PDQ Bach

evanASF27 04-02-2005 01:07 AM
I was reminded by Pygmalion's comment in the April Fool's Day thread to search again for this guy...My father told a friend of his earlier in the year about how he introduced me to Spike Jones, and his friend recommended I listen to PDQ Bach...the problem was, he said "PDQ Beck" and I was completely lost....x_x

So now I've been searching the past two days for his music and I've hit paydirt. Big Grin I love this guy...he's a genius. Taking simple songs like "Pop goes the weasle" and "mexican hat dance" and putting them into a classical work to create "Eine Kliene Nichtmusik" Tongue I just love these songs!!!

So far I've obtained:
  • Eine Kliene Nichtmusik
  • Classical Rap (yes he actually and SUCCESSFULLY raps to classical music)
  • 1712 Overture
  • A Consort of Choral Christmas Carols
  • "Sanctus" (which I think is an incomplete file)

I'm currently trying to get "Oedipus Tex" (as opposed to Oedipus Rex), "Unbegun Symphony" (as opposed to Unfinish Symphony) and "Minuet Militaire".

If you have not heard this man's music, HEAR IT. Even if you do not like classical music, this will be a load of laughs! Believe me. Big Grin