Hello All!

Alana Gabriel 02-17-2005 11:41 PM
Greetings, new person.

I am Alana Gabriel, sister to our own beloved cyborg, the real main character. Big Grin Evil

This city is nice. We all love each other. Everything is happy and joyous and nice and I think I shall be ill..

You'll love it here. Do not anger Evan, for he has Megadueses. Do not anger the Mods, for they are cool and can shut you down. Do not anger me, for I am me. And most of all, have fun! Big Grin Evil

Insanely Yours,

Please remember to donate to the Alanite Industry's Homeless Electronic Equipment Charity: Helping lone electronics find a good home.

No...it doesn't involve megadueses...no, why would you ask?
Madrona 02-23-2005 01:46 PM
Welcome Hotshot! I really like your sig. Very nice!!!

Make yourself at home and enjoy your stay!!

BethMcBeth 02-24-2005 02:28 AM
Wow! Again another spiffy Signature! WElcome to PCF! This is the hsppiest BIG O place on the net! ^_^"" Theres everything here from fan art to Fan fics! Hope you enjoy yourself!