The Lord of the Rings

aeternus_flammus 03-14-2005 05:14 PM
This thread is dedicated to those three Tolkien masterpieces, as well as any other relevant Tolkien discussions.

What do you think of the books? What do you think of the characters? Feel free to discuss the anything concerning this ground-breaking fantasy work.
BethMcBeth 03-15-2005 04:03 AM
As far as Tolken's works go the only book I ever really seriously read was The Hobbit and I really liked it otehr than that thats about all for me ^_~"
Yomiko 03-29-2005 02:57 PM
I loved reading the LOTR books, I remember really enjoying reading them in my spare time in my 2 hour Intro to Alebra block class in my Freshmen year. MY brother Barrin has the three and I have the Hobbit somewhere. Embarrassed Sweatdrop I like they way he described the sceneary and people. Thumbs Up
Mr. Fortnight 03-29-2005 03:13 PM
I REALLY need to get the Lord of the Rings books. I've been wanting to read that series for SO long.
Generalissimo D 03-29-2005 09:54 PM
I will have to pick my books up again. One of my greatuncles gave me the first and 2nd. I remember it was a sheer bore-a-thon(much like the movies). But then again Ive matured a bit so I wonder how it will fare.
Zopwx2 03-29-2005 11:08 PM
I liked the hobbit but unfortunately I read part of fellowship and found it pretty boring.

But that was 5 years ago.
dancinggummi88 06-15-2005 12:28 PM
i read the books and saw the movies, im enchanted by this series
aeternus_flammus 06-15-2005 09:33 PM
I recently purchased the entire middle-earth series, though I will never have time to read them.