Viz Survey- Suggestion for Manga Fans

Shredder 02-18-2005 01:51 AM
I recently got an interesting email letting me know that Viz, the company that released the Big O manga in English, has a survey up that asks, among other questions, "What other Japanese properties should Viz go after?" If you're familiar with the Big O manga, you may have heard of a 2-volume follow-up series by the same author called "Lost Memories." Unfortunately, this series has not yet been translated into English and as far as I know, there are no plans at this point for a release. If you want to encourage Viz to release this series, the survey is available here. This is also another chance to revive interest in the Big O series in general!

Thanks to Cloudwalker for passing this info on to us!
R.Smith 02-18-2005 02:27 AM
Done and done! Wink

4. What other VIZ properties have you purchased/own?

Big O

13. What other Japanese properties should VIZ go after?

Big O: Lost Memories
BethMcBeth 02-18-2005 02:40 AM
Hhgaha coolness! I also voted Big O for pratcially everything too! ^_^"" Thanks a ton! I hope they do that "Lost Memories." piece I would love that I have seen it out in Japanesse but I sadly can't read it. ^_~"
Pygmalion 02-18-2005 09:05 AM
Excellent find, Shredder. I've chimed in as well.

The Baker St. Irregular 02-19-2005 12:01 AM
Big O is cool and all, but I have to admit, I'm really only after more Black Jack. (I mean... Come on, Viz! BJ's revered as a classic in Japan, not to mention it was done by the Godfather of Manga, Osamu Tezuka.)

Goddamnit. I want more sensei! Give me more sensei! Mad
Dork 03-10-2005 03:28 PM
Thanks for pointing out this survey.

By and large I was very disappointed with the Big O manga, but I bought both volumes of Lost Memories and it looks very promising. There's a lot more emphasis on Dorothy, the manga artist is more open to experimenting with his style, and the story looks a bit more fluid and not as childish. I'd love to be able to read it in english.

BabyGhia 03-10-2005 05:25 PM
*sigh* I had forgotten to do this survey until now.

I would really like to read Lost Memories. Haven't seen any of it. But I did like some parts of the Manga so it's probably something I would buy.

Shady Dark Lady 10-19-2006 09:48 PM
I also replied! Hopefully they will listen to us, damnit!! I would love to see the Lost Memories, especially if it focuses on Dorothy! She was my favourite Big O character..
By the way, I have to say I love Baby Ghia's avatar and banner..Renji is yummy! Big Grin