[Fan Fiction] Rise of the Domina

Diverse Considerations 01-12-2005 12:57 PM
Well, I've done it. After careful consideration as to whether or not I'd like to put the effort into it and some good feedback, I will be continuing the story of Rachel Smith here in this thread.

Maybe someday I'll have enough written to put down a big story in the fan fiction section. But for now it'll just stay small and manageable.

While this thread will mainly be about Rachel and her experiences as she grows up to become a domina, I will occasionally diverge and write little trinkets about Roger and Dorothy, just for fun.

In the mean time, I will warn you that the posts here will be in no particular chronological order. If I happen upon a notion that I fancy, I will write about it.

So there you have it, my grand idea. Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement thusfar, and sit back and enjoy the show. Smile
Diverse Considerations 01-12-2005 12:59 PM
The young mother looked out over the city skyline, the domes were lit up in the distance. Everyone in the city wanted to live inside the domes, but she was happy where she was. She picked up a few of her daughter’s toys and placed them in the bin against the wall, constantly amazed at how much mess a five-year-old child could produce.

Sleeping quietly next to the fire was the old man. Long had he ceased to play the role of butler, but the thought of him leaving never crossed anyone’s mind. He became the grandfather to their children. He was a jovial and spry man who could hold their attention for hours with a sleight of hand trick or a story, giving her precious time to herself. She tucked a blanket around him and smiled.


Getting ready for bed was the worst, but Rachel was surprisingly well behaved tonight. She washed her face and brushed her teeth and put on her black and white cow print pajamas. However, something was missing. “Mama, where is Big?”

Her mother smiled down at her. “Probably right where you left him last.” She knew exactly where that was; the question was if her daughter did.

The little girl pondered, toying with the end of her long, black hair. “Is he in your room? We woke you up this morning!” Her mother smiled and nodded, and the little girl ran full tilt into the master bedroom returning with her favorite stuffed toy.

Standing at two feet tall, Big was a plush miniature of the black megadeus known as Big O. The girl’s mother had sewn him out of black fleece and trimmed him with pillowed panels and shields exactly like the larger model. Red fleece decorated the area where his cockpit was, and the crest atop his head that focused the chromebuster. The little megadeus rarely saw a night in which he wasn’t constantly protecting the small child from the monsters in the closet or beneath the bed.

Now happy, Rachel and her mother walked down the hall to her bedroom. The little girl climbed into bed and held out her arms, first to get a hug and kiss from mother, then to receive her megadeus. She hugged him tight as her mother tucked her in.

“Mama, the real Big will protect me tonight, too, right?” She was busy putting her megadeus through the arm motions that preceded the chromebuster.

“Yes, dear. Big O protects everyone in Paradigm City.”

The little girl smiled to herself. “He is my hero.”

The mother couldn’t help but smile. “And what about your father? He’s a very brave man, and he loves you very much.”

The girl considered this. “I love Daddy, too, but he’s just not as cool as the Big. He has a boring job.”

The mother smiled and kissed her on the forehead. “Your father does great things for the city. Now, get to sleep, there’s school in the morning.”

She walked from the bedroom and closed the door quietly. Returning to the living room, she saw a breaking newscast, reporting that the megadeus had defeated another foreign megadeus and had just disappeared beneath the city streets again. She turned off the television and headed to the kitchen. Her husband would be home soon and he would probably be hungry.

She made him a sandwich and poured a glass of milk and set them on a tray that she carried down the hall to the elevator. From far beneath the building, she alone could hear the approach of the incoming train. She entered the four-digit password, letting her access the floors that their little Rachel shouldn’t be on.

R. Dorothy Smith pressed the button for the hangar deck. Her husband would be home soon.
Diverse Considerations 01-12-2005 01:00 PM
Rachel Smith was running scared. Her mother had tried desperately to keep them all together, but carrying Tasha in her arms, she was unable to properly corral the other two. Even she had her limits. Only her elder brother, David, had managed to stay with mother in the panic, Rachel had been separated.

Rachel clutched her Big tightly to her chest and ran. Behind her the thunderous metal clashes stayed stationary. As long as the battling megadei stayed in place, she could get away. She thought back and remembered what her father had told her one time before they had left the house.

“Rachel, dear, if you ever get lost or separated from your mother or me you should find a military policeman. Tell him that your name is Rachel Smith and that your father is Roger Smith. You should then ask to be taken to General Dastun. The policeman will take you to uncle Dan and he will help you find me again.”

Rachel desperately wanted her mother or father right now, but uncle Dan would do just fine. She looked around and saw a young man in a long brown coat and funny hat. There was a bronze badge pinned to both, just like what uncle Dan wore. She started to run up to him. A beam of dark purple light surged high overhead and stopped her in her tracks. She turned and saw the towering form of a megadeus crashing against a building two blocks away. Trailing the invader was the Big O.

Rachel ran in the same direction the policeman ran. She couldn’t keep up.


The smoke and huge clouds of dust slowly settled. The fallen megadeus had a perfectly circular hole in its chest. And towering above, looking none the worse for ware stood the Big O.

Rachel had been treated to a front row seat. She had ran into an alley and hidden in a basement window well, curled up as tight as she could, holding her Big out to protect her as she cried into his soft fleece. In front of her she could hear nothing but the roaring clash of metal on metal. She had been so scared she could hardly breathe.

Now that the danger was over, she uncurled from her ball and looked up. Standing in the road in front of her, going up as high as the sky, was the black megadeus. She craned her neck up and suddenly she couldn’t breathe again. The megadeus’ bright, glowing eyes were looking directly at her.

Inside the megadeus, Roger Smith let out a huge sigh of relief and turned to the screen on his right. “Dorothy, I found her, she’s safe. Though I think she’ll be having nightmares about this for a long time. I’ll take her to military police headquarters and pick her up in the Griffon. I love you.”

The image of his wife crackled and she smiled back. “I love you, too, husband. Hurry home.” Roger turned his attention back to the controls, manipulating them carefully.

Rachel was terrified by now. The black megadeus had turned towards her and was slowly lowering itself down onto its knee. The massive arm stretched out down the alley, the hand resting a few yards away from her. She looked up, into the eyes of the Big O and felt a strange calm come over her. She was not afraid, not of him. She stood and climbed into the outstretched hand. When she was sitting down, the hand rose slowly, then the megadeus rose up onto its feet. He turned and walked down the street.

Rachel turned in her wide perch to look at the megadeus again. She looked at his chest, at the dark red glass. She almost thought she could make out a human figure sitting inside. Impossible. She looked up to the face and held up her own Big. Maybe he would be happy to know that he had a friend, another Big just like him that he wouldn’t have to fight.

Roger halted in front of military police headquarters and moved to kneel again to let his daughter down but the controls stuck. He tried to push a little harder, but the stick would not budge. He was about to run a diagnostic when the stick pulled back of it’s own. Through the red glass before him, he could see the massive arm rising high to come on level with the head.

Rachel stood still, the giant, glowing eyes of the megadeus burning into her. She clutched her Big tightly for a second, then slowly held him back out. The megadeus regarded her for a second, then nodded.

Inside the cockpit, Roger watched his center display as it ran through a familiar pattern. The picture of his daughter holding her stuffed toy out was replaced with the judgment screen of the Big O. Cast in the name of God…ye not guilty.

Roger again had control. He set the hand down on the ground and watched as she climbed off and a policeman took her into the station. He rose and walked down the street for a block before sending the signal to be recovered by the Prairie Dog.

For the first time in many years, he heard the voice. “Do we control them, or do they control us, Roger Smith?” He jumped from the descending Big O onto the street below and paused to adjust his tie before walking to collect his daughter. Whatever the answer to the question, he knew his family would always be safe.
Diverse Considerations 01-12-2005 01:01 PM
R. Dorothy Smith curled up on the sofa next to her sleeping husband. Freshly returned from their honeymoon to the pastoral Ailesberry Dome, both were glad to be home. Roger still had another week before he would start taking on cases again, so there would be a few more lazy afternoons like this one with just the two of them.

She glanced across the room where their freshly framed wedding portrait hung. She saw her husband standing behind her, his arms about her waist and a smile on his face. The tailcoat that he wore made him look even taller, so too the fact that he was swelling with obvious pride. It was the smile on his face that made the picture for her, the smile of someone who had everything he wanted in the world. Everything had been perfect.

Roger Smith woke with the change in pressure against his arm. He let his arm wrap around his wife and pulled her in close. Following her gaze, he too looked up at the portrait. Dorothy was leaning into his embrace, the veil up over her red hair and her head resting against his shoulder. She was positively radiant in her flowing white silk gown. Around her neck hung a lone diamond, a memory of the Heaven’s Day they had first expressed their love. Her tiny, gloved hands held a bouquet of white roses. Everything had been perfect.


Instro had played at the wedding, naturally. Dan Dastun, the best man, had looked wretchedly uncomfortable in the full dress uniform of military police general. Norman had walked Dorothy down the aisle, a smile on his face and his eye bright, as proud as if she were his own daughter.

Everyone they knew was there. Kelly Fitzgerald cried through the whole thing. Little Tammy McGowan fidgeted all through the service. Bonnie Frasier, recently released on parole, sat happily in civilian clothes beside his mother. Even Big Ear had shown up. He sat far in the back and didn’t stick around. He left a brief note wishing them every happiness and saying that this was the greatest news he'd ever heard.

The major surprise was when a slender blonde dressed in a smart pink suit walked into the church and sat down on the groom’s side. No one had expected Angel to show, least of all Angel herself.


And then there was the reception. Roger usually wasn’t one for parties, but Dorothy had been insistent upon it. He had finally caved in when his fiancée pleaded with him one evening after he had returned from a particularly rough negotiation. She cornered him with a glass of scotch, a backrub, some soft words, and precious little black silk. The negotiator never stood a chance.

Fate seemed to be working its magic that night, so it was no surprise when Angel, of all people, caught the bouquet. Nor was it really a surprise when Dastun caught the garter. It was a bit of a surprise, though, when he asked her to dinner that next week and she accepted.

Roger turned to his new wife as they danced on the rooftop terrace, bathed in the soft glow of lantern light. “You aimed for her.”

“You aimed for him.” She had replied, serenely. She didn’t even bother to lift her head off his shoulder while they danced. She simply glided along with him, following his lead. Her thoughts were caught up in the perfectly circular band of gold that encircled her ring finger.

He looked across the terrace to where Angel was attempting to make Dan look graceful as they tried some semblance of a waltz. He kept on trying, at least he looked a little more comfortable without his formal jacket on. “They’re not going to forgive us for this anytime soon, I think.”

Dorothy just sighed and held him close. Everything had been perfect. Everything was going to be perfect.
Diverse Considerations 01-12-2005 08:00 PM
Fresh fanfic, get your fresh fanfic here...

Rachel Smith was excited. Today she and her mother were going to the market. She had on her new black jacket and red scarf that her Aunt Angel had made for her. At little Rachel’s pleading, she had used the extra yarn to make a smaller scarf which now adorned the neck of her stuffed Big.

Her grandfather was helping her with her shoes. “Grandpa Norman, why is Daddy still asleep?” She knew her father had a tendency to sleep in. On most weekends, she and her Big would often wake him up by jumping on the bed until he got up, tossed her over his shoulders and carried her into the dining room for breakfast.

Not so today. “Master Roger isn’t feeling well today. Your mother decided to allow him to sleep in, just this once.”

Rachel giggled. “You called him Master Roger again.” Ever since the birth of the first Smith child Norman had been retired, but no one ever thought of him leaving. He remained the grandfather to the children.

Norman smiled, tousling her long black hair. “Yes, I suppose I did. Old habits die hard, and I’m quite old.” He finished putting her shoes and she jumped up and hugged him.

“You’re not old, you’re my grandfather.” And with that the matter was settled.


R. Dorothy Smith held Rachel’s hand as they crossed the street, her other hand held the basket that she had used for the last decade to get groceries. These days it was loaded up with more and more, but the weight never bothered her.

Rachel hugged her Big to her chest and was occupied by counting the cracks in the sidewalk when she felt her mother hesitate and stop. She looked up and saw her mother frozen in mid-stride. “Mama, what’s wrong?”

Her mother forced her head to turn, a strange whirring sound coming from her neck. She spoke urgently. “Rachel, take my watch off right now. Hurry, child.” Rachel looked confused but took the watch off her mother’s wrist. Dorothy was now skidding towards the wall. “Press the button on the side. Yes, that one.”

Rachel pressed the button and Dorothy spoke very plainly. "Roger, come help please. I believe it is Beck, again." Before she could say anything else, she slammed into the wall behind her. Rachel screamed and dropped the watch, running up to her mother and grabbing her hand. The wall behind her had indented with the force of her impact. Try as she might, Rachel couldn’t get her mother free.

She was startled when she heard the voice behind her. “Well well, I was right about crow boy and his little android lover, but the kids are completely unexpected.” Rachel turned and saw a tall man in a bright yellow suit. He held her mother’s watch in his hand.

“Hey, that’s my mom’s watch. Give it back, please.” She hugged her Big close to her chest and looked up at him, suspiciously.

The tall man looked down and smiled a wide grin. “I’ll give it back in just a second, but right now I’m going to have a word with your mother and your father’s going to watch.” He held out the watch and on the face was a grainy image of her father. The accompanying sound was tinny, but she could tell her father was angry…broken hourglass angry.

“Beck! Beck, let my wife go, damned it. Anything you have is between us, let’s handle this like professionals.” Beck turned the watch to face him. Rachel thought that if he smiled any more, his face would explode.

“Well well, crow boy, you underestimate me. I might have helped you and your little lady out before with Big Fau, but we still have a score to settle. Four times now you’ve made a fool of me and it won’t happen again.” He was hysterical by now. “So I managed to get my hands on this.” He held a disk in his hand, he turned it towards the watch so that the title could be read. "And transferred it into this." This time he held a peculiar gold band close to the watch face, wires protruded from its midsection. “You know what this is, don’t you? Or maybe I should ask if you know who it is...”

Her mother drowned her father’s reply out. Rachel never knew her mother to get scared about anything, but this time, fear was heavy in her voice. “Beck, that device contains the memories of R.D.”

To Be Continued...
Lyinginbedmon 01-13-2005 10:17 AM
Shocked Eep, and Roger thought meeting Big O would give her nightmares!
Wingnut 01-13-2005 10:23 AM
Shocked Uh Oh. That ain't good.
Seeing her mother as R-D will make little Rachel soil her pants.
Interesting how Rachel mentioned "Broken hourglass angry". Guess she broke one or two herself at one point.
LillyRose 01-13-2005 10:36 AM
Oh no. Beck, you scuzz! R.D! This is not good, this is so not good.
Pygmalion 01-13-2005 12:05 PM
What a cliffhanger! I'm on the edge of my seat with this. Hope you have a sequel soon, Diverse Considerations.

Lyinginbedmon 01-13-2005 01:08 PM
From cute little girl to emotionally disturbed victim in the space of 1 chapter? Crying Sounds just a tad too unlikely to me, but then again.

This next chapter certainly sounds like something I'd expect to see posted at halloween Big Grin
Diverse Considerations 01-13-2005 03:42 PM
This is Paradigm City, everyone is emotionally disturbed. Besides, she's bulletproof. Think how calm her parents are. And remember, I haven't put a time reference in any of these stories. I have yet to piece them all together in a logical manner, I'm just writing them up as I think them up.

In other news, continuance of story by this evening. ^_^
Madrona 01-13-2005 06:30 PM
Well, likely or not I'm looking forward to more.
And Big O gives his approval does he? hmmmm

I'm trying to imagine Angel sewing or knitting or whatever it was. I guess her pink suits don't come off the rack do they?

Diverse Considerations 01-13-2005 11:12 PM
Beck tapped the side of Dorothy’s head. Rachel watched curiously as her mother’s headband slid out. Normally she only made that happen when the power went out at home, or when she came to bring her a glass of water at night. Her voice was panicked now. “Rachel, run away. Run back home, quickly!”

Beck placed the device on top of the exposed memory drive and her headband slid back into place. Dorothy stared blankly ahead for a second, then her eyes grew wide. Rachel didn’t like the expression on her face, either. It was an evil grin her mother wore now, something like what a monster would wear. Rachel backed away slowly, ignored by Beck and forgotten by Dorothy.

Beck was smug and his calm was fading into glee. “Now, Miss R.D., I believe you have some unfinished business, yes?” He was barely suppressing his giggles as he pulled out a controller from his jacket pocket and turned off the concealed magnet. R.D. stepped away from the wall and Beck gave her a pistol and a bright red cloak.

Her mother put the cloak on and looked up, her voice was strange, too. She sounded like two different people at once, her mother’s gentle voice underscored with a dark and sinister echo. “Yes, unfinished business. Kill the negotiator. Kill the one who will not accept his destiny. Kill Roger Smith.”

Beck laughed hard, falling onto the sidewalk on his back, clapping his feet together as he pounded the pavement with his fists. “And while crow boy is busy dealing with his runaway bride, I’ll help myself to those printing plates I’ve had my eye on for so long.” He pulled a radio from his pocket. “Invincible Beck Tunneler Supreme, activate!”

Rachel ran away from the strange man, hugging her Big close to her chest. Behind her she heard rapid footsteps and before she could look back her mother had passed by her, running so fast towards the house that her cloak flew straight back behind her. Rachel wouldn’t be able to stop her.


One of Roger Smith’s rules was to never left the house in anything other than perfect attire but this time was an exception, his wife and child were in danger. Rules were no longer applicable. He was seated in the Griffon, half dressed and hair still wet from the shower, driving as fast as he could in the direction of his wife and child, with a head cold that would only get worse. Knowing Beck, bringing out Big O would be the only way to deal with him.

He was tracking Dorothy on the monitor in the Griffon, she was moving quickly, headed back towards the house. A second dot on the monitor indicated the position of his daughter. He’d have to pick her up, protect her, and then disable the device on Dorothy. He swung another block up then came around behind his daughter, slowing down as he drove beside her.

He stuck his head out the window, trying to keep a cheerful voice despite the situation. “Hey there, need a lift?” Rachel looked over and fresh tears started to fall down her face, tears of relief that her father found her.

She got in the backseat of the Griffon and Roger pealed out. Through her tears she told him what had happened with Beck. “Daddy, something is wrong with the light in Mama’s head. She said she wanted to kill you.”

Roger kept his gaze at the road ahead, looking out of the corner of his eye to the display on the dashboard of car. His children knew their mother was special, but he never thought he’d have to explain how their mother could be reprogrammed. “Yes, I know… Mama isn’t feeling well. Beck gave her something that makes her think she’s someone else. So anything she says or does isn’t her thinking. Does that make sense?”

Rachel nodded, looking out the window as they drove along. She hugged her Big close and thought up another question. “Daddy, what’s a printing plate? That weird yellow guy said he wanted to get some.”

Roger smiled. “They’re big stamps that are used to print money. And thank you, dear, you just helped me find out where Beck will be so I can tell the military police.” He looked back at her. “You might make a good negotiator someday.”

Rachel smiled and blushed at the compliment, then buried her face into her Big. Roger stopped the car. Through the rear view mirror, she could see his sunglasses. His voice was all business. “Rachel, wait here.” He got out of the car and walked forward slowly. She could hear everything, but she was too scared to watch.

To Be Continued...
Wingnut 01-14-2005 12:31 AM
Gah, a setup like that and then a cliffhanger? That's just pain mean.
Although I think it would be rather simple to defeat R-D. At this point ROger would understand more and when confronted with what R-D would say is his destiny he would have already accepted that fact and thus render R-D without a reason to kill him. Hopefully giveing Roger enough time to remove Beck's headband.
Lyinginbedmon 01-14-2005 10:07 AM
That would be true if it were just him and Dorothy, but what about Rachel?

Roger can't just say "I'm just a puppet having my strings pulled by a manical director who sent you as a stagehand" infront of his own daughter, that's A) Not his style and B) Not going to leave a good idea in her head, which he should know being a Negotiator. If she hears her daddy say that, she's really gonna wet her pants, any four year old can figure out the basics of philosophy:

Roger is a manipulated puppet
Roger is my father
I am a manipulated puppet and probably not even real

It's the same kind of arguement that was put forward for Sasami from Tenchi Muyo, who believes herself to be a fake version of herself who was killed years ago and actually revived by Tsunami, who merged with her as well but who has never said a recorded word to her. This situation could have profound effects on little Rachel Confused
NotAsleep 01-16-2005 02:18 AM
Thanks for posting these. They're pretty good short stories. The lack of chrono-order is a little jarring at first, but you get used to it. As long as you keep writing them, we'll keep reading them.
Lyinginbedmon 01-19-2005 03:52 PM
Originally posted by Diverse Considerations
She had on her new black jacket and red scarf that her Aunt Angel had made for her. At little Rachel’s pleading, she had used the extra yarn to make a smaller scarf which now adorned the neck of her stuffed Big.

That is just one of the cutest images I've ever heard of!
Diverse Considerations 01-22-2005 08:42 PM
Sorry for leaving you guys hanging for so long. Enjoy!


Roger Smith hated doing anything with a cold. Yet here he stood in the middle of the street, staring down a program that he thought had been destroyed nearly a decade ago, his left arm still had the scar from their last encounter. The hood of her cloak shaded her eyes and he knew her basket now carried a loaded gun, but she was still his wife.

The figure in red drew the pistol from the basket and pointed it at him. He heard the voice that sometimes haunted his nightmares, but this time it was real. “Hello, Negotiator. It has been a long time, hasn’t it? Yet still you command it, still you control the sacred chariot of man. Have you come to realize your destiny?”

Roger coughed; his voice was deeper and scratchy because of his cold. “I have. I know my destiny. Before all else, I am a husband and a father. Nothing before or after that matters.” He coughed again, harder this time.

The red-cloaked figure let her gun drop slightly. Her cloak shook slightly and the expression on her face softened. “Ro…ger…” She spoke with a single voice, slow and metallic. He smirked; his wife was stronger than anything Beck could build.

He held his arms out. “Dorothy, come back to me.” The gun lowered a fraction more. Behind him, Roger heard a car door open. He knew who it was but he didn’t turn his back on Dorothy. “Rachel, stay in the car.”

Rachel peered from behind the door of the Griffon; she looked down the street to her father and then to her mother. She had to do something; she couldn’t just sit and wait in the car. She held her Big tight and looked at her mother. “Mama, I’m scared. Come back, you promised you’d finish reading me that book tonight.” Her eyes were bright with tears.

The gun dropped to the street. The figure grabbed her head and screamed as smoke poured from beneath the hood of the cloak. Then she tensed and fell to her side, the control device clattering to the ground in front of her. Roger ran hard to his wife and ripped the cloak off her before reaching over and snapping the control device in half. He picked the gun up and tucked it into the back of his pants.

R. Dorothy looked up at him, her voice was still sluggish and metallic. “Roger…I love you.” He smiled, lifted her up in his arms, and kissed her softly.

“I love you, too, Dorothy.”

Rachel ran to meet them, tears in her eyes. Roger kneeled and all three shared a hug before Roger walked back to the car and placed Dorothy in the passenger seat of the Griffon. Roger and Rachel both got in the car and everyone was quiet for a while.

Rachel knew her parents were strong. Her father was the only person she knew who could lift up her mother. Her mother was the only person she knew who could lift up a car. But now, collapsed in the two front seats of the Griffon, they looked very weak and tired, and very, very relieved.

Rachel spoke up from the back seat. “Daddy, what about Mr. Beck?”

Her father turned around and smiled at her. “We’ll let Uncle Dan handle him. The military police will put him away for a long time.” He turned on the car and put it into gear, driving quickly home.

“But Daddy, what about the Big? Will he be there, too?” She was moving the arms of her megadeus in big, arcing punches.

Roger slipped on his sunglasses and shared a sidelong glance with his wife. “Oh yes, my dear, he’ll be there for sure.”


Beck couldn’t believe his luck. Crow boy was probably laying dead on the street somewhere, his crazy android wife goading over his dead body while he was digging below the streets of Paradigm City, nearly to the vaults of the bank. No one was the wiser.

In front of him was a diagram of the city, a yellow dot indicating the position of his megadeus in relationship to the city overhead. They were almost there, just a hundred more feet.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose.

He could feel the ground around them rumbling. Their forward progress halted. Beck looked up to his two henchmen in the pilot and navigator seats. “Dove, T-Bone, turn on the cameras. What the hell is going on out there?”

The screen blinked on with a dark picture of the tunnel they had made behind them. At the end of it they could see a bright light that illuminated an arm. They turned the contrast down on the monitor and the source of the light became an eye, the eye to a face that looked like it was crying. All three screamed like girls.

“Now, Big O, in action!”

A great chasm opened in the street in front of the Paradigm Bank. Military police tanks backed away quickly. From the hole, the black megadeus rose. Held in his left hand was the tail of a snakelike, yellow megadeus with a drill bits atop its head. Roger reached down and grabbed the head of the megadeus in his other hand. He primed the piston in the left arm and fired, ripping the tail half of the megadeus off. He pulled the right control arm all the way back and released it, the control flipping around to produce the thunder trigger. The right arm of Big O expanded to show the multiple barrels of the plasma cannon.

He pushed the remaining half of the yellow megadeus to the ground and coiled it’s snakelike body up. He opened communications with Beck and shouted into the transmitter. “We can fight all you like, it’s between us. But nobody, NOBODY, messes with my family.” With that he slammed the right controller down and pulled the trigger. The hand spun, snapping the neck of the megadeus as the four barrels of plasma fire tore through the coiled body. The whirring sound of the weapon was almost drowned out by the explosion of the yellow megadeus.

When the smoke cleared, Big O stood with the head of the megadeus in its hand. He held it up high and threw it down to the ground before the military police tanks; it bounced twice before coming to rest. The megadeus looked straight ahead and slowly sank back down beneath the street.


Roger walked up beside General Dastun, who was supervising the officers taking Beck and his henchmen into custody. Beck was particularly bad off with a broken arm and some lacerations. Dastun turned to the negotiator. “Roger, was it completely necessary to throw them?”

Roger didn’t change expressions as he kept his eyes straight ahead. “Yes.”

He walked past Dastun and up to Beck, reaching into his coat pocket to out the disk he had placed inside. It was the R.D. disk. He turned on his heel and snapped the disk into quarters, putting them into his pocket. He’d burn them at home later. Right now, he had to get home, to his family.

Roger Smith sneezed. He needed his wife.
Wingnut 01-22-2005 08:52 PM
That would be a funny sight to see at the end there. Roger all calm and composed, stone faced and all, then out of nowhere...*ACHOOO!*
Zola 01-22-2005 09:52 PM
All's well that ends well. Get Roger home to bed so he doesn't get *really* sick! Big Grin