Ban Mido 03-17-2005 11:32 PM
As I remember it..
The final season,
Bob came back from the Super Computer, after Megabyte (Evolved) returned from the virus computer (I dunno.)
Megabyte, after taking Bob's form, asked Dot to marry him..
At their wedding, the real Bob returned after being healed from his Net state and seperated from Blitch..
And I stopped watching because I kept falling asleep when Matrix would talk....His speeches about Justice got....Wayyyyyyyyyy to long...
R.Smith 04-06-2005 02:24 AM
Mainframe Entertainment's 'ReBoot' To Be Available On Demand From CinemaNow

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - April 5, 2005) -

CinemaNow to Feature Seasons 3 and 4 for Viewing Online

Mainframe Entertainment (TSX:MFE), a leading creator of computer generated animation, and CinemaNow Inc., the industry leader in video-on-demand for broadband, have teamed up to make Mainframe's popular "ReBoot" cartoon series available for download throughout North America via the CinemaNow Web site (

"With this agreement Mainframe is venturing into the realm of Video On Demand (V.O.D), an area in which CinemaNow is a market leader," said Rick Mischel, C.E.O, Mainframe Entertainment. "ReBoot was cutting-edge when it premiered as the first 3D CG cartoon series on television, and it continues to be progressive with this forward-looking on-demand venture."

ReBoot, an exciting adventure set entirely inside a computer, features a cast of heroes, Bob, Dot, Matrix and AndrAIa, as they do battle with Users and Viruses alike in a struggle to keep Mainframe online. Four seasons of "ReBoot" have been produced, and the series has legions of dedicated fans around the world. The show is recognized for its vivid animation and unique storyline.
The official press release can be read here.

It was also mentioned by the Distribution Manager of MFE that should this work out then Mainframe would quite likely be able to extend this territory beyond North America AND "add the remaining series".

Good news for all booters!! Big Grin
The Big Ian 04-06-2005 10:05 AM
It was also mentioned by the Distribution Manager of MFE that should this work out then Mainframe would quite likely be able to extend this territory beyond North America AND "add the remaining series".

Drooling Drooling Drooling Drooling Drooling Drooling

Would this also mean we'd get DVDs of said remaining series? *does secret voodoo rituals and hopes so*
R.Smith 04-07-2005 12:32 AM
Originally posted by The Big Ian
It was also mentioned by the Distribution Manager of MFE that should this work out then Mainframe would quite likely be able to extend this territory beyond North America AND "add the remaining series".

Drooling Drooling Drooling Drooling Drooling Drooling

Would this also mean we'd get DVDs of said remaining series? *does secret voodoo rituals and hopes so*

I'm just guessing here, but they're either talking about finally getting the rights back from those other companies and releasing seasons 1&2 on DVD, OR they are finally going to make a continuation to season 4, and maybe make a season 5.

Please note, this is all guessing on my part, I have no information to back up either.
R.Smith 07-23-2005 12:31 AM

Blues star Long John Baldry dies

British-born blues singer "Long John" Baldry has died aged 64 after fighting a chest infection for four months.

Born John William Baldry, he passed away at Vancouver General Hospital in British Columbia, Canada.

Baldry - whose only UK number one came in 1967 with Let The Heartaches Begin - was a friend of Paul McCartney and inspired Eric Clapton to play guitar.

He also performed with Rod Stewart and Elton John before a Grammy nomination in 1998 for narration work with Disney.

Founding father

Baldry - who leaves behind siblings Margaret and Roger, as well as long-time friend and partner Felix "Oz" Rexach - started his career playing folk and jazz in the 1950s.

He became one of the founding fathers of British Rock 'n' Roll in the 1960s and appeared at The Cavern in Liverpool, becoming friends with McCartney.

Baldry was invited to perform on the Beatles' internationally televised special "Around the Beatles" in 1964, along with P J Proby and Cilla Black.

He performed with influential British bands Blues Incorporated, and Cyril Davies' R&B All Stars in the 60s.

Later, he fronted the Hoochie Coochie Men, which included Rod Stewart, who later joined Baldry in Steam Packet, also featuring keyboardist Brian Auger and singer Julie Driscoll.

After a brief period with Bluesology, which featured Elton John on keyboards, Baldry went solo.

'Boogie Woogie'

With production assistance from Rod Stewart and Elton John, he recorded the album, It Ain't Easy, for Warner Bros. featuring his signature song "Don't try to Lay no Boogie Woogie on the King of Rock n' Roll."

After emigrating to Canada in the early 1980s, he recorded for EMI Music Canada, and since 1991 recorded five albums for Stony Plain Records in Edmonton, Alberta.

The label is set to re-release Baldry's Warner Bros. albums, It Ain't Easy and Everything Stops for Tea, in the autumn.

Since the early 1990s,he was also known in Canada for his extensive voice work in commercials.

He also narrated on Winnie The Pooh recordings for Disney and was the voice for Robotnik on the popular Sonic The Hedgehog computer game.


I....... I'm just glad he's finally at peace now, suffering for months with chest infection isn't great.
R.Smith 11-13-2005 03:00 AM
We expect to see Season 3 re-released in the next year and hope to see Seasons 1 & 2 released at the same time.


Steven Prindiville-Kirby
Distribution Manager
Mainframe Entertainment Inc.

Big Grin

While I'm waiting for more news on this, I'll go ahead and say, I'd love a boxset with all 4 seasons (plus an ending to season 4!!!!).

Of course with a ton of features!

The features I'd like to see:
  • character bios and/or concept drawings
  • interviews with the voice actors
  • bonus footage
  • the "Making of Reboot" documentary
  • maybe an interactive game and/or a virtual tour of Mainframe
KittyTheHitwoman 12-01-2005 04:29 AM
God, I can't believe there's a ReBoot thread.....I loved that show!! One of these days I need to sit down and pirate a season or two......for nostalgia's sake!

Hexadecimal's cat was the epitome of awesome(:
R.Smith 01-07-2006 02:25 AM
Full Article:


Mainframe was a computer with dual hardrives (Mainframe and Twin City fit the diagrams in my Tech manuals for a dual hardrive system perfectly).It is the computer system at Mainframe Entertainment used to compile their animation (one of Mainframes computers met a similar fate to Twin City during the making of the Money For Nothin' video).Most likely Mainframe is what its name suggests a Mainframe computer designed specifically to crunch numbers as evident by all the Binomes running around compared to the few programs (sprites).For optimal performance all the programs were installed on one hardrive while the numbers were crunched and information those numbers made up were stored on the second hardrive till they were written to tape drive (since this was the early 90's and that was the best way to store and cary arround gigabytes of data.)The only programs on the number crunching drive (Mainframe) would have been the nessessary ones like a and other files that make up the formatting of a harddrive, everything else would have been binomes.

Twin City Disaster:

At some point the Users at Mainframe decided to hook their Mainframe computer directly to the Net. Other PCs at Mainframe were probably already connected to the Net but the Mainframe was not until this moment.It could be that the Mainframe was brand new or that it simply hadn't needed to be online or directly connected to other PCs at Mainframe (if it had been connected to ther PCs they would have known about life outside their own system).The User probably went to a newsgroup or public file library at a university as thats about all there was back then to test the Network.They obviously didn't have high security, this was common at the time, because they were immediately hit by a virus. As stated in Mainframe Entertainments early ReBoot background info the User thought he was downloading a word document in actuallity he downloaded a virus.Its tough to say which precise virus the User downloaded because it would have to contain both Hex and Megabyte but it was probably a custom variant of Virdem one variant is called Killer which fits really well with Kilobyte aka Killer-byte/Killa-byte.When the text message of Virdem and its variants are removed it becomes two shorter variants Virdem 792 and Virdem 824.The user downloaded the word program and basically ripped the text from the virus and split it into two.

The Megabyte+Hex=Killer-byte Equation:

Heres Virdems offical statistics:

NAME: Virdem
SIZE: 1336
TYPE: Non-resident COM-files
REPAIR: Almost always

This virus was written in 1986, which makes it one of the oldest viruses in existence. It was written by R. Burger, the author of "Computer Viruses: A High-Tech Disease". It is not a threat in unmodified form, as the virus makes it quite clear that the program has been infected. Virdem overwrites the first part of the program and appends the original code to the end of the file. Two similar variants of this virus are known - one with all the text strings in German, but the other is an English language version.

This variant is of the same length as the original, but the text messages have been changed.

VARIANT: Virdem 792, Virdem 824
Two shorter variants, possibly created by removing the text messages, or they might be earlier variants of the virus.

Megabyte makes it quite clear when he infects something so this fits for me. The only things that don't match are that Megabyte and Hex are Resident and can not infect .COM files but their where destructive, resident versions made and being variants that split off. Virdem they don't have to match the descriptions perfectly.Virdem would be considered benign the Killer variant probably wasn't.Anyway for the sake of keeping it as simple as possible I'm calling them Virdem variants.

Anyway whatever Killabyte, Hex, and Megs, were they destroyed the Twin City Hardrive.The Users acted fast and copied all they could over to Mainframe. (The survivors Dot and The Guardians were rounding up in the Flashbacks of Daemon rising.) Most of the program files were destroyed as well as most system files which is why Mainframe is so sparce and the P.O. is so far behind and limited in technology.It was on the other drive not on the one for number crunching. Luckily the Users were capable enough to recover enough data from Twin City to keep Mainframe as a working Operating System. With a virus on their computer the techs at Mainframe were able to log onto the Supercomputer (University) and get an antivirus for Virdem (the most likely culprit).Sadly for the techs the Virus was not Virdem but a variant so the Antivirus (Bob) could only stop and slow Virdem not erase or completely cure it.Thus Megabyte and Hex lived happily in Mainframe never fully able to conquer the system because of Bob.

The Supercomputer and the Guardians:

Next up the Supercomputer is most likely a Universities Computer system.At the time Universities were the biggest Network hubs in exsistence outside of the Military.Universities commonly maintained the security of the Net and when a virus came out University techs had to come up with ways to stop it their were no Antivirus companies at the time but their were antivirus programs created and distributed by Universities.Eventually the Net grew to big for Universities to police and when the world wide web became big it became impossible to maintain complete control, and thus Antivirus companies were founded.So Turbo and the Guardians are Antivirus programs on the SC.

The World Wide Web:

In the early stages of the Web it was a chaotic jumbled bunch of information that was nearly impossible to navigate.It was just thousands of computers with tons of information. If you wanted to find anything you had to have early search engines called Spiders/Crawlers the pathways of the Web looking for anything within the Users search parametors. In its early days it owuld have been as ReBoot depicted it. Offically the World Wide Web oppened March 1989 and was easier to use thanks to crawlers but it wasn't amed until HTML, FTP, and Web Browsers came out and made it navigable like the Net.The Web was Young at this time it was in its earliest developments the foundations .If ReBoot were set in today's timethe Web would be much like the Net.

Daemon Rising:

Daemon is with out a doubt based on the Morris Internet Worm.Mainframe took a few liberties here and there but its definitely based on the incident I'll refer to the Morris internet worm as Daemon because its faster to type. On November 2nd 1988 around 6:00 PM Daemon went active as Morris released the worm into the Net from MIT.But Morris soon realized that the worm was spreading faster than it was supposed to their was a bug and the worm was now out of control.The worm began to spread across the Net. By 8:49 PM the Worm had reached a Supercomputer at the University of Utah a VAX 8600 SC specifically and At 9:09 began to use its resources to spread itself.Antivirus programs were useless against it because the few types of viruses they could deal with were nothing like a worm.

The average load (the measure of how hard the PC is working) on Vax 8600 by internet users at the time was 1 by 9:21 the worm had upped the load to 5, by 10:01 16, by 10:06 the load becomes 100, the supercomputer is at the worms mercy nothing else can be loaded, no Users can use the system anymore If an antivirus existed it can not be installed to activate. The worm has won.

Daemon now controls every facet of the Supercomputer as her worms (the infected Guardians) begin spreading her Word throughout the internet.

In real life just like in ReBoot over 95% of the Net becomes infected only computers not Online are by some fluke not able to be infected are spared. Anytime a User managed to kill off one of the worms 2 more would appear during that time it took.This was a true Supervirus.Security protocols on machines were usless because this worm could bypass login authentication, copy itself onto the computer and then use its resourses to attack more machines. Spreading the "word" if you will.

By 11:28 - Quote from Peter Yee at NASA Ames Research Center posts a warning to the TCP-IP mailing list: "We are currently under attack from an Internet VIRUS.It has hit UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, Lawrence Livermore, Stanford, and NASA Ames." He suggests turning off telnet, ftp, finger, rsh and SMTP services.

By 12:34 A student at Harvard has found a way to slow the worm but he is unable to deliver his message to anyone because the Worm has gained control of the mail gateway at and the Gateway has been shut down to restrict internet travel.In ReBoot this would be Matrix discovering that Bob holds the cure to Daemon's infection but he can't get anywhere because access to the net is now restricted.

At 2:54 A fix for the security hole the worm exploits finally reches the Net by bypassing major gateways and sending direct mail to system admins around the world.Systems finally begin to be sealed off from the Worm. (The Firewall shown in Daemon Rising's real life counterpart was simply a security patch that blocked the worm from getting in.)

Now this is where ReBoot seperates itself from the True story.Daemon was a logic bomb set to delete everything she infected luckilly the Morris worm did not have this feature, it could have but Morris's worm was an experimental worm that was made to prove a theory.It was released into the wild without a damaging payload attached to it.In the ReBoot world it escaped with this payload and the only way to spread the cure for the worm was with a benign virus carrying the security patch.

An interesting sidenote to this the security hole, the Worm exploted was a Daemon.The Time period the real life attack takes place in fits well with the ReBoot Time Scale as well.
Randolph 01-07-2006 07:47 AM
Hey, I used to watch ReBoot, too.
That and Captain Planet.

What's all this? Something about more seasons being made?
Cripes! They're still working on that mad amalgamation?
Ah, well. They have my full support.

Although, frankly, I never did have much love for CG.
Best of luck, R.Smith, in your quest to revive a classic.
Onward, to a new golden era!

*reclines with his ice-cold morning apple juice with a sigh of content*
corrupt 01-08-2006 07:11 PM
Reboot? man i remeber that, in england it ended round about the frst series, i rented the game, it was rubbish. Man i must've been about 6-7
Darkside 01-08-2006 07:44 PM
I've always wondered hat reboot would look like with new software. And a new season would be perfect to answer that.
Mike 01-08-2006 07:54 PM
Reboot rocked, hard. It was a really cool show, I wish it was on now, since I'd actually be able to pay attention. The first time it was on I was like 8 or 9 and just thought it was really cool.
R.Smith 06-26-2006 11:09 PM
As I'm sure some of you have noticed I have a banner for something I like to call the "Revival of ReBoot".

What this is all about is hopefully getting in contact with the creators and staff, as well as voice actors(to at least tell them how much we've enjoyed their roles) and seeing what they and a large grouping of fans can do to get MFE to consider finishing/continuing the show. The backup plan is to at least get all 4 seasons on a DVD boxset.

I hope to have the creators contact info sometime next month, as a fan who lives in Vancouver, Canada has offered to relay stuff to MFE. As my emails to them have not been returned, I think this is the best way to contact them.

The creators and most of the staff that worked on ReBoot have left. But I would think MFE has their contact information. I've looked all over the net for contact info that's recent (I found Gavin Blair's email address, but it was from an old posting at a reboot newsgroup, and did not work).

I also am planning to start a website/forum for this project. While I love the Java Hut, I think if there was a main site for this, we'd get a better idea of the total number of fans actively participating in this. I also think by having a site to link MFE to, which would let them clearly see the numbers, would help. MFE needs to know that they'll make a profit from continuing the show.

For this to have even the slightest chance of succeeding, we need all the fans to join up.
pen1300 06-27-2006 05:17 PM
Dude, you're interest in ReBoot has resparked my interest in the show. I miss it! I have some action figures packed away and own one DVD (that I found my first time at my all time favorite store-it was a splurge I'm quite happy about). I've read some of the thread you link to and think you have a GREAT idea there. If Big O can come back for a second season, ReBoot can at least get a decent ending! (ReBoot has died, been resurrected, died and came back! So who says nay?)

I used to have a letter I was planning to send to CN when ReBoot was taken off...or was that for Big O? I'll hunt it down and consider sending it.

Where are the ReBoot fans?

Ah, one of the first shows I ever became obsessed with. I spent one of the Christmas Parties at my uncle's talking to my cousin about this show. Another party was a Big O/anime oriented discussion.

R.Smith 06-27-2006 07:42 PM
Big Grin Glad to hear it Pen.

Well I've got 141 fans on myspace so far (jumped up 41 from 100 last night). That's pretty impressive given that only about 4 days ago I had 21. Plus I've still got 70 requests pending.

Once the creators are contacted, I'm going to write CN and see what they'd have to say about the show. They did get good ratings when they re-ran the series and had the two movies. If CN doesn't want it, maybe some deal with the Sci-Fi Channel might work.
R.Smith 07-01-2006 04:01 AM
Check out page 8, on the Revival of ReBoot topic for some exciting news. Big Grin Cool
pen1300 07-01-2006 08:02 PM
Originally posted by R.Smith
Check out page 8, on the Revival of ReBoot topic for some exciting news. Big Grin Cool

NICE! That's very exciting and I'm glad there's been such a good response!

R.Smith 09-30-2006 03:07 AM
Ok it's been a while......

The generic letter has undergone a quite a few revisions. I believe it just needs a one or two more changes and it will be done.

I really want to get the mailing done before October is out, so we'll just focus on mailing Cartoon Network and once that's done I'll make changes to the letter so that we'll also mail YTV and Teletoon to get them showing reruns again.

Once the letter is posted for all to copy, sign and send, please inform anyone you know who hasn't seen it posted and pass 'ze' word.

BTW, don't think the mailing is the end.......... I have lots more up my sleeve. Wink
R.Smith 10-16-2006 11:29 PM
Well for any and all who are interested......

I've posted up the letter to send to Cartoon Network, on October 18th or as close as possible.

Thank you to anyone who helps out! Big Grin
R.Smith 11-09-2006 02:27 PM
Not really sure if anyone here besides maybe Pen might still be following any of this but..........

I need some donations so that I can pay for the cost of buying ad space on various webcomics (like Bob&George, VG Cats, etc).
I'm pretty sure that this will draw in the crowd of people we really need.

It's via PayPal, so everything is secure. You can donate however much or little you wish.

Just look for the following image:

On the myspace page.

Things are really coming together! Big Grin