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Dude Love 12-09-2004 07:44 PM
R., I'd keep the one you currently have. It's clear, different, and overall I just like it. That one gets a 9/10.

Out of the four you posted, I like the two on the left (don't ask why, I really can't see many differences). Those would each get an 8/10.
Mike 12-11-2004 05:43 PM
Wienberg: It's from a movie, right? I think I've rated this before but I like it so I'll rate it again.

The quality is very good, and the border seems to match PCF's built in little gray lines. 10/10.
Tickle Tickle 12-11-2004 06:18 PM
Nice, clear, and downright awesome. 10/10
The Baker St. Irregular 12-12-2004 01:03 AM
GAT-X105: Crisp, clean edges... Very good! There seems to be too much dead space, however, and the subject is too centered in the frame. 8.5/10. I've attached a 100x100 example of a little more exciting-looking avatar. I hope you don't mind! Embarrassed Sweatdrop

Super Umino: Not your bestest of all your Cutie Honey avatars, but it is a good quality picture, nonetheless. I think you could find a more exciting pose for her (the bear and her shoulders don't compliment her wonderful face enough) and still make it great! 8.5/10.

R.Smith: I like the one you have now the most. The Roger ones look a little odd to me. However, if I were to choose one of them, I'd go with the bottom right one. It gets a 9/10.


Mine now is a nice surprise of a picture of Black Jack giving the victory sign to Pinoko. I took it from the fan sub of the first episode of the new Black Jack anime series to celebrate this grand event of its translation! Huzzah! I highly recommend checking it out at http://froth-bite.com.

And now, my suggestion avatar for GAT.
    Asirt 12-12-2004 01:19 AM
    Quality of image is very nice. As with your past avatar, I can't tell if it's from a fansub or not. The clarity is pretty good, but the color contrast can be better. Overall, it's a nice pose of Black Jack (you don't see him smile very often) with some nice quality. I give it a 8.5/10

    Super Umino's avatar has already been reviewed. Smile

    Quality of image is very good. The clarity is well done, and the color contrast is very good also. The background isn't very much to look at, but it works in this case. Overall, it's a nice avatar. I give it a 8.5/10

    Wienberg's avatar has already been reviewed. Smile

    I've already rated your current avatar in the past, so I'll rate the attached images. Quality of all 4 images are very good. There isn't much different between them, personally (except for the color). Clarity is pretty good as far as that goes. Personally, though, I perfer your current avatar. Overall, though, the 4 images are nice. I give it a 8.5/10 overall.

    Ebie's avatar has already been reviewed. Smile

    Quality of current image is very good. I like the placement of the image, and the clarity is very nice. The color contrast is pretty good, and the border fits with the image. Overall, there isn't much to say about this avatar, because it's very wel done. I give it a 9/10

    Quality of attached is good. Personally, it looks too washed out for me, and you can't really see Winry and her bear that well. Clarity is OK, and the color contrast is pretty good. Perhaps try to cut down on the soft effect. That way, it won't look like everything's blended together. I give it a 8/10

    evanASF27 12-12-2004 01:51 AM
    umm.....who is that O_o....WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ON HER HEAD?!!??!?!??.........what in the hell is that freakin thing behind her 0.O

    ...Trisa........7.9989/10 pretty damn good! Pleased Big Grin Tongue
    Avenir 12-12-2004 02:13 AM
    EvanASF27: 8.5 out of 10

    The image quality is very good except for some minor fuzz. Very cool avatar overall. Smile
    The Fallen Phoenix 12-12-2004 06:47 PM
    A fairly decent avatar, all things considered...

    I really think the image quality, while decent, can be a whole lot better. The image is plagued by grain, and I honestly think the contrast might be a little too much: the background (particularly the white...clouds(?)) seems a little too bright when compared to the foreground.

    The avatar is fairly original...it's not your traditional image. It gives the avatar some flavor and is definitly its strongest point, in my opinion. I don't think it really counterbalances the poor image quality, though...

    The color and saturation isn't too bad, all things considered. Aside from the fact that the white in the background seems far too bright for the rest of the avatar, there really isn't anything else worth commenting on, good or bad, in regards to the colors...

    Overall, it's not a horrible avatar, but definitly could be a lot better if the image quality improves.

    Clarity: 7.0 | 10.0
    Originality: 8.5 | 10.0
    Color: 8.0 | 10.0
    Stature: 8.0 | 10.0

    Objective: 7.81 | 10.00
    Opinion: 8.00 | 10.00

    Overall: 7.86 | 10.00

    To answer Almasy's question: yes, this is very similar to an avatar I had a year ago...the only real difference is that this one is larger due to the expanded dimensions for Forum Veterans and Moderators. Smile
    Almasy 12-12-2004 07:06 PM
    The Fallen Phoenix:

    FP, didn't you used to have a very similar avatar like that a long time ago? I'm pretty sure you did, unless I'm going crazy! Wow, that really takes me back to when I first joined the forums. I remember you having that avatar (or something similar), and I love it just as much as I did then! The quality and color are both very nice. I also love the snow that's falling in the picture—perfect for Christmas!

    Tickle Tickle 12-12-2004 08:06 PM
    Oh! Stylish! Nice colors and a pretty cool looking avatar overall. 10/10
    Dude Love 12-12-2004 08:29 PM
    Super Umino:

    It's rather blurry. Not very clear at all. Additionally, the colors are a bit dull. Personally, I prefered the other avatar that Trisa made for you. I thought that one was a bit more colorful, and seemed to have some life to it.

    Manji 12-12-2004 10:57 PM
    FP: This looks firmiliar Pleased . Very nice, the quality is very high. You can easily see whats going on in the image, and its neither grainy or blurry. A nice range of colors, and seasonal too boot. I'd say this one is a perfect 5/5 - Excellent Job buddy.

    Alex: OooOOOO Pretty Big Grin . I like the high quality and crispness of the image. Its very vibrant, but still clear. I have only one complaint about the picture, the eyes seem a little awkward, like thier looking in two different spots. But theres not much you can do about that, overall its definately a high-definition 4/5, its just missing something more personalized that some of your previous avatars have had.

    Umino: Old School looking art, it reminds me of Speed Racer Tongue . Its fairly clear, its a bit blurry, but not too much, considering the simplicity of the drawing its still easy to make out. The colors are dull, and a little boring- very little edge. It could use a border too, it's like a vintage paradigm avatar without one. For old times sake 3/5 Smile )

    Wienberg: Like I said the previous time, its a very clean image for how much is going on. It fits the 1920's and Paradigm theme and hits the "Metropolis" look dead on. I dig the work, keep it up! 5/5 Thumbs Up
    Tickle Tickle 12-13-2004 05:28 PM
    It's cool looking, but I really can't tel what it is. 7/10
    angelcakes 12-13-2004 05:32 PM
    Umino- A little grainy, but over-all a very nice avatar. 8/10

    Manji- Is that a fade skull and cross bones? Sure looks like one...10/10 'cause mystery is always a good thing. Big Grin

    Edit: I decided to use my winter one instead.
    Dude Love 12-13-2004 05:41 PM

    Hmm, I'd swear this avatar looks familiar. *shrug* Perhaps just my imagination.

    Anyway, what can be said. Although I enjoy the Christmas Spirit (And, I plan to go for some XMas spirit myself soon), the quality is dismal. It is evidently taken from your banner (which is also lacking quality), which is repetitive. [I'll edit some more in later.]

    Asirt 12-13-2004 08:14 PM
    Quality of image is pretty good. It's nice to see that more people are into the Christmas spirit. The Grinch is a nice choice for an avatar. I do not notice any grain (that I am aware of) or artifacts at all. The only thing is that there's no border, but that's based on personal preference. EDIT-- I see you added a border. Very nice; seems to fit the image pretty well. Overall, it's very nice. I give it a 9/10

    Quality of image is good. Again, another winter related avatar. It's a little blurry, though, and the clarity isn't very good. There isn't a border, which isn't bad, but could be better if there was a light colored border surrounding the image. Other than that, it's pretty good. I give it a 8/10

    Super Umino,
    Quality of image is good. The only problems in this avatar is that it's somewhat blurry (although it may be due to the nature of the image), and the clarity isn't very good. However, the color contrast is pretty good. Overall, it's fine the way it is, but can be better. I give it a 8/10

    Manji's avatar has already been reviewed. Smile

    Quality of image is very nice. The clarity of the image is very good, and the color contrast is nice as well. I do not notice any grain or artifacts at all. Overall, it's a very nice avatar. I give it a 9/10

    The Fallen Phoenix,
    Quality of image is very nice. Maybe I haven't seen enough avatars, but this is perhaps one of your most high quality avatars I have seen. The color contast is very nice, and the clarity is very clear indeed. There isn't much to say about his avatar, so I give it a 9/10

    Kumi from Alien Nine is the person in my new avatar. Wink

    Dude Love 12-13-2004 10:20 PM

    Dear me! It's a break from the profile avatar. And a well welcomed breach at that.

    Trisa, once again, you definitely put some work into this one. The color is good. However, once again, there are those clarity issues. I can never put my finger on it, but something is just unclear about it. The eye just dances too much about the borders.

    Rating: 8.7/10
    Almasy 12-14-2004 10:28 AM
    Wienberg: I like your new Grinch avatar! Something about the quality of the image isn't quite right, but the colors are very bright and rich, which is nice! The red and green Christmas border around the image itself is interesting and original, though I don't think it works well here at PCF—it gets lost in the gray of the PCF skin and is hard to see. I think this avatar would be much stronger if it had a solid color for a border (and one that works well with the gray PCF skin).

    Pretty good, but could be better
    Tickle Tickle 12-14-2004 10:45 AM
    A nice clear and colorful picture of Ms. Hilton. Very nice, I don't see any problems ^^ 10/10
    Patsai 12-14-2004 09:55 PM
    Umino: The avatar has outstanding quality to it. No smudges, it's a clear-cut anime picture.