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Crystalline 01-16-2004 06:02 PM
For those of you who like to use IRC chat, I set up an irc chat spot, thanks to the brilliant teaching skills of ZOLA! ^_^ Here are the specs...

Server: DALnet []
Room: #ParadigmCityChat

All in good fun! And yapping! mIRC is a good irc client if you need one. I don't know much about setting it all up, tho... I had help, I'm computer challenged. ^_^ No fighting or anything, ok? or else I blow it up! ^_~

My nickname is CrystallineColey, fyi! ^v^

<*has too much time on her hands!*>
BigPrime 01-17-2004 08:52 PM
You could download Mozilla and use the ChatZilla feature that comes with it. It doesn't seem hard to use and can access the chatroom (it's what I'll be using).
Zola 01-17-2004 09:27 PM
if you go to, you can chat from there.

Once you go on, in the box where you would type words, you would type

/join #ParadigmCityChat

That will bring you to the room, and there are those of us can help you with the whole process of registering your nickname etc.

Bear in mind mIRC is a whole lot more efficient. If you want to download it and need help configuring it, feel free to AIM me, my nick is Zo1a.
Crystalline 02-11-2004 03:27 PM
Originally posted by Sharpshooter005
Is there a way to get yourself on two different servers, at once.

If so..I'll probably swing by at some point.

Iif you have mirc you can. Just follow these steps.

1. Go onto your server that you are normally on and log in, etc.

2. Once you are settled in there, go to options and under servers click add server and enter the information for the Paradigm City Chat which is found on the first page in the provide space.

3. After adding the server, below that is a check box that says "New server window". Click it.

4. Below that is a button that says "Connect to server". Click that, and you'll have the Paradigm City Chat server opened! Just head on into the room as you normally would, and you can go back and forth between your regular one and ours! Smile

I hope that you could understand that... It was wierdly put, I'm bad at explaining. But that's it in a nutshell. ^_^
Zola 02-21-2004 10:25 PM
Originally posted by evanASF27
Hey Crystalline Wink If you want I can save the chat for you Smile
(I forgot how I was able to make it into a text I'll just put together screencaptures ^^)

Smile How does that sound? Wink That way you can say that you didn't miss a thing Wink

In mIRC, go to Tools/options

On the menu to the left, expand IRC and select logging. Set it how you want (I personally timestamp logs and have a separate folder for them) click okay.

Just to be sure the command "takes", exit mIRC and then open it up again. It should log from then on.
Crystalline 02-28-2004 12:57 PM
Indeed, Friday seems to be the night of choice... So is everyone up for weekly Tuesday and Friday chats? I am available, though, like last night, sometimes arrive late, but that's ok. Pleased Better late than never, ne? Definitely a fun time! If everyone is ok with Friday, then we'll make it official.
BabyGhia 03-02-2004 08:54 PM
Also, try another server if that doesn't help. Here's a link to the other servers...

Generalissimo D 02-25-2005 05:21 PM
If you are one of those people that keep on losing their nicks simply because of lack of knowing how to register, fear no more(if you use mIRC that is). simply type
/ns help register
and it will explain it to you. Any further questions ask someone who knows what they're doing or PM me.
Krang 03-31-2005 02:26 AM
For anyone wondering, yes this used to be an open discussion thread, but due to the fact that some people kept complaining and starting arguments with the regular posters here, the mods and admins decided that it would be best for everyone if the thread was stickied and locked. Sorry to those of you who regularly posted in this thread, but it had to be done to prevent any further arguing.

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