[Fan Fiction] Terminal Completion

Lyinginbedmon 12-03-2004 06:20 PM
I know that as I write this the final Chapter isn't up yet, but what have you thought of the story so far?
BigRoomA 12-05-2004 11:03 PM
Good one.

out of a 10, about a 9.77

I remember seeing the 13th episode....R.D. That too was quite a good story also. This story you did I think continues from there and explains the story more about R.D. and the possiblity of more R.D.'s that may be operating in the area.

If I don't reply again until the coming of 2005, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Cool
Lyinginbedmon 12-06-2004 04:38 PM
Yeah, Ep 13 was one of my favourites, right along with 'Leviathan' and 'Enemy is Another Big', truly classic Big O.

At any rate, I'm used to using the same characters over and over, so using Tim came naturally, although this is the first time he's had an entire space in a story. I mainly use him to set the story straight whenever I go off course, given his abilities Big Grin

I have actually managed to finish the series, and I'm working on the two successive sequels: Nemesis and The Whole Family. I'm hoping to get the latter up by christmas, since it's set at Christmas time Big Grin
Lyinginbedmon 12-16-2004 07:40 AM
Mad Oh come on, you can't tell me that only one person has read my fic!

At least tell me your opinion of the new characters or the storyline! Crying
Lyinginbedmon 01-15-2005 04:37 PM
Red Face Well then, I guess I'll have to be the one replying Crying

At any rate, I plan on finishing the R.D Arc in the last series where the Overlords confront the Joutei (There's a little hint of their presecence in most of the series), but I'm not giving any more away right now Wink
Lyinginbedmon 01-26-2005 03:09 PM
Well, I might as well try and spark some interest in my next fic by posting a short peek, Enjoy! Big Grin


The ponderous form of Touyou continues trekking through the endless sands of the Paradigm Desert as Tim trudges along ahead of him, checking every crevice, hole and arch he can find as he effortlessly searches for his prize. He reaches the area where the sand finally begins to give way to ocean and wreckage, even managing to find the tattered remnants of a white bandage seemingly floating on its prison of steel piping, forever caught in the endless wind. Tim hastily runs to the bandage and begins digging away at the sand underneath the pipe. Lo and behold, he finds more.

Countless voices echo in the dark void, a shadowed figure drifting between light and darkness constantly listening to their cries;
"What are you?"
"Who are you?"
"Where did you come from?"
"How did you get here?"
"Why are you here?"
"What do you want?"
"When do you come from"; but one voice towers above all the others, it's resonating sound making them cower in fear,
"What are you searching for?"

"Truth", the figure answers at last, his gritted voice a drop in the ocean of the void, his obscured eyes falling into their own distinct darkness, and his form ablaze with nothing.

* * * * *

Roger returns home late, R. Dorothy prompt to tell him so. Tim lounges on the couch, eagerly awaiting Roger's return to give him his news.
"Glad to see you found something to amuse yourself" regards Roger, as he enters the spacious living room for the first time since earlier this morning,
"You could say that" replies Tim as he stands up, amending a few creases in his uniform.
"May I ask what?"
"Well, I've noticed things are getting a bit slow around here"
"Thank you King of the Obvious"
"Well, I've decided how to fix it"
"And how might that be?"
"By bringing me back..." A shock tingles Roger's spine as the voice resounds through the door, and a bandaged man enters from behind Tim.
"Schwarzwald? But.. how?"
"I don't quite understand the reasoning, Negotiator, but it is to my understanding that this man, this 'Tim', has the answers I am searching for, and he has given me a second chance, that I might acquire them"
"What do you.."
"He means Tim has decided on a.." Scott appears from the shadows, the room becoming quite tense as Jack interrupts him,
"A Tournament?" inquires Roger,
"Yeh, a Tournament. Think about it: what could be more fun than a championship between 10 Megadeuses and their Pilots?"
"10 Megadeuses? But there's only 5 Pilots in this room, who are the other 5?" Tim simply replies with a trademark smirk, he raises his arm to the ceiling as a blinding ball of yellow-white energy shoots up, criss-crossing the entire room with its path as it whizzes through existence itself. The room is transformed into a giant computer conduit, and all falls silent as the energy finally subsides into darkness.
Generalissimo D 02-15-2005 04:45 PM
Mind if I take a look at all you have concerning this new fic? The idea of someone writing about a megadeus tornament is enticing enough...
Lyinginbedmon 02-16-2005 08:34 AM
Well, I'll post the first chapter to start with:


Nemesis Chapter 1

Feel free to R&R
Lyinginbedmon 02-16-2005 06:00 PM
And now I bring you the Second Chapter!


Nemesis Chapter 2: The First Match-Up: Tim v.s Angel!
Generalissimo D 02-16-2005 06:18 PM
As usual....excelllent...though the battle could have been a bit more elaborate. I hope you work on that a bit more.

oh...Heres my cheer.
Lyinginbedmon 02-16-2005 06:31 PM
I've made sure to have a bit of unity to my writing, and that means that basically I've tried to keep most of my chapters the same length. I've already done that up to the last one which I've made an epic version, naturally that involves cutting down a bit on the detail.

With Angel's troubles I figured that she'd be majorly disturbed after piloting Big Venus a second time, so would be incapable of piloting it. Tim, however, hates to see his creations fail miserably, so went nuts insteadEmbarrassed Sweatdrop ...
Lyinginbedmon 02-17-2005 05:40 AM
Generalissimo D 02-17-2005 05:14 PM
WOO-HOO! EXCELLENT COMEBACK!*Does a little dance*
Lyinginbedmon 02-18-2005 08:11 AM
Lyinginbedmon 02-18-2005 09:51 AM
See above weblink^ Big Grin

Ah, young love Crying
Generalissimo D 02-18-2005 05:36 PM
Im waiting for the kissing scene between Schwarzwald and Angel...where Roger walks in. Tongue
Lyinginbedmon 02-18-2005 05:58 PM
Somehow I don't think that would go down too well Big Grin

Big Grin Shredder has finally replied to my message, and he says that he'll be posting up the series' soon Big Grin

I'll post the 5th Chapter (of 9) soon
Lyinginbedmon 02-19-2005 05:30 AM
Lyinginbedmon 02-19-2005 07:34 AM
See above weblink^ Big Grin
Generalissimo D 02-19-2005 02:21 PM
Great. Just one weird thing. Schwarzwald wouldnt say sorry...he'd start ranting and putting the blame on someone else. Thats the sailors way.