If you could control all of Paradigm everyone and everything what would you do??

BethMcBeth 03-14-2005 06:38 AM
If you could control all of Paradigm everyone and everything what would you do??

I mean imagine the power you could have! You bascially could re-write the entire sereis by taking control of all of THE EVENT!

So what would you do whos life would you make or brake? What Megaduse battles would happen? and would poor Roger and Dorothy ever be together?
How greatly would our favorite cast of characters be changed?

I myself am still debating of what I would do ^_~""" Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink
Dark-0 03-14-2005 07:13 PM
My way would be this, the story continues off after act 26, Roger lost his memories of piloting Big-O, Dorothy also lost her memories and she sings at the Nightengale, Angel runs Paradigm-City. Roger, Dorothy have memory fragments from time to time which leads to a giant megaduce appearing which causes both characters to meet and regain their memories to save Paradigm. Alex was sentence to the desert were he find allies and will start a war with Paradigm-City. R.D. returns to take on Dorothy in the ultilmate android battle. Big-O takes on Big-Duo Inferno with a special pilot.
BehemothPanzer 03-14-2005 07:37 PM
I would contiunue Big-O, But Rosewater/Fau became 'god of paradigm'. Defeating and supposedly killing Roger Smith. Big Fau stands at the center of Paradigm as a becon of a new age. Which is similar to a military martial law.

Meanwhile, Dastun quit the MP and has been taking care of a comatoseRoger Smith in secret.

Rosewater begins to rebuild the Megadei for his own law enforcement(A military base with Big O, Big Duo at an air strip, And Big Fau ready to defend in the waters). He fears that Roger may still be alive, and the thought of an uprising from the outlands has started to eat his sanity with his god complex.

Beck Returns with a few Foreigners, They cause Chaos and he steals and is accepted as the Dominus of the Big Duo ReBuilt. His theft leave the oppurtunity for a now revived Roger to steal Big O.

Mecha Madness Ensues as a War is waged in Paradigms streets and nearby wastelands.

There is twist when Roger is confronted by another Big O, piloted by a Roger android.

thats all I can think of for now.
The Fallen Phoenix 03-14-2005 08:03 PM
Three words: the Big Butler.
Mr. Fortnight 03-14-2005 10:54 PM
If I had control...

I would log everyone out. Freeing the minds of those in Paradigm and return them to their real lives.

Then again, of I didn't have that power, then I would at the very least change Paradigm. Paradigm would be every bit the reflection of Manhattan. Roger, Angel, and Dorothy being the guardians of the city with their Megadei. Standing guard against the problems that Alex Rosewater brings by finding Deus after Deus in the wastelands. Practically reviving the Union on his own. In the name of his father.

Then, in one climatic final battle, the one who knows the truth, the one who could free the minds of Paradigm, joins Roger in defeating Alex, only to have a final decicive battle with Roger.

In the end, the one with the truth would be Shwartzwald. And his defeat would free the mind of Roger, and he would become the bearer of the truth, and he would be finally able to negotiate with the director for the freedom of the people of Paradigm.

The last battle would be The Big O, upgraded to the level of a Deus like Big Venus, versus Big Venus itself.

In the end, The Big O would use it's Final Stage, and with the light of truth, free the minds of Paradigm.

Roger wakes in a Hospital in NYC, Angel, his wife, and Dorothy, his daughter, surround him. The nightmare, finally is over.
LillyRose 03-15-2005 08:24 AM
If I had control * rest of answer censored* Wink

Seriously. If I had control, I'd pick up right after Act 26. In her new posistion as President of the Paradigm Corporation, Angel assumes that she is the only one in the whole city to remember the previous cycle. That is, until she has a chance meeting with one R. Dorothy Wayneright . During the course of the brief conversation, she realizes that wait a second, Dorothy still has her memories.

It seems that Dorothy's "old school" mechanisms have prevented the previous cycle's deletion. Angel is glad to have the company, truthfully. That doesn't stop her from insisting on a policy of non-intervention. Neither one of them can intefere with the one man they both really want to see.

In another corner of the City, Roger Smith is reaping his karma from the last cycle. He's a simple Negotiator, granted still the best; he has not yet met with either Norman or the Big O . Needless to say, he hasn't run into any of the other characters yet either. It's a good life, but lately things have been going wrong. Memories, which he's never cared about before, have arisen to the surface of his mind. They're barely remembered, but wrought with an incredible sense of urgency. Soon after, his own house begins to feel strangely empty. That cavernous space downstairs? Shouldn't that be filled with something? The piano- shouldn't it be played? What on earth is going on?

Likewise, somewhere in the City another reset personality is awakening. Alex knows he's meant for better than sitting around and spending the money he doesn't know how he came by. He's having strange dreams too, but instead of frightening him, they exhilarate him. He begins to gather power in the best way he knows how.

So it's a fight to the finish- again. Who regains their memories first, and to what extent? How do the mega dei get rediscovered? I'm still working it all out. This is just my set up.
Diverse Considerations 03-15-2005 12:28 PM
If I had the director's chair:

Roger + Dorothy = happy couple with kids.

Dan + Angel = happy couple with kids.

Schwarzwald + skin grafts + cosmetic surgery = one handsome devil.

Alex + roadside tomato stand = minimum wage.

Alan + cabaret = Paradigm's most popular drag show.

Norman + drink with umbrella = vacation.

Big O + oil change + weapons upgrade = kick ass, take names.

and lastly...

Beck + lots of babes = relaxed, happy Beck.
A Clockwork Tomato 03-15-2005 01:10 PM
First, I'd find out what kind of idiot gave me that kind of power, and give him a good talking-to.

Then I'd find out what the deal was with Paradigm: how it worked, what happened 40 years ago, where all the weird stuff came from, and why. Then I'd make this information public. No more secrets.

Then I'd change my name and retire, dealing myself a very cushy severence package. The people in Paradigm have to solve their own problems from now on. I'm not cut out for playing god.
Tony Waynewrong 03-15-2005 01:44 PM
What would I do?

** Drifts off to fantasy world **

I would take Dorothy away from Roger and make her the queen of Paradigm City.

Then I would have Angel be our disgruntle maid.


** gets slammed by a thrown boot and wakes up **

Err... I think I would have them continue on from Act 26 where chaos consumes the City of Amnesia due to the vacuum created by Alex's demise. A power struggle where Dastun, the Senate, Angel and perhaps Beck forces the rapid retrieval and reconstruction of old crazy megadeuses. Big Grin
BethMcBeth 03-16-2005 06:07 AM
Hmm well I thought quite a bit about my response I would probably either A.) Make it hte normal ish happy ending with Roger and Dorothy getting togeteher everyones all happy ever after style.

HAVE Beck and Alan double team togehter (why? becasue I said so...) and rob the city of everythign and cause a huge mucka nd chaos but mean while Roger has no idea same with Dorothy they have no memeories they have to put their own pieces back togehter before Beck and Alan permeently take over the city for good adn re set and re destroy paradgim! Mwhaha

Or I would add myself into the city! ^_^""" So then I could be in on the story too!
R and D 03-16-2005 06:52 AM
hmmm...this is an interesting question. Evil

roger,dorothy: married
dastun,angel: married
alan: dentist
alex: in an asylum with alan onces he tries to kill someone with his dentist drill
gordon: a farmer!
Beck: a hair stylist
Norman: sitting on the beach rubbing sunblock on his nose
Big O: demolition crew
Big Duo: runs his own commercial air company
Big Fau: runs his own commercial cruise company

toss in some invading robots and there you have it! Pleased
Xel 03-16-2005 07:28 PM
Originally posted by BethMcBeth
HAVE Beck and Alan double team togehter

Er, yeah. That one.

Though my train of thought took a slightly-- different-- direction. :3
evanASF27 03-16-2005 07:33 PM
What do you think I'm doing now? Evil Wink
Shaoblane 03-16-2005 07:34 PM
Originally posted by evanASF27
What do you think I'm doing now? Evil Wink

Your mine, you sunnova bitch. Cool Wink Pleased
BigPrime 03-17-2005 10:14 AM
I wouldn't change a darned thing, save maybe giving them a few sunny days a year. I'll let the people of Paradigm City be people, not actors playing roles. I'll let Roger and Dorothy fall in love of their own accord, let Dastun figure out if Angel is the right mysterious blonde for him, let Schwarzwald continue to seek the Truth wherever it may be and let Beck scheme his way into and out of jail over and over again. It's for the best that way.
Ban Mido 03-17-2005 10:31 AM
It would be communist China again!!
Everyone must ware black and red uniforms, walk in formation, salute to Alex' image when ever it is displayed.
All members of the society must report every morning to "Service" where they pray to Alex the god of Paradigm, to not destroy them..
*Rolls around all insane Alan like.*
And the Big's are all Evil!
Big O has a large red "X" paited over it's face..And wares a collar that Big Fau has the leash to!

Roger= An accountant for Paradigm.
Dorothy= Singer
Angel= Farmess
Gordon= Dead
Alan= Vice God of Paradigm
Dastun= Colonel of the Military Police
Beck= Cheif Mechanic of Big Fau
Norman= Alex Rosewater's butler
Big Fau= Owner of Big O. (Big O is Fau's *itch)
Big Duo= Big Fau's long lost son
Big O= *itch of Big Fau

Ee! Big Bondage!
*Day dreams.*
BehemothPanzer 03-17-2005 01:27 PM
Originally posted by Xel
Originally posted by BethMcBeth
HAVE Beck and Alan double team togehter

Er, yeah. That one.

Though my train of thought took a slightly-- different-- direction. :3

You too eh? Hahaha >>;;
SmothPocket 03-17-2005 02:54 PM
Eliminate all chance of there ever being another reset. Get all those broken buildings fixed. Maybe a little more sunlight...
Xel 03-17-2005 04:31 PM
Originally posted by BehemothPanzer
Originally posted by Xel
Er, yeah. That one.

Though my train of thought took a slightly-- different-- direction. :3

You too eh? Hahaha >>;;


It's best if Roger's the subject of their double-teaming, though. <3
Sara Comatori 10-14-2006 09:38 AM
I would make Alex stand on his head and drink milk out of a straw!

The simple pleasures of life...