R.Smith 12-03-2006 08:52 PM
Official Licensed ReBoot Poster

Beach Studios has acquired the license for a one-shot ReBoot Poster! This will be a limited run, signed and numbered poster measuring 18" x 24". Printed on premium glossy 8pt card stock, art by Jim Su.

Only $15.00 US each plus $7 shipping worldwide!

Place your order(s) at:

Hobodoken 12-03-2006 09:09 PM
My love of Reebot and my distaste of spending money are at odds.
Jonny Axehandle 12-03-2006 10:20 PM
OHSHI~, those guys just don't look right in 2D...
R.Smith 12-03-2006 10:23 PM
Originally posted by Hobodoken
My love of Reebot and my distaste of spending money are at odds.

Heh, I'm not one to go spending money easily either. However this is the lowest price they could do for shipping and the poster it's self.

Originally posted by Jonny Axehandle
OHSHI~, those guys just don't look right in 2D...

They might look a little 'off', not just due to the 2D, but some characters like Glitch-Bob were drawn in the artist's style.

If you like it even a bit and think you'd want it on your wall, I'd say go for it. The more people buy these and more things planned down the road the better things will look overall for the future of ReBoot.
R.Smith 12-20-2006 04:57 AM
The Art of ReBoot

Please sign up for updates! This also serves as an indicator of who really wants to buy a book! Tell everyone you know about

Also, please bear in mind the site is still in beta mode. There are some mistakes and our talented web designer is not well versed in ReBoot just yet. So some mistaken terms are being fixed ASAP.

The Art of ReBoot is joint venture between Canada's top comic book publishers,
Arcana, DMF Comics, and Beach Studios .

A sneak peek:

R.Smith 01-23-2007 01:45 AM
Site update!

It's now come down to:
  • making screencaps for 29 more episodes
  • making one or two more profiles
  • writing up three episodes summaries for the last episodes of season 4
  • and some technical stuff to work out.

At the moment I can't quite give you a set date.

Art of ReBoot update!


Again, please go to and sign up for updates, and check out the 'sneak peek' section often as it will be updated more and more.
R.Smith 02-04-2007 03:36 PM
The ReBoot Artbook to premiere at NY Comic-Con!

Out in the entrance lobby, the art book will be exhibited in a glass showcase.

Inside the main floor, Arcana Studios will be selling the book at Booth #759. Go over to the artist alley in the galleria, and Jim Su will be selling the book at #A344, as well as ReBoot posters, and his own comic book Crozonia.

He'll be happy to chat about ReBoot, Crozonia, (anything really!) and do free sketches.

I will be attending this convention, to hand out flyers about the Revival, and to meet up with Jim Su.

If you are within the NY area, you can find out more information, as well as buy tickets at the NY Comic-Con Website.
R.Smith 02-21-2007 05:29 AM goes live on the 22nd! Big Grin

If you stay on the page for a few seconds (might take longer/shorter depending on your connection speed) after the images have loaded, you'll hear a familar theme... Wink

Bookmark it and check back in a day, you'll be glad you did. Cool
R.Smith 05-18-2007 06:21 PM
I think all the fans here would love to know that they can now buy the 'Art of ReBoot' online! It's worth it, I have two copies and I can say the only problem I have with the book is that there isn't more Tongue .

Click here to place your order - you can pay using PayPal or your Credit Card. They ship to Canada, USA, and internationally. They have a special low shipping rate for International orders, so you're in luck if you are located outside of North America. thanks you all for your support, they could not have done this without all the ReBoot fans out there. Alphanumeric! Pixelacious!

$23.99 US + Shipping



Canada Post (1 x 0.46kgs) (Priority Courier ) $13.65
Canada Post (1 x 0.46kgs) (Expedited ) $6.11
Canada Post Lettermail (Shipping to Canada: 0.46 lbs) $3.00


Canada Post (1 x 0.46kgs) (Purolator International) $51.52
Canada Post (1 x 0.46kgs) (Xpresspost USA) $23.38
Canada Post (1 x 0.46kgs) (Small Packets Air, up to 2 weeks) $12.75
Canada Post Lettermail (Shipping to United States: 0.46 lbs) $6.00


Canada Post (Purolator International) $68.02
Canada Post (XPressPost International) $51.82
Canada Post (Small Packets Air, 7 to 12 days) $28.65
Canada Post Lettermail $6.00
FatFrank 05-19-2007 04:45 PM

Where is Fong!?