[Fan Fiction] Big O Parallel Universe

Lady Tesser 09-12-2003 02:45 PM
Konnichiwa, all!

Welcome to The Big O Parallel Universe! Or, as the cast of Red Dwarf put it in their own words -

LISTER: So hang on. This is another Red Dwarf, with another Rimmer and Lister on board?
RIMMER: Will they be be exactly the same as us?
HOLLY: No, there will be differences. This is parallel universe, innit?
RIMMER: What do you mean?
HOLLY: Well, for instance, in this universe, it could be that Hitler won the Second World War. It could be something even more incredible, like perhaps Ringo was a really good drummer.

In this parallel universe, though, the thing that's different are the genders.

This idea had started in the main board under the thread title 'A Woman's Touch'. It's becoming slightly too creative (nothing's ever too creative!) for the regular board, so we may as well move it here.

Th idea thus far - what if all the Big O characters were opposite genders? The guys are all girls and the girls are guys.

And we're going to work on a fanfic of this. Sweatdrop
May the Gods save our masochistic souls ...

Here's our cast list:

Roger - Roxanne Smith
Dorothy - Dorian Wayneright
Norman - Norma Burg
Dastun - Danielle Dastun
Alex - Alexia Rosewater
Angel - Angel or Angelo (I prefer Angel, because it was the character's actions that gave her the name)
Schwarzwald - nee Michelle Seebach, no difference in new name
Alan - Alanna Gabrielle
Instro - Instra
Beck - Beth Gold (or just Goldie?)
Big Ear - same name

Any other characters?

And let's do a little informal vote: should Big O remain the same? Or look like Glinda in black but still have the same attacks as Big O? (pistons, lasers, hooks, etc)
C.R Foxhound 09-12-2003 03:08 PM
I thibk Big O should look like Glinda, it is a parallel universe, althogh i think in this universe,all megadeuces should be more agile,it would make for some interesting battles.

Would its name change to Big G? Confused

I dunno about any more characters, but how about character nuances(sp?) Or will you, The Lady Tesser provide them?

Well here are some of my ideas:

Would Roxy still have hourglasses? maybe she could have snowglobes, maybe one that is special to her, i dunno, a gift, a symbol showing how paradigm is a world inside a case and every so often someone comes aolng and shakes things up.

Would Angel still be pronouned Angel? or like its spanish cousin Angel? with the g sounding like an h, it would make sense imo because Angel is a common male name in spanish, and i guess he could have some "latin charm"

Maybe Norma could wear different aprons with different sayings on it, i dunno like "Foxy Grandma" or "Dangerously Senile"

just suggestions, ill put more up if i can think of any
Lady Tesser 09-12-2003 03:35 PM
Here's the character descriptions I had written with a few things added from later posts.

Roxanne Smith - pretty much a similar character type; serious, smartmouthed, wears a black skirtsuit (short skirt) with a white lace jabot instead of tie and has her long black hair pulled up in a French Twist. Quite beautiful in a dark way, doesn't know what effect she has on men since she believes her work speaks for itself and won't use her feminine wiles. Likes Dorian, but won't admit it, least of all to herself.

Dorian Wayneright - a quite android with a sense of asthetics, R. Dorian is the son of scientist Tina Wayneright. He is offended by Roxanne's curt manners and personal habits (which is quite odious on a woman), and makes sure she knows it by playing rancous rock songs to wake her up as well as engaging in verbal battles. Wears a simple black suit and tie as a butler and has short-cropped auburn hair.

Norma Burg - the prim housekeeper of the Smith household and maintainer of Big O, Norma runs everything smoothly and efficiently. Has to mediate battles between Roxanne and Dorian, but likes seeing Mistress Roxanne getting her butt handed to her on occassion. Owns a motorcycle of death and can handle weaponry up to a 50-caliber target rifle. Wears black and white stripe cook's dress with a black apron (with bizarre sayings printed on them), and has her white hair pulled up in a bun. Has an eyepatch.

Danielle 'Dani' Dastun - a career officer through and through, she's as tough as nails when it comes to getting the job done. Is quite brilliant and does her work well. She feels helpless when Big O shows up, but she trusts Roxanne to get the job done. Wears standard-issue military police uniform and hair is combed straight back, revealing a 'stroke' vein on temple.

Alexia Rosewater - dark figure of the Paradigm Group, Alexia commands all with self-assured victory and condescence toward everyone else. She is full-figured, dressed in an elegant white skirtsuit (long skirt) and her graying-black curly hair cut short but elegant. Has Dragon Lady nails.

Angel - Alexia's personal secretary, Angel has his own secrets and agendas which no one knows. He frequently crosses paths with Roxanne and flirts with her incessantly, especially when she's about to get the rap for a problem he caused. Has short blonde hair that falls in his face when not being a secretary. At the office, he's in subdued suits - on his own, he's in black pleather and a duster. (Yow!)

Schwarzwald - Michelle Seebach - the Truth must be known! Zealous and even insane, Schwarzwald will MAKE people understand the truth. She is clad in men's clothes, unconcerned with appearances, and is wrapped in bandages. Still has a funky-shaped head.

Alanna Gabrielle - Alexia's righthand gal, Alanna is cyborg or android - no one is sure - and particularly delights in toying with her opponents, most especially Roxanne. Wears a skintight black and white striped dress (very short skirt) with fishnets, high heeled boots, and her blonde hair is in a pixie cut. Even redder lips.

Beth Gold - Beth is flamboyant, loud, and assumed to be mad. She intends to make chaos in Paradigm City, but she never thinks her plans through enough to cover anything related to Roxanne (whom she calls 'Crow Bitch'). Skintight yellow-gold minidress with cutouts here and there, and swirly blonde hair that looks like she has a mass of spirals on her head and a blonde spiral over one eye.

Big Ear - a mysterious figure with accurate information, Big Ear is a woman no one bothers. She speaks in vague terms at times and her low, jazz-song-quality voice is suitable for her work as an informant to Roxanne. She's non-descript, save for her rather large ear lobes (that have large dangling earrings hanging from them) and gray hair pulled back from her face and flowing over her shoulders.

CR - I LOVE the idea of the snowglobes! Not those cheap plastic ones at the dollar store, but expensive crystal and glass ones with very intricate figures and houses inside. Also has glitter besides snow in the water. (Considering the damage from the Event, snowglobes would be very rare items, wouldn't they? And who really makes them anymore?)

I guess we could change Angel to a Latin gentleman (the more I think about it, the more I keep seeing Angel as Antonio Banderas with longish hair). Good call.

In relation to Big O, I think the name should be kept the same (Big Omega - omega being 'the end', which is what the intention was). But, yeah, the idea of the 'female' Megadei being more agile can make for some interesting fights. I would like to keep the pistons, though, simply for tradition's sake - and everyone loves the pistons. The Chromebuster is the same, since Glinda had one as well (well, her version), so that'll stay.

Dorian: Roxanne, isn't it hard to pilot Big O while you wear a skirt?

Roxanne: No one's looking, Dorian, and the bad guys don't care.

Dorian: Sweatdrop You are crude, Roxanne Smith.
C.R Foxhound 09-12-2003 03:40 PM
Hey,would the liscense plate on the Gryphon change? or just keep at M*ASH?
or was it M*SH? ehh i forget

Heh, Dorian, my cousin's name is Dorian
Schwarzwald 09-12-2003 05:01 PM
than angel can be an unemployed alcohalic who lives of his insurance frauds?

mabey the name could be dante'.... or... arnold...
C.R Foxhound 09-12-2003 05:12 PM
calm down mikey....

I think the only characters left are Beck's henchmen, but i guess they could be twin sisters or somethin

Sixfortyfive.........thats a badass avatar, it'd be kool if you can get one of the love-love dancing enemy, the boy was gettin down!
dawnstrider 09-12-2003 05:23 PM
Wow!! Interesting outline Smile ). However, I'm a little iffy about "Alanna".
How about Agnus? I know it sounds weird, but its meaning ("lamb of God") could play around woth both the religious tones in Big O as well as her....less than gentle actions. Just a thought.
Sixfortyfive 09-12-2003 05:26 PM
Angus sounds too masculine.

Might I suggest "Alaina?" Or "Elane?"

.......... I'm apparently dyslexic. Sweatdrop

I still like mine better.
C.R Foxhound 09-12-2003 05:28 PM
lol, dude its Agnus
Lady Tesser 09-12-2003 06:38 PM
You mean Agnes? *checks name books* Agnes - Greek - "pure". Hmm. Alan means "handsome and cheerful". Alanna simply means "fair, beautiful" and it is a feminine form of Alan. Alaine is a good possibility, Six-forty-five, since it's a variation of Alan as well.

Angus, I'm afraid sounds a little too masculine - mainly because I KNOW it is a male name due to my Scotch ancestry; means "unique choice, one strength", after Angus Og the Celtic God of 'joy'. We're going to have to work on this so everyone agrees. My votes are for Alanna and Alaine.

Who's Ryo? Is he in Big O? If he isn't, then don't mention him here. (Although the alcoholic Angel living off insurance frauds sounds funny, Schwarzwald.)

CR - do you know the names of Beck's henchmen? I never heard what their names were, or if Beck just refers to them as 'Hey, you idiots!'

I thought the plates of the Griffon were 'R-33'?

Another question: what is the background? Is it still a male-dominated society (like Big O and our world) or a female-oriented society? If the latter, how far does it go - do men give birth instead? (Sorry, but this is important for the interactions, no matter how equal the sexes are.)
C.R Foxhound 09-12-2003 06:51 PM
I meant the bike, the liscense plate was m*ash(or m*sh)

I dunno what Becks henchmen's names are, its somewhere here in the forums i think, just make something up, i dont think anyone will care, i mean, they are henchmen.

I think in this version of paradigm, the women would have more influence(hell it is run by a female version of Alex) But if the characters keep thier same characteristics, i thinks its just the same Paradigm, but all the major players are female.

i dunno, does anyone else have a suggestion??
Rouge 09-12-2003 07:57 PM
I like the Latin sound of Angel, me being Mexican and all I guess...

I finished drawing my version of Roxanne but I still need to finish Dorian, I think I'll go with a Trunks(DBZ) hair like...You could say my drawings are like the Big O: Parallel universe's manga I guess Big Grin

Um although I gave Roxanne long lose hair, after this I may draw her with that french twist.

EDIT: I go for Alanna and Big O eitheir should be the same or look like a female Glinda but in black of course!
Lady Tesser 09-12-2003 08:17 PM
The French Twist was only a suggestion, seeing as how structured and orderly Roxanne would be, like Roger. I would like to the see the loose hair version - the female version of Roger's bedhead, I guess. (Ooh! I like the idea of Dorian having jaw-length hair! It fits in with the rock music bit.) (Roxanne: Hi, I'm Roxanne Smith and this is Dorian Wayneright. Dorian, don't scowl from behind your hair, dear.)

Okay, we'll make Angel Hispanic-looking - dusky skin, black hair. Sounds like a winner to me. ^_^

Thanks for reminding me, I need to see what I can do with hooking a scanner up and get those sketches I did during Humanities and Communications classes ... (editing and revising discussion while I sketched Alexia Rosewater ... how ironic ... Roxanne's sketch was during a talk about the Reformation ... coincidences are spiritual puns).

Also did another Roxanne sketch, using a trace-model for the figure. Need to scan that, too. Maybe work on a few others as well.
Sixfortyfive 09-12-2003 08:44 PM
Originally posted by Lady Tesser
Who's Ryo? Is he in Big O? If he isn't, then don't mention him here.

CR - do you know the names of Beck's henchmen? I never heard what their names were, or if Beck just refers to them as 'Hey, you idiots!'

If the latter, how far does it go - do men give birth instead? (Sorry, but this is important for the interactions, no matter how equal the sexes are.)

Ryo is from the Shenmue video game series.

Beck's cronies:
the black one - T-Bone
the "Joker" - Dove

And for that last comment.... Uh... We're just switching gender roles, right? Not REDEFINING the actual genders?
Redd 09-12-2003 10:08 PM
Originally posted by Lady Tesser

And let's do a little informal vote: should Big O remain the same? Or look like Glinda in black but still have the same attacks as Big O? (pistons, lasers, hooks, etc)

How 'bout having Big O look like Dorothy 1, only black? Dorothy 1 was kick-ass!!!
Rouge 09-13-2003 12:29 AM
Ok I finally finished Roxanne and Dorian and here they are!

It's hard to see but Roxanne has Roger's eyebrows but a little more skinny and woman like, but they are there (I resized the pic). I also just noticed that Dorot...errr...Dorian's legs are both bending down and it was an error when I intended only one to bend down (like Roxanne's).

The original art is way larger and right now it looks crappy (this is but a preview).

If I get my lazy butt off in gear I might color it, maybe I don't know .

As for the fanfic I have some ideas, um...

I think it should start with Roxanne talking about Paradigm like Roger does and the first chapter should deal in a situation similiar to "Roger The Negotiator" but since it is parallel I think it would be "Roxanne the Negotiator" or Negotiatress? Big Grin also it should have differences as well and the plot through the whole fanfic can be different from the original Big O (Characters that die in Big O don't necessarily have to die here and vice versa).

I just can't wait for the 1st chapter! I mean you haven't wrote it Lady Tesser but I am sooo psyched ^__^.

Oh and if anyone wants to color my art feel free, my coloring suxxx000rzzz!Embarrassed Sweatdrop


Beth Goldie's henchwomen would be...

T-Bone - T-Hee ?
Dove - Diva ?

LOL!!! Don't mind me I am just making them girly...But seriously maybe Dove should be left as is, as for T-Bone yeah I don't think a girl would use that name.
Lady Tesser 09-13-2003 01:35 AM
Wow, that is great! Just needs a little clean up, but it's a great start - you get a gold star, Rouge!

*looks at own sketches* Amazing how people interpret the same characters so differently.

I haven't started writing it yet, so we can still fiddle with the mechanics. So, think we should start at the beginning - Roxanne negotiating Dorian's release from Beth and her gang? Hmm. I need to get the DVD's and watch the episodes again, I just have the manga and they're very different.

*looks at piles of college essays to do, grits teeth* I'll toy around with opening scenes this weekend.

Hmm. Would Roxanne be able to haul Dorian? I'm assuming he's the same mass as Dorothy, so there won't be much of a problem if Roxanne is in fairly good shape. Probably had to work on upper-body strength during her military police days.

Erg, almost 2:30am. Need sleep ...

More tomorrow, my darlings.

EDIT: I couldn't help it. It called to me - "Tess! Paint me flat! Use PSP4 and slap some colors on!" Rouge, I apologize for ruining your work.
    pen1300 09-13-2003 06:49 AM
    Wow! I must say, pictures for our...gender switched version of the show. This sounds like it could be a blast. I can't wait to see what this turns out like!

    LT: I love the coloring! It looks so cool!

    Rouge: Cool designs.

    I wonder what some of the other designs are...

    I think Diva would be a cool name for Dove (but Dove is good too)...for T-Bone...All I can see is Tessa or Tyff, or Tess... or else Diva...of course, T-Hee wasn't all that bad. Maybe it should stay the same: a fem version of T-Bone...LOL. Oh dear...

    Is this perchance turning into a collab fic or is Lady Tesser writing all of it or are we going to end up with another RPG?

    Just curious Cool ,
    JinguJ 09-13-2003 07:32 AM
    OMG OMG I'm sooo excited! O____O -hands on air-

    I WILL deifinitely read the fic!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

    Rogue.. they look VERY cool >.< I adore Roxanne!!

    I wish I'm permitted to draw 'em... @_@ can I?<-- has been surpressing her thoughts on these matters... XO hoho
    Sixfortyfive 09-13-2003 08:41 AM

    Heh... I had began to color the pic too. Big Grin I must say that I'm very impressed, but I must pose the question: Are we scrapping the whole black attire rule?