Scott (Dr. Gonzo)'s Adventures in Music

Travis Bickle 12-28-2004 02:20 AM
(This is kind of why I reopened the Punk thread, so...)

I've played in many bands before. I had a prog rock band of my own for a few years, in which I played a few instruments (Keyboards, guitar and bass...I switched between songs, which was kind of odd, but than again, that's me). I also provided lead vocals for them. Ever since then, I fill in for other people's acts whenever I'm needed.

I played alto sax in a friend's jazz band for a couple of shows.

During the last month of college, I played drums for a friends metal band at one of their shows, which was slightly odd, because I had to provide backup vocals for them, and if you've ever heard my voice, you couldn't possibly imagine me yelling in the background of a metal song. The band itself was wierd (think a combination of Sepultura and Wes Borland's Big Dumb Face), but the show went nicely.

However, tonight, I spoke to another friend from school who is starting a yet-to-be-named punk band and is in need of a guitarist and a drummer. By the time I get up there, I'll figure out what instrument I'd play in the band, and we plan to practice on weekends in a reserved room in the basement of the music hall. I'm also trying to think of some name for the band that doesn't sound too bad (anything that doesn't sound like XXX I HATE THE GOVERNMENT XXX). After a semester or two of practicing, we plan to play at the local Oswego Punk House, which would be pretty cool. I plan on helping write the music, since I've written countless songs in the past. It'll be fun and a new experience.

Just passing the information through, and passing time between your regularly scheduled 80's hair metal and hip hop threads.
Ace of Spades 12-30-2004 04:44 PM
Thats cool Scott, you have a stage name?
Lady Tesser 12-30-2004 05:00 PM
Good luck, Cerpin. That is really cool you're doing your own stuff again.

Names I've heard for bands that never took off:
Toilet Bowl Prophets
Suicidal Depression Glee Club
The Dweeb Ones / The Deep Ones (known as the Deep Ones from the Lovecraft horror stories, but everybody called them the Dweeb Ones)
Travis Bickle 12-30-2004 05:22 PM
Originally posted by Ace of Spades
Thats cool Scott, you have a stage name?

Thanks, Ace. I just go by Scott Tongue . I could use a stage name, but everything that I or someone else comes up with just isn't me....

Originally posted by Lady Tesser
Names I've heard for bands that never took off:
Toilet Bowl Prophets
Suicidal Depression Glee Club
The Dweeb Ones / The Deep Ones (known as the Deep Ones from the Lovecraft horror stories, but everybody called them the Dweeb Ones)

I'm a fan of a band called World/Inferno Friendship Society. They're really indie, and very...different. Very good, though.

The band name is still up for grabs.
Kittie heavenly6 12-30-2004 06:38 PM
I want to Start a band and call it "Count Rockula And Pals"
Travis Bickle 01-12-2005 03:46 PM
After long talks on the phone with the band members and such, we've decided upon a name that I suggested that isn't very punk, but whatever (neither is A Simple Plan. Oh wait...they suck). We're called Cellar Door. I've written 2 songs so far. That's about it...

Edit: Oh, and as for that metal band I sat in for for a bit, their website is here
Buck Buck #1 01-12-2005 04:03 PM
That's a pretty cool name. It's been a while since i've seen it, but isn't it from Donnie Darko?
Lady Tesser 01-12-2005 04:33 PM
Cellar Door ... cool ... has horror movie overtones. ^_^
Travis Bickle 01-12-2005 06:58 PM
Originally posted by Lady Tesser
Cellar Door ... cool ... has horror movie overtones. ^_^

Bun bun was right. It's from Donnie Darko. More Sci Fi/Fantasy than horror. Thanks, though Smile
xana_fae 01-13-2005 01:15 PM
ROCK ON MAN :: gives a high five:: can I be one of your groupies? lol
Travis Bickle 02-09-2005 01:34 PM
We've practiced for a total of about 9 hours for the past few weeks. We actually sound really good for a band just starting, and we have that 80's punk-eque sound to it, from what I've observed, even though we haven't gotten really far. We'll continue to practice, and possibly perform at the begining of May.
Diverse Considerations 02-09-2005 02:28 PM
Excellent that you're getting out and hitting the music scene. Best of luck to you and the band!

(It's a bit late for this, but I've always thought that "Fist" would be a good name for a punk band, it's a simple, yet angry, name.)

And get a stage name, stage names rock. Remember, Guiseppe Verdi is nothing more than Joe Green in Italian. And look how far he went... Big Grin
Travis Bickle 03-18-2005 03:42 PM
Ok. So, pretty much at least 3 times a week, we practice for about 1-2 hours in the basement of my dorm. So, with all the practicing and what not, we've got many songs down and ready to play live at the Oswego Punk house.

I have to say that punk rock is beneath me. And though I get along with all of the other members of the band, pretty much anyone can pick up a guitar, bass or drumstick and play punk music. It isn't hard at all.

Anyway, I talked to a friend of mine who works there (it's pretty much a bar where people break things and watch bands play music), and we're playing with some local hardcore band. This is the setlist we've been working on (the original songs are in bold):

-Embroglio (ATD-I Cover)
-Fate in Kuwait
-Kill The Poor (DK cover)
-Skank to the Rah-Rah

Meh...I don't like to think of it as generic punk rock, but that's they way it's turning out. Don't forget that this is probobly only going to last for this semeseter. We're also working on other things too. I don't make the decisions. I just follow along.

However, over the summer, my old band that played at CBGB might come down here and play for a bit. They make the guys I play with now look like a bunch of no-talents.
David Ryder 03-18-2005 07:08 PM
congrates ^^ I love punk music, it's one of my fave forms of music ^^
Captain Maw 03-30-2005 11:12 PM
cool. now i know a punk star! yeah! finally.
BethMcBeth 03-31-2005 06:57 PM
Wow! Cool-ness! Hope you have fun! ^_^"
Travis Bickle 06-01-2005 08:23 PM
So I left the Oswego band with a handful of songs for them to use of mine, and we didn't end up playing any public shows (we only held jam sessions and practices where people were invited to), so they might continue that.

However, since I've now conjured up an assload of spare time, I've done the following:

  • A guy named John that I know from LiveJournal is sending me Keyboard, Drum Tracks and other instruments while I record and send him Guitar, Bass and Keyboard parts to songs that we're each writing. The thing is, we're doing it all through amps, and then having crappy computer microphones record the sound so the sound quality is terrible. We're aiming for the invention of a new genre (like Fantomas meets Bad Acid Trip on crack, which, in theory, is pretty f***ed up). We're calling the project Death Synthphony, and the majority of the vocals will be done with a Speak 'n Spell. This is a joke band.

    This is our basic song structure:

    -1st verse that has no substance/makes no sense whatsoever
    -Somewhat kick ass chorus
    -2nd verse that has no substance/makes no sense whatsoever)
    -Repeation of the kick ass chorus
    -Very odd bridge
    -(possible) 3rd verse that has no substance/makes no sense whatsoever)
    -Repeation of the kick ass chorus

    You can find our new MySpace music site at:

    We have yet to "add" anybody that has "added" us, because we're lazy.

  • I put an add out in the local music shops and Guitar Center for a "kick ass guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and possible keyboardist, with an intention to play music that sounds like a mixture of early 90's grunge, punk, and alternative rock". I want to see how far that gets me.