[Question] What the...Logged out!?

Green_Bird 01-16-2005 02:40 PM
This was strange. I went to the main page of the site and clicked forums. I wasn't logged in. Then Just for fun I desided to go to the direct www.paradigm-city.com/forums/ then I was logged in again.

When I clicked the one on the site I was looking for something that I forgot and there was no way to pull it up on the window I was using because at the same time I was posting something and I didn't want to loose it (Sometimes it stays, sometimes it doesn't and I have to start over) So I click the forums and it said, you are not logged in! So anyway I end up getting the thing I needed and getting out of there. Then, like I said, I went to the direct /forums/ thing, and I was logged in again! How freaky was that!

So, what would cause that? What happened?

EDIT: tried it again, and it happend again...but I'm still logged in here! could it have something to do with the www not being there on the site link?
Dude Love 01-16-2005 02:45 PM
It has everything to do with the absence of the "www."

Your browser stores cookies for www.paradigm-city.com, but considers paradigm-city.com to be a different site.

I think that's how it works, at least.