[Fan Fiction] Big O Parallel Universe

Lady Tesser 09-13-2003 09:59 AM
Ohayo, all!

Pen - I have no idea who all will write it. I offered to start. If I end up doing the write out, it's okay. Although I would like input on what you guys want to see, so it's a collab brainstorm. If anyone would like to do a collab write up or RPG, then everyone can post a reply on that.

I've been thinking about Beth's henchgals, too. I think we should keep it the same - Dove and T-Bone - Dove being the goth chick and T-Bone being the muscled up lady.

JinguJ - By all means draw them! The more the merrier. I like seeing preliminary sketches and drawings of things. We can hold a vote to see which ones we'd like to see in the story.

Sixfortyfive - We're still keeping the black rule. My own coloring was just to see detail (and lots of black can be boring to look at), although I'm beginning to love Roxanne's purple suit - must ... resist urge ... to ... change ... the black rule ... I believe everyone else knows how to use PSP better than me (my version is using the paintbucket dump function), so why don't you color it the way you see fit?

"Paradigm City.
The City of Amnesia ...
I'm Roxanne Smith, Negotiator.
I've got plenty of job security in a city where Reason is almost as scarce as Total Recall ... "
- Big O Parallel Universe manga

Hee-hee. I keep hearing Kathleen Turner's voice for Roxanne. (You know her as the voice of Jessica Rabbit from 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'.)
Sixfortyfive 09-13-2003 11:08 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, behold my newest creation!

Sixfortyfive's first CG art job:

Stupid Photoshop makes the shadows a lot darker whenever I save it to JPG or PNG. Blah. Ah well.
Great work on the character designs Rouge.
C.R Foxhound 09-13-2003 11:31 AM
Mr.Burns-Excellent Smith............er 6-45

Im offering to write some epidsodes( im a bit of a fanfic writer myself) but I think Lady Tesser should do the "main" story-line and anyone else could do the one-shot epidsodes, much like season 1,or we could all disscuss it.

Since the black attire rule is staying, does Roxy have the same policy for letting men into the mansion like Roger does?

Im gonna try to draw some of the chars too,But im in an honors english college course, so theys why I can only do the one-shots.

Anoother suggestion:
Since Intra is trying to turn Dorian on to classical music, maybe thet could come at a compromise and he could play classical guitar(just regular acoustic songs, but with an emphasis on note reading and arpeggios)or Blues, like B.B King, Muddy Waters,Lead Belly,etc.
Lady Tesser 09-13-2003 12:44 PM
Brilliant, Sixfortyfive! You get a gold star, too! I love what you did!

(I know I saw the headband last night, but it was only this morning I realized what it was. ^_^; Rouge, that is sooo clever of you! It fits the rocker bit even better!)

I've already begun the first episode translation up to Dorian asking Roxanne to protect him. I forgot at what point the first episode ended and where the second began (manga kinda blends them together), so can somebody help me out on that?

Good suggestion about the guitar, CR. Instra tries to teach Dorian piano but he doesn't quite have it together, so she teaches him classical guitar (anyone for 'Stairway to Heaven'?). I'm pretty sure Instra is familiar with all forms of music.

I kinda feel like I'm cheating since I'm taking directly from the stories/show, just adding in bits of details and mannerisms here and there. (Yes, I kept the same policy about who can be in the mansion - you can really see the sexism when it's the other way around. I was planning on one of the beefs Dorian has about Roxanne is her behaving too much like a guy.) Want me to post up what I have so far?

It would be interesting to see someone draw Beth - maybe use Unibasu's avatar. ^_^

You guys are doing great, keep the ideas stirring.
Sixfortyfive 09-13-2003 01:14 PM
Thanks Tess.

Man, I'm really wound up by this whole thing. We could have, like, a weekly feature on Paradigm-City.com with this stuff or something. Somebody write the story, somebody else sketch the storyboards, and I'll color it.

Borrowing from the Anime/Manga is fine for now. We need to set the mood. If I can think of a base for a unique sidestory I'll share.

Also, don't be posting too much detail of the actual story in here; I think it's best kept as a surprise until it's finished.
C.R Foxhound 09-13-2003 01:18 PM
maybe we could could pm specific ideas or AIM(if you have it)

Did we forget Gordon Rosewater?

.......i never realized there was so many characters.

a weekly feature? hmm, some people might not have the time, woud it be just random stories, or an overall arc with one shots inbetween?
Ketchup 09-13-2003 01:21 PM
Eh...I guess I need to redo Beth Gold. >_<

I didn't read the description first, and went on ahead with my own style. Embarrassed Sweatdrop Okay...I'll just show the one with my own style. I'll do Lady Tesser's version later.

-Chucks it in the trash.-
Sixfortyfive 09-13-2003 01:21 PM
Time isn't an issue. I just want to contribute.

My AIM SN is in my profile, but I don't really have any ideas to share at the moment.
C.R Foxhound 09-13-2003 01:25 PM
nice Unibasu( I wonder what she'd look like with a fro' Big Grin )

i dont think i'l matter what the chars look like, we'll agree on something

Time,time,time, ah hell, the'll come when they come
Redd 09-13-2003 02:28 PM
Oh wow, this is so cool, I love the drawings and I can't wait to read the fic!!!
pen1300 09-13-2003 02:36 PM

I would like to contribute, but I'm not sure how...my drawing is ok and my writing is ok...maybe I'll try coming up with a one shot from the manga or something...(hm...artist/Dorian would be an interesting one... or the cyborg...or R.D....) or I could try a char sketch.

I'm assuming this is our manga/episodes...with everything reversed? *he*he*

Hey...I'm not sure its been mentioned, but what about our friend: Black Forest? How would that one work out? Of course...we haven't gotten that far just yet. Just thinking.

That's sweet Unibasu. I think you need to tweak her shirt a little, but that's it.

Lady Tesser 09-13-2003 02:55 PM
I'm almost finished with episode 1, and I still need to know how it ends in the anime (I forgot, really). I also forgot how episode 2 starts. As soon as I find out how ep 1 ends, I'll write up the ending and then post it up here.

I don't know if we can make it a weekly feature - my homework assignments vary from week to week , I'm working on the sequel to 'Rose, and I'm working on three other writing projects - one my novel and the other two for a contest. Will you accept 'catch as catch can' from me? Perhaps just make a seperate thread specifically to post episode of this series. Any ideas, pen, since this is your forum?

Unibasu, that is a kick-A Beth! I think I'll use that one! Gold star for Unibasu!

(Gordon - Gloria Rosewater? Old farm lady who speaks in riddles and uses tomato metaphors.)

I assumed we'd go through the storyline as it is, adding our own one-shots here and there (including manga), but keeping the over-arc storyline concerning the memory children and tomatoes and such. Smeg, I need scripts of the episodes so I can work on the dialogue. Ordering DVD's soon, so that'll help.

PM me about anything plot-wise or stories you'd like to see.

How does ep 1 end? In the manga, Roger shields Dastun from the falling debris of Dorothy One, then switch to Roger at the mansion finding out Dorothy is missing. I forgot what happened in the anime.

I'll think more later.
Sixfortyfive 09-13-2003 03:14 PM
Episode 1 ends with R Dorothy "communicating" to Dorothy 1 as the thing is falling to the ground.

Lady Tesser 09-13-2003 03:35 PM
*looks at pic in disbelief*

LOL!!! Big Grin

You are twisted, Sixfortyfive. A nice twisted, but twisted nonetheless.

So ... according to the anime ending, what I have now is episode one completed ... Just need to edit a bit here and there, then you guys can decide how you want to see it - seperate thread, this thread, or PM'ed.
dawnstrider 09-13-2003 04:22 PM
I'm a writer myself (actually, a poet), but I'm new to the whole fan-fic thing, but I'm really interrested and wouldn't mind learning and helping, if at all possible.

Just wondering: Is Instro (Instra?) going to have a promenent role in the alternate world?
Lady Tesser 09-13-2003 04:30 PM
Instra is part of the background cast, just as Instro is. The only difference is - of course - being a female android and teaching Dorian classical and blues guitar work. She'll make appearances every now and then.

If you want, you can write a seperate story with the gender switch in mind. It doesn't have to be from the anime or manga.

And for learning fanfic writing, read other fanfic. There's a huge section on the main website that has both stories and poetry. It's a great start to get the feel of how the characters are written.

Welcome to the fold, dawnstrider - hope you survive the experience. ^_^

TO EVERYONE - Act 1: "Roxanne the Negotiator" is ready.
Rouge 09-13-2003 04:51 PM
Lady Tesser: Thanks for coloring it! I actually suck real bad at coloring myself and I'm glad you took the time to tweek with my art ^__^. Oh and the first act is ready? so soon? you are better than I thought! About my art, my scanner sucks so bad I practically need a new one (It's one of those old models by the way).

Sixfortyfive: Thanks for also coloring on my art and I love that Big O sign (LMAO!!!) and you have some pretty good ideas by the way.

Unibasu: I just love how you drew Beth Goldie! (Is that her name?) She looks soo cool and to see her fight with Roxanne will be a blast! I just love your designs soo Beckish!

Jingu: I love Paradigm Dorothy and saw one of your works in DevianArts! I love how you draw especially Roger and Dorothy, you make them look really cool. I would love to see your Roxanne and Dorian versions and I hope to see more of your arts ^__^ (Watch out I may do a request tough Tongue ).

As for my art, I will try to color that one and probably do more ^__^.
So when do we get to see the first ep?
Lady Tesser 09-13-2003 05:05 PM
I may as well post it up. Here we go!

* * *

Big O Parallel Universe:
Act 1: "Roxanne the Negotiator"
Text by Lady Tesser

[My name is Roxanne Smith, and I'm a Negotiator.
I perform a much needed service in this city of amnesia.
Paradigm City is a city of forgotten dreams, where personal tragedy is as common as navels. That is where I come in.]

Roxanne Smith shifted gears in her big black car affectionately known as the Griffon, driving through the abandoned industrial area of Paradigm City toward the shredded remains of a vehicle hanger.

[My client's name was Miguela Solderno. As in Solderno Heavy Industries, one of Paradigm City's biggest robotic firms.
A woman like Solderno makes enemies in life.
But even if her business had some dirty secrets, her maternal grief seemed genuine.]

Roxanne pulled up to hanger 3, turning off the Griffon and flicking a few switches 'just in case' (in her line of work, it was best to be safe than sorry). Satisfied, Roxanne opened the door, got out, and slammed it.

She smoothed a wrinkle from her short black skirt, then reached a hand back to adjust her sunglasses and pat the back of her French Twist. Her other hand held a black briefcase as she made her way in front of the Griffon to face the women she was to negotiate with.

The blonde woman was obviously the leader - tall, thin, with long blonde hair curled in swirls, one falling in her face over one eye. The golden-yellow minidress would have been quite elegant if it did not have so many cut outs here and there from shoulders to cleavage to hips.

"Leave the suitcase there, sister," the blonde woman called.

Roxanne sniffed indignantly. "It's a trade, 'sister'," Roxanne reminded her. "You give me the boy, and I give you the case ... and what's inside."

A surprised look crossed the woman's face, her wide mouth pulled back in a grin. "Hm? Oh, sure, Negotiator." She smirked, cocking her head back toward the car behind her. "Bring him out!"

Roxanne kneeled, opening up the case. "Feel free to count it." She glanced down at the bundled green paper-money, then went to closing the case.

A large, heavily muscled woman in a black leather jacket and skintight orange skirt came out of the car, pulling a frail-looking young man out with her. On the other side, another woman appeared, this one pale and clad in black, her lips plastered with black lipstick.

The boy had on a blindfold, pressing the ends of his jawlength auburn hair to his ears. He was dressed in trousers and a business shirt, his green tie draped around his neck. He looked a bit roughed up, but there seemed to be no signs of real abuse.

"That Solderno bint's a real piece of work," the woman chuckled. "Can you believe she haggled her son's price down?"

Roxanne stood. "What's say we get this over with, ladies?"

"Hm? Don't mind us," the woman giggled, her smirk becoming smarmy.

Roxanne kicked the case across the hanger, her black high heel aiming the case toward the women.

The woman nodded toward the big one and she released the boy while the goth-chick picked up the case.

Roxanne reached a hand out. "Come this way, Mr. Solderno. Follow the sound of my voice."

The woman grinned as she and her goons scrambled into the car. "Ciao, sucker! Give Solderno my best!"

The kidnappers took off, tires squealing.

Roxanne pulled the young man close, holding one hand in hers and her other gloved hand embracing his shoulder. "You're safe now, honey."

The car paused by Roxanne and the boy. The woman grinned, saluting Roxanne off-handedly. "See ya!"

The car crashed through a wall.

Roxanne released the teenager and looked up as the sound of another car plowed toward the hanger. "Here comes your mother now." She sneered slightly while the boy removed the blindfold. "I hate it when clients get impatient."

Th car screeched to a halt, an older woman with a large beehive hairdo and an expensive dress climbing out. "DORIAN!" She slammed the door, looking around. "Dorian! Dorian!"

Roxanne smiled. "It went off without a hitch." She pressed her hand on Dorian Solderno's back toward the older woman. "Just send the check to - "

Miguela Solderno exploded, "STUPID! This isn't my son!"

Roxanne felt the veins in her forehead throb. "What?"

"This is Dorian's dummy!"

Dorian turned his head to look up at Roxanne, a mechanical whirr following the movement. His concircular black eyes looked up at Roxanne, almost blank in their expression.

"An android?" Roxanne said aloud as she pulled her sunglasses off to get a better look.

Solderno continued ranting: "How could you fall for such a transparent deception?? And you call yourself the best Negotiator in Paradigm?!"

Roxanne cooled off the thought of sending Solderno flying across the hanger on the end of her foot. Instead, she coolly reached into her jacket.


'That hurt', Roxanne thought as she produced a remote control.

"Wha - " Solderno began.

Roxanne pressed a button on the remote.

Several blocks away, an explosion erupted from a speeding car ... the one carrying the kidnappers. The smoke soon appeared over the raised freeways.

Miguela Solderno appeared confused. "Wha - What did you do?"

Roxanne placed the remote back in her jacket. "We don't have Dorian One back yet," she stated firmly. "Miss Beth Gold wants to play dirty ... so we'll play dirtier."

The briefcase full of money zoomed out of the car, twin-burners flaming across the cloudy sky as it flew upward.

A bomb-mussed Beth Gold looked up at the escaping case. She flicked a blonde swirl back in frustration and coughed. "DAMMIT!"

Her goons pulled out machine guns and began blasting the case.

"SHOOT IT DOWN!" the big woman yelled.

Beth rose up from the wreckage of the car. "WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL OUR MONEY?!"

The case's lid slowly creaked open, dollar bills slipping out in the headwind and fluttering over the city.

The shooting stopped as the goons and Beth realized 'their' money was being spread all over the city, twirling and flittering to the ground like autumn leaves.

People began picking up and grabbing money from the air, cheering and thanking God.

* * *

Major Danielle Dastun of the Military Police headed the Solderno case aftermath.

"Block off the area around the criminals' car!" she barked.

Military Police scattered around, their tanks surrounding the empty wreck of Beth's car; Beth and her gang were now long gone.

Danielle turned to the men and women under her command. "The young man's safety will be our top priority!"

* * *

Roxanne grumbled as she plopped into an armchair in her mansion.

Norma Burg, the Smith household's housekeeper, appeared behind her chair. Her British-like seriousness was only contradicted by the eyepatch over her left eye and her black apron embroidered with 'Mean Old Bitch'.

"It seems," Norma observed delicately. "Things did not go well."

A sweatdrop appeared at Roxanne's temple as she crossed her legs and leaned on the arm of the chair. "I don't think 'debacle' is too strong a word."

Norma cleared her throat. "By the way, Mistress Roxanne, you've a guest awaiting you."

Roxanne turned to her servant. "A guest?" She scrunched her nose up in disapproval. "You let someone in without checking with me?"

Norma shut her eye and smiled knowingly. "He was quite ... charming."

Roxanne perked up, a smirk playing at her lips. "'He'??"

She got up and straightened her suit, brushing off her shoulders and humming a quiet, happy tune. She entered the parlor, seeing the outline of a male figure standing before the large windows.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," Roxanne purred, puffing her chest out. "I have a special rule that only handsome young men can enter this mansion without my approval." She approached the figure. "I'm Roxanne Smith. How may I help ... "

The figure turned, the mechanical whirr of an android accompanying his movement.

Standing before the window was Dorian Solderno. He was in clean clothes now, his green tie knotted and pulled up smartly, a dapper vest buttoned neatly. His black headband ran across his forehead, framed by his longish auburn hair and bang whisps that fell into his eyes.

Roxanne visibly deflated, her chest pulling back and her exaggerated female stance relaxing. "Well," she sighed to herself. "Artificial or not, I suppose he's male ... " She glanced at Dorian again, noticing his appearance was older than she initially thought, perhaps around eighteen years of age, old enough to be considered acceptable. Plus he was sort of cute in a waith-like sort of way, especially with his longish red hair in his face. "Admittedly, a very well made male android ... "

Dorian turned to fully face her as she leaned against the piano. "Roxanne, I have a favor to ask of you - "

"Do you?" Roxanne politely snapped. "So we're on a first name basis? Didn't Solderno program you with manners?"

Dorian's face remained expressionless. "I want you to protect me."

Roxanne huffed, shoving her hands in her jacket pockets. "I'm not in the bodyguard business, young sir. And if I were, I would require that my clients have a pulse." She smirked. "Besides, it would look odd having a woman protect a man."

Dorian looked at her, his black eyes boring into her brown. "You wouldn't abandon a young person in peril, would you, Roxanne Smith?"

Roxanne felt a sweatdrop dribble down her temple. 'Smeg.'

* * *
Lady Tesser 09-13-2003 05:07 PM
Miguela Solderno cried out in relief. "Oh, Dorian, you've come back to me! My son, my masterpiece ... Dorian One."

"I missed you so, mommy," a woman's voice mocked in the darkness of the hanger. A figure emerged from the shadows, a nasty smirk etched on her face.

It was Beth Gold, now wearing a tightfitting golden-yellow suit which hugged her thin frame down to slightly flared legs over gray high-heeled boots. Her blonde hair was now loose, hanging down her back and swirls framed her face. "Psych! That ransom was for both your babies, old lady!"

Solderno's shock only matched her anger. "Beth! What do you want with my son?"

Beth chuckled sadly. "You're a sick old lady, Solderno! Your 'son' looks a lot like a Megadeus."

Solderno fumed. "Dorian is my crowning achievement! No mother ever loved her child more!"

"He isn't your child, Solderno," Beth replied with contempt. "And I'll use him as his true maker intended." She looked up, her mouth spread in a wide straight line. "Something's rotten in that old gourd of yours, huh? We had a warm ... lucrative ... relationship." A smirk played at the corner of her mouth. "Then you had to get outsiders involved." She raised her hand. "And the Military Police are on the case, too. And when the trust is gone, well ... "

Dorian I's mechanical joints moved, looming over the terrified Miguela Solderno.

Beth's smirk turned evil. "Good-bye, Solderno."

* * *

Roxanne and Dorian got out of the Griffon, making their way into the Solderno Heavy Industries' main hanger.

"Ms. Solderno!" Roxanne called. "I brought back your android! I want to know where -"

Her voice cut off, realizing how quiet it was. She glanced furtively around and noticed the bloodstained windows of a control room halfway up the wall.

Roxanne became extremely alert and dashed to the elevator. Dorian followed, both traveling up to the control room. Roxanne kicked the door open, finding Miguela Solderno sprawled on the floor in a pool of blood.

Roxanne dropped next to the older woman. "Ms. Solderno!"

Solderno coughed, her eyes squinting open. "Unh ... I didn't make him for people like her ... " she moaned.

"What?" Roxanne asked, holding her head up. "What did you make?"

Solderno gazed around, seeing the android standing at her feet. "Dorian Two, you've come back." She breathed deeply. "You are my true son."

Dorian regarded the dying woman with indifference. "She only assembled me according to blueprints," he stated matter-of-factly. "It's just the deranged ranting of a dying woman."

"How about a little respect?!" Roxanne snarled.

"Heh ... " Solderno coughed. "I suppose ... " She coughed again. "My ... steadfast tin soldier ... "

Roxanne felt the old woman's body go limp as death claimed her at last, the last traces of pulse and breath blending into their last, eventually dissipating.

The Negotiator released the woman and went to folding Miguela Solderno's arms across her chest. Roxanne knelt and silently offered a prayer.

Dorian observed her. "What are you doing?"

Roxanne finished, then answered, "Praying. Shows respect."

Her watch began beeping.

Instinctively, she hurled Dorian through the doorway and dove out, landing on top of him as the control room exploded, covering both in shrapnel.

"Missiles," Roxanne commented. He pulled herself up as Dorian also got up. "I need something to draw their fire."

"A decoy," Dorian commented.

"Bingo!" Roxanne cried, shoving him on the end of her heel out on the catwalk.

Dorian dashed down the catwalk as Roxanne twisted around to see where the machine guns were firing.

Dorian's speed increased, making a normally hard to hit moving target even harder to get a bead on. Bullets flew all over the hanger and Roxanne tapped her watch, activating the missile systems of the Griffon.

A second later, missiles plowed into the shadows where Beth Gold's goons were perched on the car and firing.

The explosion rocked the hanger, the blast blowing Dorian across the chamber. Dorian reached out, grabbing a cable hanging from the ceiling. He swayed for a moment, gazing down in contempt at the figure of Roxanne.

A moment later, Roxanne and Dorian were on the ground once again, opening the doors of the Griffon.

"Roxanne Smith," Dorian stated. "You are a louse."

Roxanne shrugged, thinking that it was not the first time she heard it.

'Mistress Roxanne,' Norma's voice crackled over the radio.

She leaned in and picked up the radio speaker. "What now, Norma?"

Norma's prim, wrinkled face appeared on a monitor. 'A giant robot has appeared in west dome #5.' She paused. 'And it seems Ms. Solderno never had a son.'

Roxanne glanced at Dorian. "Most peculiar," she murmured. She looked up at Dorian again, then added, "I see ... "

'Have you figured something out?'

"Yes, Norma, I'm heading for the dome."

'Understood, ma'am.'

Roxanne cut off the radio and looked across the rooftop of the Griffon at the teenage boy. "Well, Dorian, looks like we found your big brother."

Dorian raised an eyebrow, saying nothing.

* * *
Lady Tesser 09-13-2003 05:09 PM
"FIRE, MEN!" Danielle Dastun ordered through a bullhorn. "Just don't damage any more buildings!"

Dorian I made his way slowly down the street, towering 250 feet over the Military Police and their tanks. Bullets bounced off his flat chest, continuing ever onward as his steel feet crushed cars and cracked the street in his wake.

Dastun knew bullets had no effect on Megadei ... she had been in contact with the Black Megadeus enough times to know her equipment had no effect on these mechanical monsters.

But Paradigm Corp. and the public demand some sort of attempt from the Military Police.

She looked down the street where this new Megadeus was plodding toward ... and her blood ran cold.


On cue, the Megadeus paused before the mint building, his arms reaching out and cords slipped out from openings at the hands. The cords snapped through the glass doors of the treasury building, snaking down into the depths to retrieve the one thing that would turn Paradigm City's economic security into shreds.

"It wants the printing plates!" Dastun cried. "We've got to stop it!"

Roxanne pulled up near the blocked off area surrounding the mint. She leapt out of the car, staring at Dorian I's cables continue to snaking into the building.

"This is worse than I thought," she stated. "Dorian, your brother's a delinquent."

Dorian looked at Roxanne, not at all amused.

"I'll have to ground him, I'm afraid," Roxanne added. "You stay back here where it's safe."

Roxanne booked it across the street, pulling her jacket sleeve back to expose her watch. The fact she was wearing stiletto heels did not hinder her run. "BIG O! IT'S SHOWTIME!!"

Dorian watched her retreating form, then looked back up at Dorian I high above him.

There - a quick link -

Dorian I's cables ceased just as they were about to grab the printing plates. His head turned, noting Dorian II down on the street. The cables began snaking back out of the building.

A great shadow grew from the street, as the rumbling threatened to tear the cement apart.

"The Megadeus!" Dastun exclaimed. She felt a surging of relief fight with a surge of frustrated annoyance well in her.

The Black Megadeus, known to a few as the Big O, stood in the street, gleaming black and purple. The form followed the general outlines of a stylized female, including pronounced hips and breasts. On both arms were the infamous pistons, while the ornamental female face echoed the design of feminine beauty and lines. A crested helmet framed the face, echoing the ornate filigree over the armor plates of the Megadeus.

'Cast In The Name Of God ... Ye Not Guilty'

Roxanne settled into the cockpit of Big O, flicking switches and hitting buttons in preparation for battle. "You play too rough, big boy," Roxanne chided. "Call me an old biddy, but I don't think young men should smash up cities."

Big O gripped the shoulders of Dorian I and picked him up, then sent the red Megadeus flying down the street, cables dangling through the air.

"Argh!" Dastun panicked. "The buildings!"

Dorian I straightened himself, then pulled his cables back in, replacing them with a pair of lobster pincers on each hand.

Dorian I and Big O faced off in the street while the PA system called out, "An evacuation order has been issued for west dome #5."

Dorian I snapped a lobster claw out, heading for Big O's face. Big O reached out, grabbing the claw in her grip.

"Remain calm and proceed to the nearest exits."

Those who had not evacuated on their own now rushed out of buildings and through the streets toward the roads leading out of the dome.

Above all this, Dorian watched with studied indifference as he stood on a building ledge.

He looked down to the street - some sixteen stories below - then stepped off.

Dorian fell to the street like an anvil, grabbing a streetlight to slow his fall, and then landing on a car, crushing it under his impact.

He stood from the wreckage, staring at the battling Megadei.

Dorian I's other lobster claw shot out, Big O again deflecting the snapping claws.

Unexpectedly, the cables snaked out, wrapping around Big O's arms.

"Wha - " Roxanne began. She was unable to finish the thought as Dorian I lifted Big O in the air, sending her crashing upsidedown into a nearby building.

Hanging upsidedown in the cockpit, Roxanne grunted as she pushed levers to maneuver out of the Big O-shaped hole in the building. "You naughty, naughty boy!" she reprimanded. "Sweeping a girl off her feet like that!"

Down below in the rubble-strewn street, Dorian looked up at Dorian I.

Another link - a stronger one - don't lose this link -

Dorian I paused in fighting Big O, turning his head around to see the small android standing in the street. Their eyes met, their gazes never wavering.

Roxanne straightened Big O out. "He stopped?" she wondered.

Down at one of the Military Police tanks, Dastun was on the phone, "Major, the occupants are evacuated!" She paused. "All right, I'm coming."

She hung up and turned, the figure of a teenage boy catching her eye. "Huh? There's still a boy here." She dashed out to the street, her hand reached out. "Little boy! Stop! Didn't you hear the evacuation order?! It's dangerous!"

In Big O's cockpit, Roxanne breathed deeply. "Good boy," she murmured. "Hold still now."

Roxanne pulled back on the control, Big O's arm swinging back. The piston dragged back as well, sucking in air.

Big O's fist plowed into the center of Dorian I's chest, the piston slamming into the chamber and sending a nuclear-force blast through the body of Dorian I, tearing a huge hole into his body.

The fist had caused fires to erupt inside Dorian's circuitry, while the piston blast pushed it all upward through his head, sending a pillar of fire heavenward to the ceiling of the dome.

Dorian was knock off his feet at the same time Big O had hit Dorian I, causing Dorian to sail a few feet back from where he stood.

Dorian's eyes filled with lines and static as the link was lost.

"Dor - i - an ... one ... " he moaned, his hand reaching up to his big brother.

Dorian I began to sway, power lost and off-balance from the brutal attack.

Dastun approached Dorian. "Come on!" she yelled. "Do you wanna get killed?!" Seeing the boy was not moving, Dastun grabbed his shoulders in an attempt to drag him away.

Dorian scraped across the ground, causing Dastun to release him. She had underestimated the boy's weight - here she expected him to be a bit over a hundred pounds, but he felt close to three hundred. A part of her mind concluded this teenage boy was actually an android, while another part of her mind was concerned with getting out of the way.

Dorian I began to fall backward, toward Dastun and Dorian.

Inside Big O, Roxanne zoomed in to the two figures. "Major Dastun! Dorian! Get away from here!"

Dorian I fell to the ground -


* * *

Wow. I didn't think it was that long ...