Post Your Funny Full Metal Alchemist Pictures

R.Smith 05-04-2005 12:31 AM
Gato Gurl914 05-04-2005 04:03 PM
ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! you got pwned by ed-kun!
angelcakes 05-16-2005 04:37 PM

*girly squeel*

KAWAII! Big Grin
Gato Gurl914 05-17-2005 08:35 AM
MEGA KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeal*
M.S. Feather 05-20-2005 05:29 AM
Read from right to left.

I just thought it was hilarious that Barry fell in love with Hawkeye in the manga. Big Grin
Gato Gurl914 05-20-2005 10:00 AM
O_o woah.
Green_Bird 05-21-2005 07:10 PM
umeko_pyon from the FMA LJ community translated this and put the note at the bottom, but it does show up in the second guide book....

Left <------- Right
Monk 05-21-2005 07:41 PM
These are too much

The one with gluttony reminds me of myself on a nice Rainy Day.

(Yes Im overweight like 180)
Green_Bird 05-24-2005 04:48 PM
I'm surprised no one posted this....

I'm hoping everyone by now knows who Isumi is...

Wingnut 05-24-2005 06:32 PM
So she tought them how to fight as well as alchemy.
Gato Gurl914 05-24-2005 08:11 PM
whats with the pomato?
Green_Bird 05-26-2005 02:59 PM
Originally posted by Gato Gurl914
whats with the pomato?

I have no idea....I haven't seen episode 37 yet Embarrassed Sweatdrop .....
spoiler (highlight to read):
But what I got from comments and other pictures is, there is this one part where he's trying to figure out what Armstrong's sister looks like based on Armstrong and his parents. That may fall somewhere in that part....

I just had to post this one from the same episode....

Gato Gurl914 05-28-2005 02:15 PM
Wingnut 05-29-2005 03:06 AM
Well disturbing as that image is, it does explain at least in part why Armstrong is the way he is.

Or we could say that gederbending is the Elric's latest foray into the realm of human alchemy.
Wingnut 06-05-2005 03:12 AM

Cliche Lightbulb Joke
Green_Bird 07-13-2005 07:15 PM
Winry messed up again......

Good one, Wingnut Laughing .
Sir Nise 07-14-2005 12:24 AM
Those made me laugh WIngnut. Good scouting.
Black Hayate 07-21-2005 01:37 PM
Here's a funny pic.
thebravest1 07-23-2005 08:34 AM
Here's one that my sister found.
Green_Bird 08-05-2005 02:51 PM
A little somethin' for the ladies Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue