Fresh Person

S.O.C. 02-10-2005 12:23 AM
hey man, holwer may have given u a hafleaten marshmellow but i got a better one. here is a SMORE, go ahead i baked it myself. well if howler isnt on just give me a buzz and i'll buzz yet right back

COHugh 02-10-2005 01:51 PM
Ah crap.... I'm behind in my welcomings, so I guess you'll just have to receive all the gifts I forgot to give to everyone else!!!

::rummages through his room::


Here's one gift:

:: You Receive a Spare Boot, moderately used ::

And... Lessee...


:: You Receive a Cassette Single of M.C. Hammer's "2 Legit 2 Quit" ::

A classic, to be sure!


:: You Receive a Worthless Laptop Battery That Won't Hold a Charge ::

Dispose of it in a fire for seconds of amusement! Be sure to stand real close!!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Welcome to you and all the other new people! Have fun!
Travis Bickle 02-12-2005 03:24 AM
Dear SOC and Howler,
Please, for the love of Ford, STOP SPAMMING!


Sorry about that, ForbiddenMemories, but we tend to have people here who just type in things that come to mind, minus all correct grammar and what not. However, here on PCF, you'll find quite a few individuals (such as myself) that are dedicated to sensible, well thought out and organized posts about the Big O, anime and other topics (politics, anyone?). Sounds kinda formal, eh? Well I also forgot to mention that we also are pretty much a crazy bunch of charachters. Anyway, enjoy your stay Smile
R.Smith 02-14-2005 01:36 AM
Originally posted by Cerpin Taxt
Dear SOC and Howler,
Please, for the love of Ford, STOP SPAMMING!


Sorry all, I would have said something had I seen the spam *deletes spam*.


Welcome ForbiddenMemories! Big Grin I hope you have a pleasant stay here at Pleased

Please check out the Orientation thread for a quick guide of what's here to see. And stop on by the Forum Rules to get an idea of what's ok, and what's not.

Also, if you have a question, feel free to pm meBig Grin
Tony Waynewrong 02-14-2005 10:00 AM
Welcome to the city of lost memories and gained friendships! I hope you enjoy your stay. BTW, leave your sanity at the door with Norman. They aren't permitted here.
R.Jesse 02-16-2005 04:45 PM
welcome to PCF
Generalissimo D 02-16-2005 05:46 PM
Yes....welcome. Watch you step, stuff might pop out. And stay away from most of the schwarzwald and dorothy fans...they are rabid.
Fujiko 02-16-2005 06:46 PM
Welcome to our beloved forums! If you need anything stolen, come find me. Oh, but it won't be for free, of course Wink

Feel free to roam around the forums, like my squirrels do.

Enjoy your stay here ^_^