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Kittie heavenly6 11-24-2004 10:43 PM
You know the rules. And please, no more fighting.

Nein once said:
This is simple enough. Just rate the avatar of the member who posts above you, which in this case, would be me. Please, don't just say "That's awesome," you've gotta actually critique the avatar. So, yeah, have fun with it.

Fresh start for this thread.
Asirt 11-24-2004 10:48 PM
Might as well start us off, I suppose. Smile

Grunger Kittie Version 1,
Quality of image is very nice as far as I can tell. Clarity is good, and I do not notice any grain or artifacts at all. The overall size of the image seems just about right, and the symbol itself is pretty cool. The only thing that isn't too good is that there's no border. Then again, the background color is black, so it would work out even it there was none. Overall, it's a very nice avatar. I give it a 9/10

R.Smith 11-24-2004 10:53 PM
GK: Looks good, doesn't need a border in my opinion. No grain either. What ever that is it looks really nice, mmmm..... 10/10.

Trisa: Lain, always a good avatar, very clear too 10/10.

*waits to have avatar rated, I don't know why but I really like it for some reason*

Here's the full picture, well it's not the one I used for mine but where I got the idea for the border not being the "end" of the image.

Dude Love 11-24-2004 10:57 PM
R.Smith: I have to say, this is a pretty good avatar. It employs color very well, and has some decent clarity. I really like the border you're using, it's quite unique.

However, it looks as if it is either over-sharpened or has some color bleeding. I can't put my finger on it, but something is off. Perhaps just from the shrinking process.

Rating: 9.1/10
evanASF27 11-24-2004 11:04 PM
Wienberg - would look better with Big Zenigata standing in front of the bridge (since you have that whole brown, old New York feel to it) ...seriously...it would look better with Big Zenigata standing there o.O

Yah....like wienberg I noticed something a little tiny bit off too, R.Smith. Perhaps making the width a little smaller would bring it slightly into better proportion? (I don't mean cut off a couple of pixels I mean squash it a bit more...yah I stink at describing things)
Dingo 11-24-2004 11:50 PM
evanASF27: Willie Coyote, Super Genious. TEN!

Wienberg: I agree with Evan: 8.997 for you. I gave you a higher rating though.

R.Smith: Sevenish?

Trisa: 8, thats all im gonna say

Grunger Kittie Version 1: 10! It makes me think about things, and stuff, and other stuff.
Tickle Tickle 11-25-2004 09:03 AM
Kinda grainy, but it goes well with your sig. 8/10
The Baker St. Irregular 11-25-2004 11:44 AM
Dingo: Not the full 100 X 100 dimensions. It's always a good idea to utilize the entire space or else your avatar won't look good compared to the other ones. I bet this one will look great if you took the same picture and put in a 100 X 100 size. 7.5/10.

evanASF27: I love it! I always felt bad for Wiley when he could never ctach that bloody roadrunner. The colors in this are superb and make it a real treat to look at. I would compain about the jagged edges, but I have the feeling this picture's supposed to be like that. 10/10.

R.Smith: Aww, man... I wish I could have a ginormous avatar like you do! Crying But atleast yours so totally kicks butt! The colors are very pretty, and the quality of the picture is great. The border also goes well with it, too! 10/10.

(I apologize for going off-topic... But the huge avatar reminded me of a question I've had but been too scared to ask. How exactly does one quality to be a forum veteran and get cool user text and honkin' big avatars?)

Trisia: Good quality picture! However, the colors bug me a bit, so I've taken the liberty to do a little editing.

Personally, I like this one a lot more. The score for the original: 8.5/10.


Okay! I just did some crazy Black Jack sketches this morning, and I drew this one of him where's he's all tired, scruffy, and has a five o'clock shadow. I love it so much that I'm wondering if I should use the avatar I made of it. Would ya guys give me an opinion on it, please?
    Almasy 11-25-2004 01:17 PM

    Current Avatar - I really like your current avatar. I think it's cool how you can't see his eyes (it makes it more mysterious). It also has some nice colors in it. 9/10

    Attatched Avatar - That's a really cool drawing! I like it a lot. Though, I don't know if it would work too well as an avatar, only because it lacks the cool colors that the other one has. Though, as a drawing, it's really nice! 8/10
    AndroidZeroX 11-25-2004 01:28 PM
    R. Smith- since im a big fan of the game, and riku looks cool holding his papua fruit, and it is a pretty cool image all around, 9 out of 10
    Tickle Tickle 11-25-2004 01:38 PM
    Almasy- Nice and clear! You always seem to have a 'dreamy' effect with your avatars/sigs. 10/10

    AndroidZeroX- A little bit grainy, but the colors seem werid. It's an overall okay avatar. 7/10
    The Fallen Phoenix 11-25-2004 01:58 PM
    I think it's a nice avatar, myself. Big Grin

    In terms of image quality...personally, I can't find any flaws. It's an exceptionally clear avatar, with little grain (if there's any at all; personally, I don't see a speck).

    Fairly original...very few avatars don't have borders nowadays, which lends some originality to yours (a year ago, that probably would have been the opposite...). Otherwise, it's like your normal anime image, which is quite common these days...

    Color is good, I don't have very many complaints...the image is very well saturated, and the colors are vibrant. I think there should be more clash with the background, though; the blue does seem a little washed out, and the bright blue spot in the lower right-hand corner does seem a little out of place...

    Personally, I don't think the avatar really requires a border, being as it does do a fair job of containing itself. Being as Forum Veterans are allowed to have larger avatars, however, I do think you might have been able to make more use of that...I suppose that's really just my own opinion, though.

    Overall, I think it's a pretty good avatar. It's not exceptionally outstanding, but it's certainly very solid.

    Clarity: 10.0 | 10.0
    Originality: 8.0 | 10.0
    Color: 8.5 | 10.0
    Stature: 7.5 | 10.0

    Objective: 8.75 | 10.00
    Opinion: 8.50 | 10.00

    Overall: 8.69 | 10.00
    harshfire 11-25-2004 02:03 PM
    Ooh, colorful. It's interesting to say the least about it. I really like it. Bit grainy on the Phoenix, however. I like it, and it's very colorful for the background. Smile

    Overall: 9.5/10
    The Fallen Phoenix 11-25-2004 02:13 PM
    Quite the interesting avatar, I think!

    Image quality...well, it is somewhat clear and not overly grainy, but it is kind of hard to tell what it is on first glance...don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that since it's (seemingly) meant to be more of an abstract avatar....

    I think the big quality problem (as well as most of the problems from the avatar, in my opinion) stems from the bright strip at the top of the avatar; it's a little grainy, and it isn't a seamless fade into the background.

    A very original image...definitely a unique, one-of-a-kind avatar!

    Color isn't bad...I do like the use of different blues (and blacks). The bright strip at the top, though...yes, it is a lighter shade of blue, but it really doesn't seem to fit in with the other colors at all. I think it might be due to the fact that it doesn't blend in perfectly with the background, like I think it should...

    Like I said to Super Umino, I don't think the avatar really requires a border, being as it does do a fair job of containing itself.

    A very creative avatar, and a very good one, in my opinion. Granted, it has some problems (mostly stemming from that bright strip at top), but it's still a strong avatar, I think.

    Clarity: 8.0 | 10.0
    Originality: 10.0 | 10.0
    Color: 8.5 | 10.0
    Stature: 7.0 | 10.0

    Objective: 8.69 | 10.00
    Opinion: 9.50 | 10.00

    Overall: 8.89 | 10.00

    Gah, looks like you changed your avatar halfway through my rating...well, that rating was for her previous avatar (and I don't have the heart to delete it Embarrassed Sweatdrop )...I'll write up a rating for your current avatar in a while...
    evanASF27 11-25-2004 02:30 PM
    ......too red....and red is loud...and loud means that it'll hurt my eyes against the grey background...and if you hurt my eyes, I hurt you Sweatdrop 7/10 Evil Big Grin Tongue

    But seriously..FP it's a nice avatar, just a bit too loud for my tastes Smile Also...it looks as if the bird was poorly cut out of a magazine and then glued onto a CG background o.o;; The lines look rough and not really "blended" (hard to describe what I mean)...should have gone with your old one with the phoenix flying with the blue sky. Cool
    Asirt 11-25-2004 04:11 PM
    Quality of image is good. I can't help but see that it may look a little too sharp on the edges, but clarity is good. There's no border here, but it works out fine without one. The font is pretty cool as well. Overall, I don't see any other problems with it, so I give it a 8.5/10

    The Fallen Phoenix,
    Quality of image is good. The phoenix's clarity is good, and the color contrast matches that of the background. The background is a bit too red for my tastes, in my opinion, but overall it's a very nice avatar. I give it a 8.5/10

    Juvenile Angel,
    Quality of image is good. The animation is pretty smooth as far as that goes. I don't notice any grain or artifacts, so it's pretty good overall. I also like the tranparency on the image. Overall, it's very good. I give it a 9/10

    Super Umino,
    Quality of image is very nice. I like the clarity and color contrast, and I do not notice any grain or artifacts at all. The only thing missing, in my opinion, is a border. Overall, though, it's very nice. I give it a 9/10

    Quality of image is OK. It's a little grainy, and some of the edges on the character is too sharp, making the image look bad. There's no border as well, as it could use one. Overall, it's OK, but could use some work. I give it a 7.5/10

    Quality of image is good. I like the clarity of the image, and the color contrast is pretty good, but could be better. Overall, though, it's very nice, and I like it. I give it a 8.5/10

    Dork 11-25-2004 07:09 PM
    Evan- I love your avatar. It just pops out at me everytime I see it. Though looking at it now it looks like it was resized 8/10

    Trisa- Your avatar's pretty, and sharp and has a good color to it but the girl looks bored. 8/10 I'm probably just not familiar enough with the series ^_^

    In case I don't get another chance to tell you, I love your second sig pic! That thing's incredible.

    My avatar's Zanna from 'Pocket Monsters: Guardian Spirits of the Water Capital Latias and Latios' (I saw a fansub first, so I'm going to be partial to it for the rest of my life ^_^). In the dub they renamed her Annie or Oakley which is ridiculous because she's not even in Team Rocket! ::grumblegrumble::

    I love her to death because she's like what would happen if Jessie and James had a competant daughter Big Grin

    The Fallen Phoenix 11-25-2004 07:22 PM
    A solid avatar.

    I don't really see any major quality problems with the image itself. There doesn't seem to be any serious grain, and the focus seems about right. Personally, I think the text is a little too blurry...

    Fairly original image, mainly due to the text...the font used is good (I'm a big fan of cursive fonts myself), and the font color makes it easy to read...only problem is, as I noted before, the blurriness...the text seems a little too out of focus.

    The colors are solid...saturation seems fine, and the hair in particular is fairly vibrant, but not much else is...the colors, in my opinion, just seem to be there. None of them (especially the grey streak on the right side) seem alive, other than the blonde hair.

    I really have nothing against lack of borders, so I care that this avatar lacks a border just as much as I would if this avatar possessed one. What does bother me is that grey streak on the right side...I'm not sure what you were trying to do with it (add some originality, perhaps?), but it...well, I just don't like it. The color seems fairly uninspired, it takes up a considerable number of pixels (relative to the rest of the image)...personally, I think it should really go. Either that, or make it another color or...something.

    Overall, it is a solid avatar. As with many, there's nothing particularly exceptional about it, and the grey streak notwithstanding, there aren't any significant flaws, either.

    Clarity: 8.0 | 10.0
    Originality: 8.5 | 10.0
    Color: 8.0 | 10.0
    Stature: 6.5 | 10.0

    Objective: 8.00 | 10.00
    Opinion: 8.25 | 10.00

    Overall: 8.06 | 10.00
    Dork 11-25-2004 07:56 PM
    Thanks for the feedback. It completely slipped my mind that you can't just match up colors to the board. And I guess I forgot that any pictures with text should be saved as .gifs. How's it look now? I redid it.

    Now your avatar, Fallen Pheonix. The subject's placement is good, just slightly off kilter from center. The subject it's self is interesting. I don't know what it is but it has the feel of being mystic and somewhat ominous. I love the coloring and the color of the background. It nicely features the subject. The background isn't your standard gradiant, it looks almost like it was done by hand. For some reason I love that only a corner is dark. It kinda gives the suggestion of darkness without going overboard. The black border was a good choice, with a avatar like this that is so full of color it needs just a little something to hold it in. 10/10

    The Fallen Phoenix 11-25-2004 08:08 PM
    Thanks for the compliments, Dork! Anime Smile To clarify, the subject image is actually fairly generic: it's official art of the Dark Priest (a generic opponent from the first Shining Force; it also appears in Shining Force CD), though I took the liberty of improving the background (which used to be a very dull, uninspiring beige).

    And yes, your avatar looks much better now. I'm glad that I was able to provide some useful feedback!

    After I looked at your avatar for a moment or two, I figured that might have been what you were doing...I tried that once myself, and it didn't go over well at all. Embarrassed Sweatdrop

    The text looks a lot better now, and the absense of the grey strip really improves the avatar a great deal. Colors (aside from the vibrant hair) still seem a little dull, but it's really not that big of a deal...

    Overall, the avatar looks much improved, and (in my opinion) it has passed the threshold of solid mediocrity and entered the realm of superb avatars!

    Clarity: 9.0 | 10.0
    Originality: 8.5 | 10.0
    Color: 8.5 | 10.0
    Stature: 8.0 | 10.0

    Objective: 8.63 | 10.00
    Opinion: 9.00 | 10.00

    Overall: 8.72 | 10.00