Episode 10 Discussion: "The Phantom Theif"

The Fallen Phoenix 01-17-2005 01:17 PM
Originally posted by Instro
Sorry about that. I really do try to make an effort not to double post, I do know dem's the rules. Above where it appears I double posted I was actually responding to two different people. I realize now what I should have done was include the quote I was responding to make it more obvious.

So, there's my real faux pas: I am quite adept at using the edit button, I edit my posts quite often actually, I just have to use the quote button more. Even after 90 plus posts, I am still learning how to be a seasoned user of forums like this.

Don't worry, no harm done. Smile And I didn't mean to offend with my comment, so my apologies if you were.

Getting back on topic...I'm not really sure what my take on a possible romantic twist would be. Personally, from what I've seen thus far, it doesn't seem like Ed (or Al) would get romantically involved with anyone until their quest is over, at the very least. And even if there were some sort of romantic element added to the show (whether between Ed and Winry or anyone else), I can't imagine it would be too important, but rather a minor story element...

Of course, it is very early in the series, and there are several episodes left to go, so who knows? I still think it is rather unlikely, though...

As for Siren using her sexuality to try and get her an advantage in the battle...well, I think that is exactly what her purpose was. She was clearly quite the manipulative woman, and it seems to me that she would use whatever tricks she can come up with to gain an advantage in battle. I'll admit it would be reasonable for Siren to assume that Ed, being fifteen, would be a little hormonal (as most male teenagers are supposed to be, in society's eyes)...I do not think I need to elaborate on how that would possibly have been used against him, if true. Tongue

But I really didn't read into it any more than that...

Personally, I think she was merely complimenting Ed at the end of the episode; I don't think she was propositioning to him. Tongue
Wingnut 01-17-2005 01:28 PM
I agree, if it was any kind of proposistion it would be to combine their alcemaic talents together on some kind of job or quest or something like that.
Zopwx2 01-21-2005 05:53 PM
I have to say the second I saw the nurse in the hospital I knew she was the siren and I could also tell that she wasn't interested in saving the hospital.... now about the saving the town part, thats debatable.

Otherwise It was an ok episode, I like the previous one better though..
BabyGhia 01-21-2005 08:58 PM
This was another great episode. I was pretty sure the nurse was Psiren right away. By the second time I saw her, I was sure of it. Funny how Ed saw right through her and Al didn't. Being the nun and then the teacher. LOL! I did see the Lupin influences. The look on Ed's face when Psiren would zip down her shirt... ROTFL! This was just a great episode.

BTW, Green Bird, she did look a lot like Cher from WR with her hair like that. I was thinking the same thing.

NVWC2006 01-23-2005 06:56 PM
This was my first episode of FMA. I finally decided to watch it, and it happens to look pretty good!

Originally posted by Green_Bird
It was funny....though it was kind of funny when they found out that she was egging them on like that...I mean after they found out she wasn't doing it for the hospital or the convent. Their faces, and Al trying to deny it and find ways around what accualy happend.

Didn't this kind of play out like Lupin, I mean with the kind of dumb detective guy trying to catch her and stuff, and then she was in all those disguises, and then she ends up getting away in the end due to idiots on the police force....I don't know...that's just what I though. I mean just with a female verson of him, and Ed, Al, and the whole alchmy thing. Think about it.

Was it just me, but her teacher get up looked like Cher from WR. Oh well like that guy with the Jet beard last episode, all to do with BONES.

When I first saw that detective, I instinctively thought two people.
1) The way he acted and moved made me think of Zenigata, I just knew it.
2) The way his face looked... Really, I thought it was Inspector Gadget! Shocked

I could tell the nurse was Psiren the moment I saw her. The eyes and face matched. I found it funny how when Ed landed on her and saw where his hand was and she didn't seem to care, or the three times the building's were demolished, how the police force jumped in the river after her... It was all good fun.