[Question] What the? Is the suposed to happen?

Green_Bird 01-30-2005 09:07 PM
I was looking though the Chrono Crusade thread. Trisa posted something in there, and for some reason, the Spoiler and Quote boxes didn't have a border. But yet, every post that had a quote above his did. Heck even my news post in the speakeasy had a border around quotes.

If you don't know what I'm talking about see the silver border?

That's what I mean. It could have just been a weird glitch with the post or I don't know if he used the exstended editer to post that or what. it just seemed strange to me because I have never seen the forums do that before.

Now since my uploade quota's full, I can show what I mean >_< . I hope I exsplaned it enugh so you can get an Idea. Is that suposed to happen or not?
The Fallen Phoenix 01-30-2005 09:08 PM
Originally posted by Krang
That has to do with the post cache. When people post new messages, it caches them so that they load faster when someone reads them. The only problem is that if the poster is using a different style, there may be some small errors like that. There's no real way to work around that other than disabling the post cache, and that wouldn't really be worth the trouble.