[Fan Art] Any one else do these? -Picture Tracings

Dork 01-03-2005 01:55 AM
I can't consider it an artform by any stretch, but tracing pictures any be pretty fun. They do take quite a bit of time to do, but it's a relaxing process.

Here's a few I've done in Fireworks, Kojiro's the newest ^_^

So does anyone else do these?

Almasy 01-03-2005 08:41 AM
Originally posted by Dork
I can't consider it an artform by any stretch...

Tracing is definitely a form of art...it's just not a very sophisticated one.

I prefer to draw my own things, but yours came out nicely. Smile
Lady Tesser 01-03-2005 12:08 PM
The only art I can really do is tracing - but I change the clothing, hair, and anything else around that I need, so the only thing the same is the pose. All of that work is on tracing paper, not on computer.
Lyinginbedmon 01-03-2005 02:17 PM
Personally, the only time I've ever traced something is when I was really bored and lazy. I always try to draw my own stuff, even if it tends to turn out lop-sided Big Grin
BabyGhia 01-03-2005 02:23 PM
Been a while since I've done any drawing but I always tried to draw things myself. Though in the past I have done tracing. Can be fun.

Anyway, those are nice tracings there, Dork! Drawing of any sorts can be relaxing. Which is one reason why I'm thinking of trying to draw again. My last attempt at drawing six or so months ago came out pretty well.

Dork 01-03-2005 05:23 PM
Well I never said I trace things in lieu of drawing. I love to doodle. I just think tracing on the computer can be relaxing. And tracing things on paper can sometimes be good drawing practice to help you get a hold on how to draw a character or the mechanics of a pose.

I don't have very good spacial intelligence and sometimes the only way I can get a grasp on how to draw a certain movement is to trace it or copy it from something else.

Lady Tesser 01-03-2005 05:26 PM
Simple explanation of why I do it - art teachers beat the crap out of my love to draw when I was younger. All my art teachers were Perspective Nazis.
nathjan 01-03-2005 08:20 PM
hey dork is tutorial somewhere on how to get fireworks setup for picture tracing? so i have no idea how. Thanks
Dork 01-03-2005 10:49 PM
Originally posted by nathjan
hey dork is tutorial somewhere on how to get fireworks setup for picture tracing? so i have no idea how. Thanks

Under 'Window' on the toolbar there's a tab called 'Layers'. I tried using Layers once but it kicked my butt, again, bad spacial inteligence. Tracing these things would probably be a lot easier if I knew how to use them.

Fireworks has a quite a helpful bunch of tutorial pages ('Help' on the toolbar, then 'Tutorial')

What I did is open the screencap in Fireworks then I went in with the magnifier and traced the figure with the straight line tool. After you put a line down if you take the screencap and move it aside a bit the line you put down should take where it is and not move with the screencap.

After I traced the entire image, I moved the screencap aside, selected all the lines and merged them together.

I put the screencap back and traced the highlights and shades.

After this all tracing is done, but I kept the screencap on hand as a guide and also to sample colors with the eyedroper. I selected a set of lines at a time, say, for the highlights on James hair changed them color to the color of the highlight, merged them together, then merged them to the larger tracing of the image. After that I filled in the highlights' color and repeated the process for every other highlight and shade on the picture one by one.

BethMcBeth 01-07-2005 01:46 AM
OH WOW!! THESE ARE WICKED AWSOME DORK!!! SCORE!!!!! I lvoe them!! Especially Kojiro!! ^_~""" Teheheh!!! And I love how you showed the step by steps too! Thats awsome!! Kepp up the awsome tracing I love it! ^_^""""
BabyGhia 01-07-2005 03:59 AM
Originally posted by Lady Tesser
Simple explanation of why I do it - art teachers beat the crap out of my love to draw when I was younger. All my art teachers were Perspective Nazis.

You too? One of mine loved perfect lines and very clean artwork. He was the CAD teacher. Explain a lot? Trying to get back into it though. Sketched a little tonight. I'm still bad at drawing people but at least this time Roger looks almost right. Much better with Nature, animals, and still lifes... that kind of thing.

Interesting to see how you do the tracings, Dork. Big Grin

Tony Waynewrong 01-07-2005 09:35 AM
Great stuff, Dork. I think your art is cool.

Kudos! Big Grin
nathjan 02-03-2005 07:52 AM
heres a little something i did, traced with tracing paper scanned it to my computer used the pencil tool to redo all the line since they didn't transfer over for some reason and scanned the actual picture in so i could get the colors.

nathjan 02-05-2005 06:03 AM
sorry for the double post but i'm hoping this thread can get some more activity.

Asirt 07-28-2005 01:21 PM
Wow. These are some nice traces. I've decided to start doing one. Seeing as it's my first time, though, it's not as good as I could have done. For those who don't know, that's Chloe from Noir. I used Inkscape to trace this image.

BethMcBeth 07-28-2005 02:46 PM
Wow! I love these I should really do some! Excellent job everyone! keep up the great work! ^_^" I really like how much they end up looking like cels from the animations thats so cool there!

Dork 07-28-2005 04:11 PM
Wow, those are lovely.

Okay, I guess I'll bite.

Ha. And you thought it was going to be Wonka. Big Grin

@_@ That's for later.
Asirt 07-28-2005 06:56 PM
Nice job on that scene, Dork. Smile

Here's one I just finished.

Tickle Tickle 07-28-2005 07:23 PM
Those are great guys! What program do you use?
Asirt 07-28-2005 08:46 PM
Originally posted by Umino
Those are great guys! What program do you use?

Well for me, I use Inkscape to trace some of the images here. I'm still learning a few things, but it's pretty easy to use. A great program that get the job done, in my opinion.