Just Another Tomato

Hienrich Ele 01-04-2005 05:29 PM
You, sir, have a fancy username. It sounds so... powerful... yet easy-going at the same time.

Welcome to the forums. I have been here for awhile and stayed (obvously) so hopefully you will like it as well and stay. You seem to have more than 1 post, which is always good.
Mr. Fortnight 01-05-2005 12:00 AM
You seem to have everything... and a Megadeus.

So, welcome to the forums, and never mind me. I'm just your average sailor suited weirdo. ^_^
Tony Waynewrong 01-05-2005 05:13 PM
Welcome to the forum, Dominus Excelsior. We will find everyone pleasant and the fanfics and the fanart excellent. Oh, if you are not a Dorothy fan, please disregard the following message.

** looks around **

Let me take the time to warn you about an unhappy faction within our little piece of paradise. Once again, the Alanite Party leader has forced me to make my standardized plea to the publc. Though we are a peaceful people, the Alanites and their hand drills have been attack us Dorocrats. They will tantalize you with promises of a brighter future. But, what is their real motive? Can we trust Alan? A lunatic who hides behind the mask of law and order, but cares nothing for Justice and Peace. A man who's only desire is to rip apart innocent androids for fun. No, Alan Gabriel and his sister, Alana Gabriel, cannot be trusted.

Listen not to the ramblings of the Alanites! The Dorocratic Party wants you! For years, the lovely and intelligent M-Class android (borrowed from ACT’s third season) has been viciously attacked by the insane and detestable Alanites. All the Dorothies of this world really wanted was a place in the arms of Rogers. But, the oppressive Alanites wouldn't allow it. I ask you, as a concern citizen of Paradigm City Forums, is to donate 5 minutes of your time to the perpetuation of the Roger+Dorothy gospel. 5 Mintues! The same time it takes to eat a candy bar. That's all. Thank you for your time and understanding. Big Grin
Zola 01-05-2005 10:43 PM

Hello, and welcome.
BethMcBeth 01-06-2005 01:22 AM
WElcome!! ^_^"""" You have found the best place on earth and the net too!! ^_^"" Theres so much to see and do here! I am glad that you are here! We welcome all Big O fans! Theres tons to see and do here! From fan art to fan fics! I look forward to seeing you around have fun!! Oh Dorocratic all the way!! ^_^"""
COHugh 01-09-2005 09:01 PM
Hmmm... I'm a little behind in my welcomings, so I'll make this quick! Big Grin

Hello, welcome to PCF! Your gift is ... ::looks around:: An empty knife box! Big Grin
Spooky 01-10-2005 02:26 AM
Whoa...I'm getting in here late in the game! Welcome to PCF Smile Enjoy your stay and remember to have fun!

Latah Wink
xana_fae 01-11-2005 02:47 PM
Welcome and enjoy your stay here!!

Here is a piece of chocloate for ya!! the cheap stuff...sorry