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The Man in Red

Part 2: We do what we can.

Outside of a mall there are people screaming, running away in all directions. The military police storm though the exits. They are trying to get everyone away safely. Major Dan Dastun is yelling into his megaphone for everyone to get away. Roger Smith's car is parked out on the street.

Four very muscular men in three piece suits are standing in the middle of the mall. Their leader has on a pair of dark sunglasses. All of them are packing very heavy caliber weapons. Grinning like idiots, they point their guns at a group of civilians tied together sitting in the middle of the mall. Roger Smith, standing about 40 feet away, is trying to negotiate with the leader.

"So," Roger yells, trying to talk to the leader from a distance, "what do you want for the safe return of the hostages?"

"We want a big robot, like the ones that fight around the domes sometimes," he said in a hick manner.

Roger rubs his forehead. "The city doesn't exactly have a stock pile of robots just sitting around. But if there is something else I could get you..."

Under them in some subterranean place, Getall and R. Dorothy Wayneright are walking along, looking up. Getall is holding a glowing flashlight-shaped object. It seems to be reflecting what's above them on the surface.

"Getall, what is your suit made out of?" asked Dorothy, still looking up.

Getall, walking along, looks down at his armor. "Well, some kind of metal, I guess."

"You mean you don't know what your armor is made of?" Dorothy sounds puzzled.

"Well, as you can see, its full plate covers me from the neck down..." Getall now stops and looks down. "Damn, I have no idea how long I've been wearing this thing. At this point, it must have been the two years I wore it before I was put in stasis, then the time in stasis, and now six months since I met you."

"You look more to me like a knight in red shining armor then a warrior," says Dorothy, now stopping and looking at Getall.

"Well, this stuff was originally the breast plate, the legs, and the arms. I added the collar and the spikes over the shoulders," Getall says, now looking at the tall spike coming up from his shoulders on either side of his head. "You know, if I didn't know better I'd say I looked like a bad guy myself."

"When you get hurt, why is it that your armor doesn't seem to be hurt at all after you heal?" Dorothy asks, not having moved and still looking at Getall's armor.

"Now this is the odd thing about my regeneration: it seems that if I interact with things long enough, I can heal them as though they were flesh." As he speaks Getall takes out a knife and cuts the armor. The armor quickly heals as though it were never cut.

"Then why..." Dorothy is cut off in mid sentence by a call from Roger.

Bullets fly past Roger who has taken cover behind a pillar in the mall. Looking frustrated he yells into his watch.

"What the hell is taking so long? Get the job done!" Roger quickly jumps up and dives behind broken pillar closer to the hostages.

"Oh crap! Well, we're going to have to come back to this, Dorothy." says Getall as he seems to find the right spot from the subterranean tunnel.

As Roger looks over the top of the pillar, he sees a gun ready to greet him.

"All right, now I got you Smith!" says the leader of the men with guns, pointing a gun right in Roger Smith's face.

"Now, Dorothy, plan B!" Roger says as he looks straight ahead.

"What are you talking about you stu..." The leader of the guns starts to feel the ground beneath him shake. He looks around trying to figure out what's going on.

Little explosions, going in a circle, surround the hostages. It knocks everyone in the mall off of their feet. The hostages and the floor they were sitting on fall through the floor to the subterranium tunnel where Dorothy and Getall are waiting.

"All right, folks, if you would follow me and Dorothy to the exit we can all..." Getall gets trampled by the people as they run toward the sunlight a little further down the tunnel. "Ouch!" is all he could say.

"Are you ok?" asks Dorothy, while Getall starts to get up.

Getall straightens and bends his arm, "Yah, just a broken arm, but it'll be ok in about 10 minutes... or now," Getall says, sticking his arm out straight.

Dorothy looks over at his arm and asks Getall, "Even I must get repaired, but if you were to get smashed or blown apart would you heal?"

"If it is an explosion I would probabley get burned and die in the blast." Getall starts to look up through the hole they had blown in the ceiling above. "The gun fire stopped."

Roger Smith pokes his head over the edge, grabs it and flips his way down to the subterranean area with Getall and Dorothy. "Well, the thugs got away. They fled after the you blew the hole."

Getall laughs and the three of them walk after the hostages. Up in the mall a small distance from the hole Dastun thinks to himself, "Well, once again Roger Smith makes a big mess and gets all the glory and I have to stay here and clean up the mess." He sighs to himself, and pulls down the brim of his hat.


Several weeks earlier...

Getall and Roger Smith were standing in front of The Big O, walking on the catwalk that goes by The Big O's head. It was late and too dark to see the Megadeus.

"So what did you bring me down here for, Rog?" Getall asked, looking around, not noticing The Big O in the inky night.

"First of all don't call me ROG. Second, this is The Big O." While Roger spoke, the lights came up and The Big O was staring straight at Getall. His mouth dropped and he stared straight into its eyes.

"That is one big damn robot." Getall was quite surprised.

"I know we agreed that as soon as I help you defeat Job, you'll tell me all I want to know about the past," Roger started.

"That is one big damn robot." Getall was quite surprised.

"I would like to know a few things," Roger continued.

"That is one big damn robot."

"We have been looking for Job for over a month now, and we have gotten nowhere. You also eat more in a day then I do in a month," Roger said, quite agitated.

"That is one big damn robot."

"I either want you to tell me something about the past - anything at all - or help me with my other work." Roger looked at Getall, waving his hands while he talked.

"That is one big damn robot."

"Are you even listening to me?!" Roger was quite mad.

"I hear you Rog, and I'll tell you something about the past, even though it lessens my bargining chip with you. And as long as you never make a fire in that huge fireplace while I'm here I'll help you with your other jobs. But that is ONE BIG DAMN ROBOT!" Getall was amazed at the size of The Big O.

"So in your day they didn't have such robots?" Roger looked puzzled.

"Ya, I'll tell you something about the past, at least before I was put into stasis with Job, there wasn't anything like this thing except Soldier. Honestly, I don't even know how long I was in stasis." Getall shook his head left, then right "But Rog, man, that is one big damn robot!"


After they got back from the incident at the mall, Roger, Dorothy and Getall all sit around the dinner table. Norman starts to serve them dinner. He places very little on Dorothy's plate, a pretty good amount on Roger's plate, and a huge amount in front of Getall - far more then any normal person, or glutton could eat in a day.

"I'm pleased that you could be home for dinner, Master Roger." Norman stands behind Roger and the three of them start to eat.

Getall looks up and notices the fireplace on. Its burning makes flickering shadows in the light. Getall can't move. It's burning there, not 10 feet away from him. Burning. Crackling. Getall's breath starts to get very heavy. He can't help but stare directly at the flames. Dorothy and Roger start to talk, but Getall can't hear them; he's fixated on the fire. The fire grows brighter as another log catches. Getall starts to feel hot, very hot. Flashes of times he has been hurt in the past fly through his brain. Memories of people under his command getting shot, getting killed. He can hear the screams. He can feel the pain of what ever happened; his face distorts thinking about it; living it all over again. He feels his fingers going into the left side of his forehead. Not even ten seconds have passed. He hasn't moved but he can feel his fingers under his skin. He feels them ripping at his flesh.

"AAAEERRRGGG!" Getall yells in pain. Over the scarred part of his face there are rips going from the left side of his forehead down to his nose and over his eyes. Getall falls to the floor. He twitches.



In an office, in the upper floors of a high rise building, there is a huge husk of a man resembling Getall. But this man is hairy and wolf-like. He stands next to a large leather chair.

"Trotsky," the wolf man says, "what the hell are we waiting for?" He seems agitated.

"Patience, Job, patience. We need to wait for your friend to get comfortable. Then people will start to suspect him for what you did. Then you can do what ever you want," says the man sitting in the chair.

"No, you and I were too screwed over by the Marines to just let them get away with it. We must take our revenge; get back at the children of the men who messed us over. Or, if they're still alive, get the men who did it to us in the first place." Job squirms.

Trotsky stands up and looks Job in the face. Job looks back down at him. Trotsky looks like he is pure muscle, and is wearing a blue jump suit. Everything looks normal on him except his right eye. It has a gold ring over it, with three bars going to the upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right. It shins like a light in the darkness. "I want revenge, just as much as you do. We didn't know what we were volunteering for. But they didn't have a right to do it to us, or to cover it up. I gave my life to the corps! And they put me in stasis just like you. So don't tell me about your petty squabbles. Hell, we should get Getall to join us. They did the same junk to him!"

"All right Trotsky, you were to one who freed me. So I'll do it your way," retorts Job.


"What happened to your face?" Roger asked Getall. They are now sitting at Roger's desk. Several of the hourglasses on the desk are pouring sand down into their lower halves.

Getall, hands shaking, is drinking a cup of coffee. The cuts on his face are now healed. "I've been through a lot. These scars have never healed. I got them before I got the power to heal. I've not always been the sanest person in the world. These scars on my face were caused in part by me, and in part by a flame pistol. I was in a brawl. The guy torched my helmet, it got so hot my skin started to boil. I pulled off my helmet. Then I, I... the skin was boiling over my eyes, I had to be able to see to fight. I wasn't always the sanest person in the world."

"I understand, but how did the fire hurt you from so far away," Roger asks with his elbows on the table, his fingers interlocked, his head resting on top of his hands.

"I don't know, but I do know that regardless of how fire affects me, it is the only thing that hurts Job." Getall pulls out a gun and puts it on the table in front of Roger. It looks like a pistol with a huge flat cone on the end of the barrel. It has a laser site for accuracy.

"What's this?" Roger picks it up, checking it out.

"It's called the Hell Fire Pistol. It shoots napalm and burns whatever it shoots to ash. It is the only thing that can kill Job." Getall looks up and to the left, and then continues, "Well, maybe that big damn robot of yours could squish him or something."

Getall and Roger Smith start to laugh. The hourglasses drop their last grains. Roger's phone rings.


Roger, Getall and Dorothy are driving in Roger's car. "This time they got themselves a..." Roger laughs to himself. "A damn big robot."

Getall looks over at him from "shotgun" and starts to laugh. Dorothy sits in the back with a blank stare on her face.

The car stops and the three of them get out. Roger yells out, "Big O, its show time!" then looks at Getall. "You two know what to do?!"

Getall answers, "You don't have to yell, I'm standing right here. Come on, Dorothy." Dorothy and Getall start running off toward a building.

"ALL YOU GUYS GET!!" yells the leader of the three muscular men in suits. "WE WANTS TO FIGHT THE BIG FELLER WITH THE PISTON THINGS ON HIS ARMS," he continues while aiming his gun at more hostages.

Getall and Dorothy are running toward the men with the hostages. The men start laughing like madmen as they shoot at Getall and Dorothy. Roger Smith jumps into The Big O. On The Big O's screen, a sign flashes: "Cast in the name of god, ye not guilty."

The Big O is standing opposite the "Damn big robot." Roger laughs to himself and starts to think. "This is what I was called for, this stupid piece of junk." Then The Big O starts to move forward at the ugly put-together robot. It looks more like a spot-welded house with arms and legs then a Megadeus. The other robot starts to run at The Big O.

Getall and Dorothy split up, Getall taking the left side, and Dorothy the right. Both of them are getting shot at by hundreds of rounds of ammunition. The hoodlums are standing with their leader in the middle, two on either side of him. Getall gets hit with a salvo and flies at the one on the outside left knocking him straight back, off his feet, and unconscious.

The Big O swings his right arm at the head of the enemy robot. It ducks and grabs Big O's hips and picks him up off of the ground. Roger laughs and grabs the other robot on either side of its head. "End game," Roger says to himself as he piston punches the robot's head clear off. Big O lands on its feet, and Roger can see the pilot of the other robot sitting in its cockpit yelling in fear.

Getall spins and takes out the other guard on the left side. Dorothy flips the one on the far right to the ground. Then it happens, the leader and the other guard on the right side blaze their guns into Dorothy. The bullets tear her to pieces. Dorothy's torso, head, and right arm land on the floor together. The rest of her is in pieces.

Getall yells "NOOOO!" and hits the leader from behind knocking him so hard into a wall that you could hear the crack of his neck as he hits.

Getall is ticked. The second suited man on the right, after seeing what happened to the leader, starts to run away. Getall runs after him. The man is sprinting as fast as he can, but is no match for Getall's speed. The man darts into a doorway, and shuts the door behind him. Then he starts to run through the place, going through doors, around corners. He thinks he has escaped.

Sitting there gasping for breath, the suited man starts to laugh to himself. "Hee! Hee! That guy was no match for me! Ha, ha, ha!" In the middle of laughing, two arms reach through the wall and grab him. Getall pulls him through the wall and throws him to the floor. "You think you can get away from me? After killing my friend you think there is a place you can get where I could not find you?" The suited man starts to scream.


The Big O picks up the decapitated robot, grabs the pilot out, and puts him hanging by his shirt collar on a street lamp. Then Roger gets out and sends The Big O back underground. "Well, that was easy," Roger says to himself. Then he sees Getall standing over the mangled body of Dorothy.

"Come on Dorothy, Rog will never forgive me if I let you die." Getall cradles Dorothy in his arms. He starts to kiss her. The pieces of Dorothy start to come back together as though they were meant to fly back together. Roger wants to shout out, but can't find the breath. The pieces of Dorothy all fall back into their places.

Dorothy looks up at Getall, "Thank you, Mr. Getall, but I thought you could only heal your armor and yourself?"

"Well, sometimes if I concentrate hard it might just work the way I want. The way it's supposed to work." Getall says, looking very happy.


Now back in his home Roger Smith asks Getall, "How did you do that?" .

"Doing stuff like that is why they gave me these powers. But they're very unstable." Getall says, sitting back in his chair.

"But did you have to do it like that?" Roger looks frustrated.

"What's wrong Rog? Jealous?" Getall says jokingly, as Roger looks more frustrated.

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