Hi ^^

Dangerous 01-23-2005 10:07 AM
I am new too. I like the paradigm-city forum. And webmasters and moderators are people so nice with new people like me. That 's not like other forums.
One question: how can I do to paste a picture just next to my username? Thank you. Smile
R.Smith 01-23-2005 12:19 PM
Welcome samirsouleyman! Big Grin

Since your english isn't too good I'll try to make this simple.

I seperated your post from that other thread, and made it into a new thread, so you can have your own introduction thread.

To answer your question, you'll want to click on the button, and then go to Avatar. There you can change the image under your name. Smile

If your better at understanding english then speaking it, check out the Orientation Thread it will tell you the basics of the site. Smile And you should look at the Forum Rules too.

By the way, the image in your sig is too tall, the limit is 250 height, 550 width.

Feel free to PM me if you need help.
Zopwx2 01-23-2005 12:45 PM
WElcome to the new guy.
Spooky 01-23-2005 12:46 PM
Welcome to PCF! Enjoy your stay and remember to have fun, above all else Smile Most everyone is quite friendly here!

Latah Wink
Tifaria 01-23-2005 01:05 PM
Hi and welcome! Everyone tends to be pretty patient with new people (which is a good reason I've stuck around for so long!) I'm sure you'll enjoy it here a lot. Smile )
Sara Comatori 01-23-2005 01:08 PM
WElcome I'm new to but I like talking to new people. Big Grin
dominusofdeath 01-23-2005 01:13 PM
On behalf of PDA(Paradigm Ducks Anonymous), welcome to Paradigm City. Enjoy your stay.
Asirt 01-23-2005 03:18 PM
Welcome to Paradigm City, samirsouleyman! I hope you enjoy your stay here! Smile

Be sure to check out many neat topics here, but more importantly, have fun with it! Big Grin

If you need anything, be sure to ask the mods and the admin. Wink

Again, welcome, and I hope you have fun here! Smile )

Fujiko 01-23-2005 03:38 PM
samirsouleyman! Welcome to the paradigm city forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here chatting with other Big O fans ^_^
Diverse Considerations 01-23-2005 05:15 PM
Welcome, samir! Please enjoy our scenic domes. Have fun, make new friends, and watch out for those potholes in the city streets. The big ones are, well, Big. Wink

Be at peace and enjoy yourself. You are welcome here!
BethMcBeth 01-23-2005 07:26 PM
Hey there samirsouleyman!! Wahoo!! Welcome to PCF! The best and most fun Big O place on the net! ^_^"" Theres everything from fan art to fan fiction here! So have a blast! I look forward to see you around!! ^_^""

-Beth McBeth
Hienrich Ele 01-23-2005 07:31 PM
Welcome to here. I hope you have fun here, which you will do. Because it is hard not too!
Tabris-kun 01-23-2005 09:55 PM
Tony Waynewrong 01-23-2005 10:28 PM
Welcome to the party, our friend from abroad. You aren't a spy from the Union, are you? ** stares for a moment ***

I am just kidding. Welcome! Leave your sanity at the door with Norman. They aren't allowed here. Wink
BabyGhia 01-24-2005 12:52 AM
Welcome to the forum, samirsouleyman! Enjoy your stay!

Big Grin

Madrona 01-26-2005 01:04 PM
Hello samirsouleyman. Our domes are your domes. Make yourself at home. Please enjoy the art and fanfiction. We have some talented people here.

R and D 01-27-2005 07:00 AM
sweet sig dude!

my name is Baby Fwuffles and i am the leader of 14 nija guinea pigs! i shall give you a gift and your gift is...

A Big Duo stuff animal! Anime Smile

enjoy and welcome to the forumns! Cool
Pygmalion 01-27-2005 08:01 AM
Greetings, samirsouleyman, and welcome to our happy domes! There's a special this week on tomato soup down at the Riverside Diner, if you want a quick meal.

Interested in fan works? Take a look at Life Goes On, the first episode of a hypothetical Season 3 by the inimitable A Clockwork Tomato. There are many interesting stories and pictures in Nightingale forum.

Smith Mansion is your source of analysis and creative guesswork about the show itself.

Ailesberry has tons of info on other anime and manga.

Speakeasy is the home of off-Big O posts and birthday wishes.

Finally, JFK Mark is the place to discuss topics about the boards. There are lively continuing threads on avatars and banners.

Hope to see you around the fora!

Almasy 01-27-2005 05:34 PM
Hello, samirsouleyman, and welcome to PCF; I hope you have lots of fun here!

Check out The Picture Thread to see what a lot of the other members here look like! ^_^


Dude Love 01-27-2005 06:01 PM
Hey samirsouleyman. I'm Wienberg. I'd like to personally welcome you to the forums.

First of all, I really do hope you enjoy your stay here. It is really a quite nice place.

Next, if you have any questions about the forums, feel free to Private Message me. I'll be happy to talk. Smile

Here are some good threads to consult.

  • dawnstrider's Orientation Thread - A good way to start off your visit here, this thread explains everything here on Paradigm, along with adding a few helpful pointers to become a respected, successful member. Smile
  • The Fallen Phoenix's Official Paradigm-City Survival Guide (Orientation - Section 2) - An additional supplement to the aforementioned Orientation Thread, this further describes everything here on the forums, and includes some suggestions on who to avoid Tongue Smile .
  • dawnstrider's Visual Rule Guide - A Perfect supplement to the official Forum Rules Thread, this thread shows enforcement of the rules in action. A great way of comprehending the exact meaning of the rules. Smile
  • The Forum FAQs - An underestimated part of Paradigm, the FAQs give a great explanation of how exactly the forums function. They include detailed instructions on how to edit one's forum profile, use all the forum functions, and determine "user rank". For technical questions, this is the written authority.