Questions only anyone?

Generalissimo D 05-11-2005 06:29 PM
Isnt it sticky rice with a side of shaoblane?
Shaoblane 05-11-2005 08:29 PM
Shaoblane? What kind of dumb name is that?! What kind of dumbf***er would make a username as lame as Shaoblane?
Avenir 05-11-2005 09:53 PM
You? Tongue
Generalissimo D 05-11-2005 10:04 PM
Is she digging into CT's discarded stash?
Shaoblane 05-11-2005 10:56 PM
Who did what to who for how many cookies?
Ace of Spades 05-11-2005 11:31 PM
Mr. Goombah played with Mrs. Light Socket using a Fork for 5 cookies.
Fujiko 05-11-2005 11:34 PM
Could that even be considered a question? o_O
Ace of Spades 05-11-2005 11:47 PM
Sure, did you see it from another perspective?
TanookiJoe 05-11-2005 11:48 PM
Could a question even be considered that?
Fujiko 05-11-2005 11:56 PM
Did you ever get that memo?
madclarinet 05-12-2005 01:38 PM
Which memo was that - I got about 35 today
BethMcBeth 05-12-2005 01:40 PM
How come I didn't get the memo?
Dingo 05-12-2005 02:17 PM
Memo... you mean that tastey looking peice of paper... Was that important?
Lyinginbedmon 05-12-2005 02:31 PM
Was it pink? If it's pink it's important, if it's gold it's your job you just ate
Dingo 05-12-2005 02:36 PM
Am i fired?
Lyinginbedmon 05-12-2005 02:39 PM
Was it gold paper or not? (Yes and no respectively Wink )
BethMcBeth 05-12-2005 04:16 PM
I don't know, where is the memo?
madclarinet 05-12-2005 04:20 PM
Memo, what memo?
Avenir 05-16-2005 03:53 AM
Why does my truck cause me angst?
BethMcBeth 05-16-2005 01:42 PM
Maybe because you truck did not get the memo?