ava prob.

re-animate 09-07-2003 02:54 PM
theis ava wont work and its cheesin me off

please help sonmeone
Kairi 09-07-2003 02:56 PM
Save it in PNG, JPG, or GIF format and try uploading it again.
Manji 09-07-2003 06:34 PM
Yeah, try reloading it as a JPG or something, and make sure its the right size, Roan, the one you posted is too big...
Big-O 09-07-2003 06:52 PM
I just realized how horrible that JPG looks heres a GIF version
re-animate 09-12-2003 07:01 PM

remeber, i got a mac os

i cant change to jpg or gif
Big-O 09-15-2003 07:27 PM
Man I feel sorry for you... Get some windows up in ther... You can run windows on a Mac...