.com/ppgz/index.html

It sounded a bit muffled, so I couldn't tell much how the voices came out. It looks pretty cool. Oh, and mojo is always awesome.

EDIT: I do have one complaint though. In the original, they used to just punch and use their supernatural powers. I noticed they only used their weapons in this clip. I'm hoping they do more of what they used to do instead of the weapons.
Pygmalion 04-06-2005 11:27 PM
That was certainly ... different. Funny, though. If it wasn't based on PowerPuff Girls, I probably wouldn't give it a look.

C.R Foxhound 04-07-2005 11:07 AM

think they'll might bring it over?

heh,importing an American show from Japan