Ring, Spiral, Loop and Birthday!

Green_Bird 03-18-2005 09:07 PM
Okay this is the thread for anyone who has read Ring, Spiral (Rasen), Loop and Birthday by Koji Suzuki...or otherwise known as the Ring series. They are very good books. Ring was the only book in a long time that held my intrest to read it all the way through....I'm curently still reading Spiral, though.

Here's a quick rundown of the books. (From: theringworld.com)


Ring: When magazine reporter Asakawa Kazuyuki's niece dies suddenly under mysterious circumstances, he decides to do some investigating into the cause of her death. He finds out that, though separated by distance, his niece died at exactly the same time as three of her friends.

Asakawa also learns that all four of them had watched a videotape--one that kills whomever watches it exactly seven days later. When Asakawa views the cursed videotape for himself, he enlists the help of his associate Takayama Ryuji to help him solve the video's deadly riddle.

Spiral: It falls to pathologist Andou Mitsuo to perform the autopsy of his one-time classmate, Takayama Ryuji. During the autopsy, Andou removes what appears to be a message written in code. Andou, assisted by his friend and colleague Miyashita, works to both decipher the code and determine whether the Ring report--a complete record of Asakawa's investigation into the video curse--is in fact true.

Loop: Medical student Futami Kaoru has both his father and girlfriend fall victim to the Metastatic Human Cancer Virus. He's heard that the virus has some connection to a top-secret project being carried out in America, and goes overseas to investigate for himself. He finds his way to the desert, where he learns of a person named Takayama...

Birthday: The last book in the Ring series. Birthday is a collection of three short stories, each with different characters and settings, and occurring at different timeframes within the Ring universe. All of the stories, however share a common theme: birth.

Floating Coffin: A "missing chapter" from Rasen, this story shows (from her own perspective) what happened after Takano Mai went missing. Translated literally, the story title Sora ni Ukabu Hitsugi means "coffin that floats up to the sky."

Lemonheart: The story of Sadako and her budding romance with Toyama, set in her days with the Hisho Acting Troupe. The basis for Ring Ø.

Happy Birthday: A continuation of the events in Loop, this story involves Futami Kaoru and his girlfriend Reiko, who has contracted the Metastatic Human Cancer Virus.


I'm posting this and Loop isn't out yet (some time in spring/summer) and Birthday still has a long way to go before it's out. But has anyone else read Ring or Spiral, or another language verson of the series? If so what did you think about it?
Redd 03-21-2005 11:00 PM
I have Ring but not Spiral yet. Ring is really good- I like how they analyze the story as a mystery and using the "diseases" to symbolize the ring video "epidemic"... It's really good because its not really quite a horror story, because they manage to create a horror novel without the blood and gore and monster-in-your-closet type story that it evolved into for the movie. And you get to know a whole lot more about Sadako's past than in the movies. And the cover's pretty. XD